Godly Student - Chapter 5460 Who said you can't fly?

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Hoo hoo!

The two big birds spread out their huge wings of fire, and continuously sprayed flames from their mouths, completely illuminating this dim world.

Perhaps the world has never been so bright.

But what really dealt a fatal blow to these fairy tarantulas was the flames burning on them.

Spiders are afraid of fire, even if they are fairy beasts, this characteristic will not change.

Of course, for fairy beasts, if they were just ordinary flames, they would not be able to hurt them at all.

But Huo Yu and Hong Yu are already fairy beasts, and the flames they spew out are naturally not ordinary fire, so this is simply the biggest nemesis of this group of fairy tarantulas.

And Jin Chan was not idle either, seeing so many fairy tarantulas, Jin Chan hadn't been so excited for a long time.

These fairy tarantulas are simply delicious food for it.

However, the golden toad is only at the mortal level, so there is no way to make a fairy tarantula in one mouthful, but the fairy core core absorbed by the golden toad is a very powerful fairy core core of the imaginary level, plus the fairy core of the giant sand king scorpion. Crystal nucleus to increase its spiritual power.

Compared with these fairy tarantulas, the golden toad still has a great advantage.

It's just that there are too many fairy tarantulas it faces now, but it is not fighting alone now, and it has too many comrades in arms by its side.

Cheng Yu and the black and white demons shot cleanly. When they used powerful moves to knock these fairy tarantulas to the ground, this was also the best time for Jin Chan to make a move.

It opened its mouth wide, stretched out its long tongue, and directly wrapped a Fairy Tarantula that was still rolling in the air just after being knocked into the air, and sent it into its mouth.

Moreover, this fairy wolf spider is actually a poisonous fairy beast, swallowing these fairy wolf spiders is simply a great tonic for Jin Chan.

While preying on these fairy tarantulas, it absorbed their fairy cores and fairy crystal cores in its body, so the strength of the golden toad became stronger as it fought.

And Huo Yu and Hong Yu were also patrolling the sky, setting fires everywhere whenever they had the opportunity, and the fairy tarantulas that were burned were in a panic.

It has to be said that with the help of three magic pets, it obviously disrupted the fairy tarantula's position, and the battlefield was in chaos, but such a scene gave Cheng Yu and the others a great advantage.

Even Cheng Yu felt a lot less pressure at this time, let alone the black and white demons.

They are helping each other now. When they knocked those fairy tarantulas to the ground first, the three magic pets took the opportunity to make up for these fairy tarantulas.

Conversely, when the fairy tarantulas made by the three magic pets were chaotic, the black and white demons also rushed forward, and easily eliminated the fairy tarantulas with a single blow of their swords.

"Happy! It's really great! I never thought that one day, I, the Black Demon, would be able to treat immortal beasts as nothing, and kill them as soon as I wanted, just like a dream!" When those fairy tarantulas were in a state of chaos, he rushed forward and was able to strike a single fairy tarantula. This feeling really made him fly.

"It's really fun. If we go to war with the Nei Dynasty next time, we can get married so happily!" The white devil was also very excited.

Although they had already killed a wave of fairy beasts before, the number of them could not be compared with this time, so the pressure on them was completely different.

If there were no these three magic pets to disrupt the situation, in fact they would not be so relaxed.

But now there are three magic pets, and they cooperate with each other. It was originally a very difficult battle, but it made them feel happy, which made people feel very happy.

Seeing that the number of those fairy tarantulas was getting smaller and smaller, they felt that it was a bit unsatisfying. They only hoped that there would be more fairy tarantulas running out, which would be exciting enough.

In fact, it was not just the two of them, even Cheng Yu felt that this battle was really enjoyable.

Whether it is in the inner court or here, he has fought against the enemies of the immortal rank too many times.

But it has never been so fun to kill as it is now.

"Not good! Something powerful is coming, go back!" However, this joy did not keep him going. Seeing that these fairy tarantulas could not last long, Cheng Yu suddenly felt some different vibrations.

More importantly, from these shocks, he felt that the guy who appeared this time was obviously much stronger, and it was very likely that a fairy beast of the virtual fairy level appeared.

Under Cheng Yu's reminder, the black and white demons didn't think much, and retreated immediately.

And the three magic pets also completely obeyed Cheng Yu's orders and came back quickly.

"Master, what's the situation?" Bai Mo asked in surprise.

"I sense that something powerful is about to appear, let's retreat first!" Cheng Yu didn't explain too much, and he still doesn't know what these things are, or it's better to retreat first.

The black and white demons knew that Cheng Yu's perception was never wrong. Since he said there was danger, it was definitely dangerous.

"Take off!" At this moment, UU Reading www.uukanshu.com Cheng Yu suddenly changed his face and shouted.

The three jumped into the air immediately, and Jin Chan had already sensed something under his feet, but it was still a step too late.

A huge guy suddenly rushed out from under the yellow sand, and it knocked the equally huge Golden Toad into the sky.

But Huo Yu and Hong Yu flew over and immediately lifted Jin Chan up.

"What's that?" Hei Mo asked in surprise, looking at the dark things under his feet.

"It should be a fairy tarantula of Xuxian level!" Cheng Yu said intently.

"So many virtual fairy-level fairy tarantulas?" Seeing at least a dozen huge fairy tarantulas below, Hei Mo broke out in a cold sweat.

Although he just killed a lot of fairy tarantulas at the mortal level, but seeing that these dozens of fairy tarantulas at the virtual level are obviously several times larger in size, their aura is completely different, and they feel a little numb.

Even though they haven't had a formal fight, he can feel that although these guys are few in number, their strength is obviously a little scary.

"Is this Xuxian? It looks really hard to deal with!" White Demon also became worried.

"Fortunately, they can't fly. This is our advantage. As long as they can't fly, they can't do anything to us!" Black Demon gave everyone a comfort, and at the same time gave himself a great comfort.

"Who told you they can't fly!" Cheng Yu said angrily.

"Huh?" The two were puzzled.

Puff puff puff!

But at this moment, these dozen or so virtual fairy-level fairy tarantulas actually flew towards them.

"How could this be?" The Dark Demon turned pale with shock.

"They seem to have wings on their backs!" The white devil saw that there really seemed to be two smaller wings fluttering on their backs!

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