Lord of Ashes - Chapter 879 Life sucks!

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In addition, Zhang Yanhang's dark purple-quality tarot card suit also provides a 45% skill range bonus, so the actual coverage range of Zhang Yanhang's death wave skill is actually 2784 meters, compared to the original bonus after the bonus. For 1740 meters, the skill coverage of 1044 meters has been fully improved.

"In terms of coverage area, my original Death Wave skill could only cover an area of ​​2.38 square kilometers, but now it is enough to cover an area of ​​6.1 square kilometers, an increase of 3.72 square kilometers compared to before. The area is approximately equivalent to increasing the overall coverage area by more than 1.5 times, becoming 2.5 times the original."

Zhang Yanhang really did not expect that the coverage area of ​​the Death Wave skill could increase so much this time. He can only say that the 40% coverage bonus provided by the additional attributes is really much, far beyond his expectations. After all, who would have thought that it only increased by 20% last time, and this time it suddenly doubled to 40%.

It can be said that the increase rate of the additional attributes this time is greater than that of other additional attributes that Zhang Yanhang has seen before.

"In addition to the fixed damage and coverage, the cooling time of Death Wave has also decreased once again with promotion. It used to take twelve hours before the enemy can enjoy the fixed damage of Death Wave again, but now it is That's another six hours, and it only takes six hours to refresh the fixed damage."

But to be honest, even six hours is still a long time for Zhang Yanhang. After all, if he doesn’t pick up treasure chests, swallow monster corpses, and also don’t open treasure chests, six hours will be enough for him to complete the Umbrella biochemical test site. The area has been cleaned up several times.

Moreover, Zhang Yanhang didn't think that any monster could live in front of him for six hours, so even if it was reduced to six hours, he felt that it would not mean much to him, unless he could further reduce it later.

If it can be reduced to less than an hour, then Zhang Yanhang thinks that it should still be useful. After all, although a six-hour battle sounds like a fantasy and completely impossible, if a battle is one hour, there is still a certain Chances are, well, probably.

Therefore, Zhang Yanhang is more interested in skill consumption than the cooling time.

"I've been promoted to Tier 4, and the skill consumption of Death Fluctuation has finally changed, from a small amount of stamina consumption to a moderate amount of stamina consumption."

However, judging from the small amount of physical strength and the small amount of physical strength before, Zhang Yanhang felt that this medium amount of physical strength would only cover a wider range than the previous small amount of physical strength, and it is expected that he should be with him for a long time in the future.

"So, the question is, how much stamina will this so-called moderate consumption of stamina consume?"

Theoretically speaking, even if he directly increases his physical strength by ten times, that Zhang Yanhang can fully bear it. After all, he lacks everything now, but he does not lack physical strength. After all, he has just increased his physical strength by upgrading his talents. upper limit.

Adhering to the principle of practicing true knowledge, Zhang Yanhang immediately unleashed a death wave skill, and then felt the physical exhaustion. As a result, Zhang Yanhang soon discovered that the increase in physical exhaustion was ten times greater than what he had estimated before. much lower.

Moreover, let alone ten times or even nine times, not even three times, it probably only increased by about two times, which can be said to be quite friendly.

"Good guy, the fixed damage has been greatly increased, the coverage has become 2.5 times the original, but the physical strength has only increased by twice? What is this? Friendship is a big show, and the amount does not increase the price?"

Zhang Yanhang used to be able to release about 11,000 death waves, but now that his physical strength has doubled, he can only release 3,700 death waves, but fortunately, the reduction in coverage is not counted. a lot of.

Zhang Yanhang's original 11,000 death wave skill can cover about 26,180 square kilometers, but now although only 3,700 death waves can be released, it can still cover 22,570 square kilometers, which is only 3,610 square kilometers less than before. .

It is probably equivalent to changing from being able to completely cover two Qindao cities or even a little bit richer to only covering 1.9 Qindao cities, which is actually quite a lot in general.

