Global Cultivation: First-time Top-up for the Ultimate Destiny Treasure - Chapter 171 - The Change in Qinyang City, a Critical Moment

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Chapter 171: The Change in Qinyang City, a Critical Moment

Qinyang City, on the city wall.

A soldier held a long spear in his hand as he looked at the place outside the city with a burning gaze.

Suddenly, a soldier spoke to him.

“Hey, brother, it’s time to change shifts.”

The soldier who was originally on guard turned around and looked at the soldier behind him. He nodded and said indifferently, “brother, I’ll leave tonight to you.”

“Hahaha, of course. After the demon beast incident is over, we’ll celebrate. No matter what, we have to properly reward ourselves.”

The brother who came to relieve the guard said with a smile. He did not see the solemn expression of the soldier who was supposed to relieve the guard.

The soldier looked at the smoke and dust in the distance of the city with a solemn expression.

10? 100?

When the figure of hundreds of demon beasts appeared in his field of vision, the soldier’s expression changed drastically.

He instantly pulled the soldier beside him and shouted.

“Quick! Quickly call the city lord!!”

The soldier was a little puzzled, but when he turned around and saw the smoke and dust in the sky, his expression also changed drastically. The soldier patted the shoulder of the soldier standing guard and said indifferently, “brother, don’t be rash. I will go and call for the city lord and the others to come and help!”

After saying that, he did not care how high the city wall was and jumped down. Then, his true essence fluctuated. He was shockingly at the mid-stage of the qi condensation realm.

Due to the demon beast riot in the Forest of Fireflies, the city lord’s forces were almost all in the direction of the city gate.

The direction of the city gate was in the direction of Qinwang Ridge. Usually, there was not a single demon beast. This was also why the soldier who came to relieve the guard was so relaxed.

After the soldier went to report to the city lord, the soldier on guard shouted towards the bottom of the city gate.

“The demonic beasts are attacking!! Close the city gate!! Quick!!”

The vision of the soldiers stationed at the city gate was naturally not as wide as the vision of the soldiers on the city wall. However, after hearing the shouts of the soldiers on the city wall, their expressions changed drastically as they quickly closed the heavy city gate.

Fortunately, it was close to nighttime, and most of the cultivators who were outside had already returned to the city.

After the city gate was closed, they saw a soldier using his true essence to quickly come to the top of the city wall. He looked like a squad leader.

He came up and asked, “what’s going on, brother?”

Soon, his face changed. In his eyes, at least a hundred demon beasts were crazily rushing toward their city. Among them, there were some huge demon beasts.

Moreover, many of the soldiers were sent away. These demon beasts would soon reach the city gate.

With the terrifying size of those giant demon beasts, the city gates would not be able to hold on for long.

With so many demon beasts swarming into the city, it would most likely be a terrifying disaster.

Instantly, the expression of this squad leader became extremely grave. He jumped down from the city walls and called out to the other soldiers.

“Get ready. Follow me and accept the battle!”

It had to be said that under the leadership of Qin Hao, even the soldiers of Qinyang City were people who valued friendship and loyalty.

Although Qinyang City was not big, the distance between the two city gates was quite wide. Therefore, even the city lord would need some time to arrive.

The squad leader gathered five soldiers, all of whom were experts in the qi condensation realm.

Among them, two were in the middle stage of the qi condensation realm, three were in the early stage of the qi condensation realm, and the squad leader was in the late stage of the qi condensation realm.

Such a lineup was extremely high when placed in the qi condensation realm demon hunting squad.

However, this time, they were not facing anything, but nearly a hundred demon beasts!

Whoosh whoosh whoosh–

Five figures landed on the city wall. They did not choose to open the city gates and leave. Instead, they found something to hold them off inside.

They wanted to stay outside the city wall and do their best to delay until the city lord’s reinforcements could arrive. They will defend even if they had to sacrifice themselves.

“Brothers! Are you afraid?!” The squad leader looked at the approaching smoke and shouted loudly.

“What are you afraid of? I’m only 40 this year. After my immortal destiny seal is broken, I’ll just go back and carry bricks!” Some soldiers shouted.

They were all shrewd soldiers who had no hope of reaching the foundation establishment stage in the immortal path. Even if the immortal path was gone in the future, they still had decades to live in the mortal world.

These words resonated with the other soldiers, and all of them had crazy expressions on their faces.

They were not like those Heaven’s Favorites who had a bright future, nor were they like those old monsters with high cultivation levels. To them, death was just returning to the mortal world to continue living for a few decades. What was there to be afraid of?

In less than the time it takes half an incense stick to burn, those restless demonic beasts had already arrived not far from the city gate.

The five soldiers standing upright outside the city gate could even feel the aura emitted by those demon beasts.

Dust filled the sky, and a bloody battle was about to begin. This would be a battle where there was no return.

Even some of the cultivators in the city who were close to the city gate could feel the movement outside the city gate.

However, most of these cultivators were in the early stage of the qi condensation realm and the late stage of the mortal realm. Faced with such a scene, it was already good enough that their legs did not turn weak. Otherwise, they would have been expected to go up and fight.

At this time, the soldiers outside the city had already started fighting with the demon beasts.

Fortunately, these demon beasts did not attack in a swarm.

At the forefront of the demonic beasts was a type of wolf-type demon beast. Their bodies were smaller, but their speed was incomparably fast.

However, compared to those large demonic beasts, their defense was a few grades lower.

As the soldiers unleashed their true essence, the magic weapons in their hands shone brightly, causing the darkness of the night to shine brightly.

They were hot-blooded, they were brave, and they had the courage to defend the city. They could be called the heroes of Qinyang City.

No matter what would happen in the end, their names would be passed down through the generations.


With a muffled sound, as the number of demonic beasts increased, a gap finally appeared in the line of defense that the five soldiers were defending against.

They saw an early-stage qi condensation realm cultivator being blasted away by a huge qi condensation realm demon beast. Immediately, his qi and blood churned, and a mouthful of blood spurted out from his mouth.


As the soldier and cultivator were sent flying, they had no choice but to pull the line of defense even smaller, but at the same time, they were facing more demon beasts.

The other soldiers surrounded the cultivator in the middle, and heard the captain of the soldier squad speak hurriedly.

“How is it, brother? Can you still stand up?”


Their eyes were filled with a sense of resolution, and they saw the cultivator who had spat out a mouthful of blood slowly stand up, intending to join the defensive line once more.

However, a low roar completely shattered their dreams.


A deep beast roar sounded out, and a path was automatically opened up among the hundreds of demon beasts. Two demonic beasts with terrifying auras walked out.

“Foundation establishment realm demon king!!”

The hearts of the five soldiers and cultivators were instantly shaken. The appearance of two foundation establishment realm demon kings… was the heavens going to annihilate their Qinyang City?

At this moment, they could only bitterly smile helplessly in their hearts. Originally, they had wanted to hold on until the city lord brought reinforcements.

Now, it was over. It was all over. The city gates would also fail, and they would also be sacrificed, but it would still be a useless sacrifice.

They were unwilling, but so what? They could only make a final struggle.

Just as they were burning their true essence in an attempt to use the move of mutual destruction.

A valiant white-robed figure appeared in front of their eyes.

The white-robed figure turned around and said with a light smile.

“Do you need help?”

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