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Very quickly, the names of the three babies were confirmed.

Xiao Sheng was the eldest in Nial’s family, so the first born boy among the triplets was the second. Elder Bai named this child Lu Mufeng.

Xiao Mufeng liked to laugh, and his bright eyes were especially bright. Whether it was the nurses or doctors, they all liked him very much when they saw him.

This little kid would definitely be a very warm man in the future.

When elder Bai heard about this child’s personality, he was also very gratified.

One had to know that none of his sons, as well as his grandson, who was also Bai Changle, had such a warm personality.

Third Brother’s name was given by elder Lu, and he was called Lu Hanze.

Little Hanze had a very hot temper. Every time he didn’t want to sleep and the nanny coaxed him to sleep, he would open his eyes wide, his small expression was especially serious, and his mouth was pursed into a line, he looked as if he knew that he wouldn’t sleep, so what could he do to him.

Moreover, every time he fed the milk powder, Little Hanze was extremely overbearing and had to eat it first.

Little Mufeng smiled and didn’t cry or make a scene. He just blinked his bright eyes and waited obediently for the nanny to finish feeding his younger brother and sister before he ate.

However, Little Mufeng didn’t want to fight with his younger brother, but someone was fighting with little hanze.

That person was the little princess, Lu Yu.

The name Lu Yu was given by Xie An.

Xie An knew some things about Liu Xingyun. Although he didn’t know about the existence of the little jade pendant, he could vaguely guess some things.

However, he wouldn’t take the initiative to ask Xiao Yan about anything. Even if it was a relative, he also believed that Xiao Yan should have her own secrets.

At that time, Xie An told Gu Yan that this little princess was the apple of everyone’s eye. She was the most beautiful jade.

“Yu”also meant “Beautiful jade”.

Gu Yan liked this name very much. Moreover, in her heart, she secretly thought that Xiao Yu was her little jade pendant.

This was a very subtle feeling. Therefore, when she looked at this child, Gu Yan was even more delighted.

The Little Princess’Little Yu was doted on by thousands of people.

After all, there were no girls in the Lu, Bai, and Xie families in this generation.

From the moment Little Yu was born, she was very extraordinary. So, when she bullied her two brothers, it was very different.

After all, she was still young. So, when babies were in a hurry to eat milk powder or other things, they would cry to express it.

But, Xiao Yu did not.

Every time the nanny came over to feed the three children, there was a limited number of people, so they would definitely be fed in order.

Xiao Mufeng let his younger siblings eat last.

Xiao Hanze was anxious, but every time he was about to eat, Xiao Yu would look at Xiao Hanze and the nanny with her big wet eyes.

The nanny was a local, in her forties. She got married late and her daughter was still studying. So, when she saw her baby with wet eyes like a deer, her heart melted.

Then, the nanny could not help but feed Xiao Yu first.

Xiao Yu, who was holding the bottle, immediately raised the corners of her mouth. Her smile was a little mischievous and smug.

Under the corner of her left eye, there was a tear mole. This mole, coupled with her shallow dimples, made her look even more like a guest.

She was just a baby, but she was already so cute that people could not take their eyes off her.

The nanny couldn’t help but exclaim, “What a cute little angel!”

After hearing this lamentation about the little angel, Gu Yan turned her head to look at Lu Ye. She teased, “Ah Ye, do you still remember what happened to the Little Angel?”

Lu Ye was stunned.

At this moment, he was holding a big bag of diapers that he had just bought. Lu Ye, who was wearing an ordinary silver-gray sweater and dark blue casual pants, was now a handsome wet nurse.

Lu Ye remembered what Gu Yan was talking about.

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