"Considering that the X-level talent Tianbao Jiuru's talent level will continue to be raised in the future, it should not be a problem to refill this part of the coverage area."

Zhang Yanhang felt that although the physical energy consumption has increased now, the small goal of covering the entire Umbrella biochemical test field with only death fluctuations is still very likely to be achieved.

"Although on the surface, my current battery life is indeed reduced, but this time, the additional attributes of the Death Wave skill have added a new ability of 'Life Drain' in addition to the kill limit and coverage area, which allows me to pass Drain the enemy's life energy to restore a small amount of stamina."

Therefore, in terms of effect, when Zhang Yanhang uses the Death Wave skill, he can actually plunder some of his stamina from the enemy to make up for his own consumption. Therefore, in general, it will definitely make his own battery life somewhat. Increase.

As for how much life energy this life-sucking ability can absorb from the enemy and how much stamina it can use to recover, it can only be known after the actual test.

"In the additional attributes, it is said that I learned the 'part of the principle' of 'Life Absorption' through 'by analogy'. Although I don't feel any similarities between the two, since I only understood part of the principle, then there are Is it not possible to understand the whole principle?"

Zhang Yanhang felt that since the name of this ability was Life Absorption, it made no sense that the life energy that was absorbed could only restore physical strength.

As for how to obtain the complete life-sucking, Zhang Yanhang reckons that it should still depend on the skill level later, such as raising the death wave skill to Origin lv.max or something, and then with the new additional attributes, maybe you can get it Complete life-sucking ability.

"It just so happens that I don't have the ability to restore health right now. Although I don't actually get injured under normal circumstances, if I can really gain a blood-sucking ability, it must be very good."

Zhang Yanhang always has only one attitude towards the ability to guarantee his own life safety, and that is - the more the better!

"So, here comes the question. Now that the Death Wave skill has been upgraded, what should I do next?"

Zhang Yanhang thought about it carefully, and felt that the only thing he could do next should be to upgrade the level of Qiankun Wuji Gong. Besides, there should be nothing else to solve, after all. The income from the dropped treasure chest has all been counted.

"Choose! Skill level up!"

Because the soul points were enough, Zhang Yanhang immediately began to trigger the relevant options. With the advent of the time pause, a large row of text option boxes that he had just seen appeared in front of him again.


November 1st, Sunday, Halloween, is also the first day of Zhang Yanhang's entry into the world of ashes, at 7:40 pm, Umbrella Biochemical Proving Ground, Terra City, Lucky Slot Machine.

After successfully upgrading Qiankun Wuji Gong to lv.8, Zhang Yanhang opened his soul point balance and took a look.

Soul Point: 34798076300000]

"Originally, I had a total of 9.77 million soul points left after I upgraded the Death Wave skill, but just because I upgraded the Qiankun Wuji Gong, I once again consumed 6.3 million soul points, resulting in me now There are only 3.47 million soul points left."

If it is placed in the third tier, Zhang Yanhang will definitely be able to spend these 3.47 million soul points, but now, he will definitely not be able to spend it. After all, even the lowest consumption of soul points on his body is just a simple promotion. Skills need to consume 6.55 million soul points.

For the next upgrade plan, Zhang Yanhang plans to upgrade the skill level of the indestructible golden body first, and strive to directly upgrade it to Origin lv. The next part of the soul point upgrades Qiankun Wujigong.

If it is enough, then upgrade the Qiankun Wujigong. If it is not enough, then continue to hold it and use it to upgrade the firearms master and the fighting master. After all, there are only three skills left, so it must be upgraded in turn.

"In other words, since the monster's level has increased, the soul points obtained have become integers most of the time, and the '7' in the last digit of the soul point balance '3479807' has not changed for a long time. "

Zhang Yanhang sometimes has an obsessive-compulsive disorder, and always wants to add a 3 to a 7 to make it 10, but unfortunately, the weakest monster in the Umbrella biochemical test field, the t103 type super tyrant, is worth 550 soul points, which is not at all. Give him this chance, and he can only complete this idea when he cleans up Raccoon City later.

