Full-time Occupation - Chapter 2370 Tang Yin's plan

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What Ye Xiu detonated was not a long-time cover grenade like a smoke bomb, but the most common grenade with a level 15 skill. In this way, the effect of the grenade's explosion disappeared immediately after it exploded, and the shadow clone that appeared afterward was in everyone's sight It was completely crushed by Zhou Zekai's bullet rain.

And Ye Xiu's Shadow Clone technique shortened the distance a lot in an instant. Fortunately, Zhou Zekai was already prepared for such a result, and continued to retreat in the opposite direction of Ye Xiu, maintaining the distance between the two sides.

Three cuts!

This skill had already been cooled down when Ye Xiu was preparing it, and now Ye Xiu is using it again.

It is also moving at a high speed, but this skill can perform five consecutive slashes under the blessing of the lightsaber. This is no different from the five displacement skills. And this is also Ye Xiu's last movement skill. It can be said that every flash of the sword light is calculated very accurately.

During the flashes of the sword light, Ye Xiu's figure has flashed five times in succession.


At this moment, all the audience were excited. Although they all knew that it was almost inevitable for Ye Xiu to get close, it was still hard to say whether Tang Yin could be saved. After meeting together, everyone felt that this wave was worth it.

But it's worth it, no one will feel optimistic about the next battle.

Now Ye Xiu Jun Mo Xiao's health is only 24% left, and it can be said that it is very good to force Zhou Zekai's full-fire blockade to suppress the consumption of health to the current level.

As for Tang Yin's Getaway, after experiencing the siege of Sun Xiang and Jiang Botao, the originally strong health advantage has disappeared, and his health is also only 24% left.

Of course, Jiang Botao and Sun Xiang, who were on the line against Tang Yin, were not much better. Although they had always had the upper hand, Tang Yin's attacks were almost unavoidable for such close-up attacks. on Sun Xiang's body. Even if Sun Xiang attacked Zhaojiao with all his strength, he still only had 15% of his health. Jiang Botao was well protected, and he still has 6% left.

But it is also because the health of the two people in Samsara is also very unhealthy, and all the people in Samsara have no intention of slacking off, especially under the current situation, they challenged immediately. Of course, the primary purpose is to prevent Ye Xiu and Tang Yin from meeting each other.

Zhou Zekai's Cloud Piercer kept retreating, rounded with Sun Xiang Yu Jiang Botao, and stuck Tang Yin behind him, while Sun Xiang's One Autumn Leaf also began to pay attention to Ye Xiu when attacking, ready to fight at any time, the one with the lowest HP Jiang Botao immediately adjusted his position and distance. After all, his HP was too low. He had to keep this advantage. He didn't want to be taken away by Ye Xiu as soon as he came up.

Zhou Zekai's attention was always on Ye Xiu, and as Ye Xiu approached, Sun Xiang and Jiang Botao also began to shift their attention to Ye Xiu to varying degrees. After all, as Ye Xiu kept getting closer, This is the prevention and adjustment they must do. But that doesn't mean they stopped attacking Tang Yin. It's just that there has been a certain change in the rhythm of the attack.

Of course, this kind of change can't even be seen by ordinary players, but it is true that Tang Yin has been bringing opportunities. Just when Ye Xiu rushed not far from him and attracted the attention of everyone in Samsara, Tang Yin The offensive suddenly changed.

Whirlwind legs!

With Tang Yin hitting Thomas with a roundabout kick, Sun Xiang's Que Xie was instantly kicked away by Tang Yin with two consecutive kicks. Only then did Sun Xiang suddenly realize one thing. Tang Yin had been fighting him with archery before, which was the melee archery that Zhou Zekai had only used when fighting Ye Xiu. But sharpshooters not only have shooting skills, but also physical skills, and physical skills are born for melee combat!

Sun Xiang, who realized something was wrong, focused his attention on Tang Yin again in an instant, and directly smashed down the powerful magic fighting spirit wrapped in the spear in his hand.

Strong dragon pressure!

He must not let Tang Yin escape!

Just above the path where Sun Xiang's spear fell, a grenade appeared.

Explosive grenade!

But since it is on the path, he can directly smash it away!

Instant kick!

This instant burst grenade is like a dividing line, above is Sun Xiang's strong dragon pressure, and below is Tang Yin's instant kick! .

The two skills, a burst grenade, meet at the center.

boom! A huge explosion appeared instantly, and the explosive grenade that was flanked by two attacks was directly detonated in the air forcibly!

Strong Dragon Pressing is not a dominance skill, not to mention Sun Xiang who has already reacted, even Jiang Botao and Zhou Zekai had no chance to react by the powerful impact force.

Thermal missiles!

The explosive grenade had just exploded, a spark had already landed on the path of Zhou Zekai's inverted flight, and the next instant the missile had arrived. The moment Zhou Zekai was about to use the flying spear to dodge, Ye Xiu hit Zhou Zekai who was flying upside down with a sky strike. At the beginning, it was a wave of floating four consecutive stabs.

He directly hit Zhou Zekai, who was flying the spear here, and interrupted his flying spear directly, making him and him fall towards the position of Mars.

And accompanied by the audience who hadn't reacted yet, a mushroom cloud was directly set off. At this moment, some professional players finally realized something vaguely.

Is Tang Yin's experience during this period difficult? Of course it was difficult, and it could even be said that every step was difficult, but Tang Yin's two shifts were not to get close to Ye Xiu, UU Reading www. uukanshu.com is closer to Zhou Zekai's Cloud Piercer!

Only then did they know that Tang Yin, who possessed the explosive grenade, was fully capable of escaping from Sun Xiang and Jiang Botao's siege. After all, this is a throwing object, and it is instant. If Tang Yin wants to, he can throw it behind him, use his own meat shield, and hold them until the grenade explodes to knock them into the air.

But Tang Yin didn't, he was waiting for this moment, he was using himself as bait to bring the three of Samsara together.

This time, Tang Yin's Xiaoyaoyou was the main attacker, and Ye Xiu, this time, he was supporting.

This was the tactic that Tang Yin and Ye Xiu had thought up from the beginning, but the two of them did not exchange any information during the whole process.

When all the professional players realized the plan of the two, they all lamented the huge amount of information in it.

It might even be that Tang Yin thought of this plan first, and Ye Xiu saw that Ye Yin hadn't come out from the siege of the two, and instantly understood Tang Yin's plan, and finally the two of them completed it together.

For this plan, Tang Yin even directly used nearly 50% of his health as bait.

That's why Tang Yin, a sharpshooter, was so persistent in melee combat that he didn't hesitate to attack Jiang Botao, who was already using Sun Xiang as a cover. It is to attract the two of them firmly to his side.

This explained why Tang Yin took the initiative to go up when Zhou Zekai went up before. After all, with regard to the omnipotence of Tang Yin's Happy Tour, he can actually give the most favorable support whether he can get up or not. There is absolutely no need to take risks.

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