Game Across the World - v3 Chapter 1328 Competition for the "Sunwell"

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Remember [New] in a second! The alliance troops chased and ran for more than half a circle before finally arriving.

The bad news spread quickly, but fortunately the army had not yet dispersed, and the Lich King and Scourge had been defeated.

"The Alliance will retain half of its troops to cooperate with the Guardians to destroy the participating Loken forces, and strictly blockade Ulduar."

After listening to Shen Chen's explanation, Jialia and Wrynn discussed for a while before making a decision; of course, a considerable part of the force had to be withdrawn to deal with the corrupting power that erupted in various regions of the Eastern Kingdom.

"The mages of Dalaran and the order elves will establish a temporary base in Wintergrasp."

Everyone did not forget the Sunwell, because the resurrection ceremony was not completed, and Hela was directly thrown into the abyss of Hell, and the remaining essence of the Sunwell was finally protected.

"The power of the Sunwell must be handed over to me!" Malygos' obsession came, especially this accident, which made him firmly believe that humans should not be allowed to control the power of this spell.

"Why don't you leave it to me~~ If all the guardians can trust me tomorrow, I will keep it safe." Shen Chen immediately became interested in this essence, whether it was reinjected into An Weina's body or with well water. The existence of form is the background for the order group.

Malygos naturally refused, but Thorim thought for a while: "It's better to confirm the state of the magic essence before making a decision."

Obviously, Thorim trusted Shen Chen more. In this incident, he almost turned the tide; without his intervention, he would still be complaining about himself in the Temple of Storms, and Hodir was afraid of being attacked by Loken... .. At this time, what they have to face is the terrifying combination of the ancient **** Lokenga and Galakrond. Then Azeroth is purified, and there is only time left.

What's more, Thorim also understood what Malygos did through Thunderbolt: "You and your blue dragon army should be purified, and take a good look at your heart to see if it is influenced by the ancient gods! You The madness of your past has completely wiped out your past wisdom!"

Alexstrasza also agrees very much, "The power of the Wyrmrest coalition has been weakened to the extreme after the black dragon's betrayal and the time dragon's disappearance. Malygos, you really want to abandon your body for the disaster you speak of." Responsibility for the Guardian Dragon?"

Compared with Alexstrasza, the guardian's words are more convincing. After all, his arcane power also comes from the titans.

"I...I am not wrong! It is mortals who use magic to bring about disasters, and these disasters will eventually destroy the world!" Malygos was still quibbling in his heart.

Shen Chen suddenly chuckled, and without waiting for anyone to question him, he immediately mocked: "Ordinary people will bring disasters, but you won't?

Even the guardians may fall, in order not to fall, so the guardians should give up their power! "

Shen Chen's words were very sharp, but Loken's depravity was right in front of his eyes, and the guardians couldn't help but think deeply, so Shen Chen struck while the iron was hot, "So the fault is not in the power itself, mortals master magic to fight against evil and corruption, without their existence, They seem weak, but their free will and determination to protect their homeland allow ordinary people to have the ability to fight against powerful enemies and change their destiny!

If all of you guardians are killed in battle, this world may still need mortals to protect it! "

After saying this, the surroundings fell into absolute silence, only the crackling of static electricity, the whistling of cold wind and heavy breathing.

After a while, Hodir took the lead in expressing his opinion: "Tomorrow is right! The power of mortals is also a member of order, not to mention, they have been able to defeat the ancient gods (C'Thun) now, whether as a supplement to the power of the guardian, Or the power to fight against evil in the future, we should not give up because of choking."

Thorim even thought of those "little people" who shuttled under the Temple of the Storm God these days. They were enthusiastic, kind, and hardworking... It was seeing them that made him escape from the past faster Come out to reconcile with Hodir.

What's more, defeating C'Thun, and even defeating the Lich King, has proved the strength of mortals, and now: "Because of Loken's betrayal, we have lost Freya, Mimiron, and Odin is bound in the high Hall of Valor...and so do you Aspects, the betrayal of Deathwing, the troubles of the Emerald Dream, the disappearance of the bronze dragon...

It can be said that the power of the guardians has been weakened to a critical level, the balance between us and the ancient gods has been broken, and they have weaved a big net in ten thousand years, we need the power of mortals! "

The words of the two guardians moved Malygos even more, and he couldn't help but reflect on his extreme thoughts.

Shen Chen immediately struck while the iron was hot, telling Malygos the secret in his heart, "Because the Well of Eternity, the elves attracted the prying eyes of the Burning Legion, and because they needed more power, you agreed to Neltharion's request—to inject power into Dragon Soul.

The betrayal of your best brother caused you to lose your favorite wife and most of your children...but you are powerless to take revenge (you can't beat Deathwing with Dragon Soul, as for the Burning Legion), even more You failed to seize that chance of revenge (Grim Batol), you are regretful and painful, and you can only take these revenges on mortals who you think have no resistance! "

Suddenly Shen Chen's words became severe, "So! You are a coward! You only dare to bully the weak! You don't even have the courage to face reality!"

These words pierced into the heart of Malygos, and he came towards Shen Chen furiously, but was firmly stopped by Thunder and Winter.

"Tomorrow!" Alexstrasza also signaled to Shen Chen not to go too far, but at this time he had the upper hand in terms of momentum.

"You don't even have the courage to find your wife's bones! She died not far from the battlefield! She called your name! Looking forward to your response! And you just returned to the safe lair, where the magic Blame all the faults on mortals!" Shen Chen's words became more and more intense until they finally turned into insults.

Hearing Sindragosa, Malygos suddenly became furious, because what Shen Chen said was right, he fled in the face of the mighty Neltharion, and even saw his wife falling, Don't dare to look back.

He also abandoned those blue dragon warriors in the Crystal Song Forest. What Tomorrow said was right at all. Facing his betrayed brothers and powerful enemies, he flinched and was afraid...

Then seeing the consequences of all that, Sindragosa's soul roared in the snowstorm, and the magic power of the blue dragon scattered between the heaven and the earth... But he could only blame everything on it, and it was impossible to defeat his on humans.

Malygos's high head finally lowered, and this was because the two titan guardians who were much stronger than him, and who were just and orderly, were by his side!

"I didn't succumb to what tomorrow said because the guardian believes that tomorrow's thoughts and cognitions are the key to protecting the way of Azeroth." Sadly, at this time, Ma But Lygos thought so, he still couldn't see his cowardly soul.

Shen Chen also sighed. The childhood friendship between Malygos and Neltharion allowed Neltharion, the elder brother, to bear the training of the young dragon. It needs to be exported behind the elder brother's crest.

After the five-color dragons gathered and united the guardians against Galakrond, the Titans handed over the power of Arcane to Malygos.

Neltharion bears the pain of the land of Azeroth, while Malygos is like a high elf, living a worry-free and comfortable life in the "bubble" woven by magic power.

So it has been decided since then that Malygos looks powerful, looks fierce, and abandons the guardian dragon after encountering setbacks; his so-called madness is just the sadness of being unable to fight against reality.

"That's all." At least, the magic power of the Sunwell has already been obtained, and after this provocation, Malygos may not have the face to bring up his extreme cognition~~

Satisfied, Shen Chen looked back at Malygos, got the Sunwell, this wave is a big profit, now he has to think about how to use this power.

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