After checking the balance of soul points, Zhang Yanhang quickly opened the skill effect of Qiankun Wujigong and began to check it. He wanted to know which part of the attribute value of Qiankun Wujigong, which had just been upgraded, increased.

Qiankun Wuji Gong [fourth-order] lv.8 passive/active]

Passive Effects: Strength +2, Agility +2, Constitution +2, Intelligence +2, Charisma +2. 】

Active effect: Actively run exercises and use aura to increase your defense, attack, and movement speed. There is no cooling time, and a certain amount of energy is consumed according to the specific bonus effect.

Additional attributes: Tier 1 - Strength +6, Agility +6, Constitution +6, Intelligence +10, Charisma +2. 】

Additional attributes: Tier 2 - Strength +6, Agility +6, Constitution +6, Intelligence +10, Charisma +2. 】

Additional attributes: Tier 3 - Strength +6, Agility +6, Constitution +6, Intelligence +10, Charisma +2. 】

Additional attributes: Tier 4—Strength+5+1, Agility+5, Constitution+5+1, Intelligence+8+1, Charisma+1. 】

"This time, after the upgrade of Qiankun Wuji Gong from lv.7 to lv.8, a total of three attribute values ​​have been increased again, and the strength attribute, physical attribute and intelligence attribute have each increased by one attribute value.

Qiankun Wuji Gong is currently expected to be upgraded two more times and increase six attribute points, and if there is no accident, these six attribute points will definitely contain a little charm attribute. If it can really be improved, then I should Can take off another red iron ring. "

Zhang Yanhang originally had a total of thirty fingers free, and only ten fingers on the first two palms were still wearing the red iron ring, but if he could take off another red iron ring, then there would be only ten fingers left. The lower nine fingers still wear red iron rings and correspondingly vacate thirty-one fingers.

"But unfortunately, even if I can really spare thirty-one fingers, I currently only have twenty-six life rings to wear."

But fortunately, next time, after cleaning up the entire city of Grigia, Zhang Yanhang felt that he should be able to collect enough rings of life to wear on all his fingers.

Moreover, even if it is really not enough, at least this time, he must set aside enough ordinary life rings to wear all fingers in advance, and he must fill all fingers directly. After all, there are fingers, but no rings to wear. What, UU reading www.uukanshu. com is really uncomfortable.

"But I just don't know if it is possible to break the limit of the ring of life again..."

But to be honest, Zhang Yanhang felt that it was a bit boring. After all, his ultimate idea was to eliminate all the red iron rings and replace them with life rings. In this way, at least 40 life rings +6 need to be worn at the same time.

With forty rings of life+6 already made up, Zhang Yanhang felt that it would be really difficult for the remaining monsters to make up a large number of extra rings of life+6 to break through the limit and fuse the rings of life+7.

Moreover, this is still based on the premise that the life ring +6 is the fusion limit. If the life ring +7 is the fusion limit, it is even more impossible to make a life ring that can break through the limit.

"Forget it, the boat will naturally go straight to the bridge, and we will talk about this later. Let's check the attribute list first."

While talking, Zhang Yanhang opened his attribute list and began to check it.

Strength: 100+5[8]]

Agility: 100+5[5]]

Constitution: 100+5[10]]

Intelligence: 100+5[8]]

Charm: 100+28]

"Before my strength only overflowed by seven points, but now it has increased a little more, and it has become a total of eight overflow points. It can be said that the distance of overflowing two digits or something is indeed getting closer and closer.

Compared with the strength attribute, the physical attribute has already overflowed by double digits..."

Originally, although Zhang Yanhang's physique attribute had a bonus from talent, it only overflowed by nine points, but just now Qiankun Wuji Gong added a little physique attribute bonus, making Zhang Yanhang an overflow of ten physique attributes. , completely turned into an overflow of two digits.

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