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Shen Chen fell to the ground. Although the Frost Dwarf couldn't confirm Shen Chen's identity, his straight mind, the guys who helped them repel Loken's servants, should be friends rather than enemies.

And Shen Chen could see at a glance that the sturdy double-hammer guy standing out among the dwarves, the guy with the name of Jorg Stormheart, should be the brother of Brighton Bronzebeard, Muradin Bronzebeard. .

However, Shen Chen did not directly reveal his identity. Meeting the frost dwarves for the first time was not the right time to recognize relatives. Shen Chen generously stepped forward and informed them of his identity:

"I am the highest liaison between the Alliance and Thorim, Thor and his Sons of Thunder, and I have explained your plight to the Alliance. As a member of the forces of order, we are obliged and need to help you defeat the corrupt Titan Guardian Lo Ken's power, and retake Ulduar together in the future!"

After finishing speaking, the lightning that jumped from Shen Chen's fingertips was equivalent to Thorim's token, and the frost dwarves would naturally not doubt that, knowing that it was the reinforcements sent by the guardian, they enthusiastically surrounded him.

"It was really dangerous just now. Fortunately, I have your help. Otherwise, there will be a few good players who will be injured in the hands of those guys."

"Look at this muscle, this body...Although it's a little worse than me, but the combat power is definitely not much worse~~"

"You saved me, I invite you to drink, come on!"

The two dwarves dragged Shen Chen to their stone house, then took out their treasured Frost and Flame Wine, handed it to Shen Chen, and looked at Shen Chen with friendly eyes.

Shen Chen knew very well that this was a symbol of their friendship, and if he didn't accept it, it would be difficult to get their approval; so he raised his glass boldly and drank it.

"it is good!"

This wine touches the lips, like the breath of frost entering the mouth. Although the wine itself is warm, the taste is like ice; but it is not as sharp and biting as ice, but soft and lingering. sense.

Then it smoothly flowed into the throat, and a fiery pungency suddenly stimulated the whole mouth, and there was a warm feeling in the stomach, and the temperature of the storm cliffs became like a grizzly hill.

Seeing Shen Chen like this, the two dwarves also drank it one after another, and then slapped Shen Chen's back with their big iron hands; the way they raised their hands was a bit cute, but Shen Chen was also welcome, and they drank a few more drinks. tripe.

After a few rounds, the dwarves were already drunk, and Shen Chen was refreshed and chatted with the remaining dwarves; because of the behavior just now, most of the dwarves had already recognized Shen Chen and had a good impression of him. Everything they know is truthful.

"By the way, your king doesn't look like you."

After chatting for a while, Shen Chen felt that the time was ripe, and finally threw this question out. Although he had already determined that Yoger Stormheart was Muradin, he still needed to prove it.

When it came to Yogger, the dwarves lost their energy, "I picked up the king from the snowy slopes." The dwarf pointed to the direction where Brayton Bronzebeard fought the ice worm.

"I thought he was also a companion who was persecuted by Loken. I didn't expect that after waking up, he lost his memory; but the king's personal strength..." The dwarf raised his thumb, "Just like you today, as soon as you appear on the stage Repel those iron dwarves!"

This time, there is no need to try any more, Shen Chen accelerated the speed to get these two guys drunk, and then left the stone house of the dwarves; at this time, the players brought Brayton to the entrance at the back of the Frost Castle.

The frost dwarves thought they were enemies, so they were naturally alert, and Shen Chen hurriedly explained to them that this was the support force from the alliance.

Although Shen Chen said this, the frost dwarves did not let the players in easily, they all needed to prove themselves in order to be recognized by the dwarves.

10 iron dwarves or the core iron blocks of thunder-forged dwarves, a pre-task will be given out naturally.

The legion commander was right in front of him, but the players had to go to complete the dwarf's mission. Instead of complaining, they were excited; they had seen a lot of this routine, didn't they~~

The only Brighton who looked similar to the Frost Dwarf entered easily and joined Shen Chen.

"You're actually one step ahead of me!" Brayton blew his big beard, looking dissatisfied, "If it wasn't for those pesky iron dwarves to chase you along the way!"

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It was not the first time that Brighton had entered the land of Northrend.

Last time, he entered to find traces of Muradin's existence, traveled most of the area south of Northrend, and made friends with dragons, walruses, bears and other forces.

He didn't gain anything, and was later disturbed by other tasks of the Adventurer's Association, and the first trip to Northrend was nothing.

This time, he brought the excavation work of the Titan ruins. From the experience of the last adventure, he remembered many details that he did not pay attention to; along the way, he fought with iron dwarves and thunderforged giants, but he excavated a lot about Loken, Guardians and...

"Guess what~~" Brayton was very proud, although Shen Chen's expression did not change, "I found out about the Norgannon disc and its follow-up!"

For Shen Chen, who had adventured together in the land of origin, Brighton was very willing to share his adventures with him; just like when he returned to the Explorers Association after each expedition, he sorted out his memories in the library. , while relaying these to the recorders and researchers, makes each adventure more interesting.

"Norgannon Disc~~" Shen Chen was noncommittal, and then said something that made Brayton stunned, "You mean the keystone related to the Titan Archives, as a real Titan, Azeroth Important builders of some of the facilities, do you have any additional information to tell me?"

Brayton was furious, "You're boring like this. How did you know the information I discovered after all the hardships!"

Shen Chen didn't explain, just smiled, and then said to Brighton, "Didn't you meet Thorim, he didn't tell you this? You know, he is the witness of these!"

Brighton put on an angry expression, remembering his previous conversation with Thorim, who was also secretive. Although he was very friendly, he didn't get any key information. Otherwise, why would he take the risk and go deeper? Looking for important clues among the iron dwarves?

But he didn't know that Shen Chen didn't get this information from Thorim's mouth, and it was impossible for Brighton to question Thorim like this: How could you tell that guy tomorrow and not tell me!

So the information gap was established like this. Of course, the most important thing, Shen Chen finished the joke and said solemnly: "I seem to have seen your brother here in the Frost Dwarves. He seems to be the leader of the Frost Dwarves."

As soon as he finished speaking, Brayton rushed out. Although he was a mature adventurer, the straight-forward character of the dwarves would not change.

Shen Chen didn't stop him, he went to identify Muradin rashly, the other party would not necessarily restore his memory, and it would affect the Frost Dwarf's goodwill; but as the younger brother of Brayton, there would be no problem at all.

Sure enough, when Shen Chen followed, Brighton and Muradin were already hugging.

They are top fighters, yes, but they are also the closest brothers; after the bad news of Northrend, Brighton was depressed for a long time, relying on his desire and love for adventure, and through thrilling adventures, Only then did he suppress his longing and sorrow for Muradin.

Now that it was lost and found, Muradin really lived as the prophecy said, and Brighton couldn't suppress his emotions.

"You...what are you doing!" Feeling the force from his Muradin knew that the other party was not malicious, so he did not push Brayton away.

"You are Muradin, you are still alive!" Brayton put the tip of his nose under the long beard, took a deep breath, and became more convinced that he was not mistaken, "Yes, it must be you! I am Brayton. , your brother!"

"My brother..." Muradin felt a little nervous, as if some visions were entwined in front of him, "Uh, I seem to have several brothers.... Brighton... let let me see."

A dark and gloomy fragmented memory emerged from the depths of his mind, followed by that terrible nightmare, and his disciple...

"Sorry, it's too hard for me to recall that terrible memory, let me slow... slow..." Muradin, Yoger Stormheart stretched Brayton's arm, "My brother, I'm so sorry, I need a break, guard! Treat my brother for me, I hope he can feel the warmest side of the frost dwarves!"

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