Farming and Reclaiming Wasteland, I Pampered Hou Ye In Ancient Times - Chapter 671 Which onion are you

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   Chapter 671 Which onion are you?

   At this moment, Mo Yao is staring at the man over there, looking like a nympho, she can't wait to jump on it!

   "Pfft~" Jiang Xinyan was amused by her appearance and couldn't help but burst into laughter.

   "Giggle..." Mo Yao scratched her head, she didn't mean to be ashamed at all, as if to say, Madam didn't ask me to come to Dongchen to pick up my husband.

   "Go and drive the carriage to the road. We will park on the edge of the official road. The other party looks like a big man. We shouldn't be ostentatious."

   Jiang Xinyan commanded softly, but she made sure that her words could be heard clearly by the third prince.

  Since Saobao's brother-in-law was going to pretend, Jiang Xinyan didn't want to run into that man, so she could just avoid it.

   "Yes," Mo Yao immediately took the order, then hurriedly went to the front to get on the horse, and personally drove the carriage again, ready to set off with the whip.

   Looking at Mo Yao's skillful movements, Jiang Xinyan nodded in satisfaction, this girl is still smart and clever, unlike some silly girls who are stupid and worrying!

   Seeing that Mo Yao wanted to leave, the corner of the third prince's lips raised a slight arc.

   "Huh? Want to run away? It's too late, who are you? You want to run away when you see it to my Highness, have you committed any crime?"

   Hearing the scolding of the third prince in front of Sao Bao, Jiang Xinyan frowned slightly, then lifted the curtain and stuck out her head.

   "This young man, what are you doing to stop our carriage?" She deliberately ignored His Highness.

   Hearing that sweet and melodious voice, the man's brows were slightly raised, he looked sideways at the place where the sound came from, and was stunned again.

  Jiang Xinyan noticed the scorching gaze of the third prince Saobao, and couldn't help being a little unhappy, but thought of her own plan.

   She showed a sweet smile again, and continued to ask, "Young Master, what are you looking for Mrs. Ben for?"

  The third prince met the flower-like smile, blinked his eyes and recovered, and coughed slightly awkwardly: "'s okay..."

   "It's fine." Jiang Xinyan calmly lowered the curtain, "Mo Yao, let's go."

   "Yes, ma'am." Mo Yao replied and was about to start the carriage.

   Who knew that the third prince of Sao Bao stopped them again: "Wait a minute..."

   Jiang Xinyan frowned, opened the curtain, laughed inside, and looked at the third prince of Sao Bao impatiently: "What else is there to do, son?"

   "This girl, our palace... The son wants to invite the girl to enjoy the scenery, and hope that the girl will appreciate the light."

   The guard of the third prince answered for their master. He fell in love with Mo Yao and hoped that his master would be with the girl in the carriage.

   Then he will have the opportunity to get close to the beauty, but unfortunately he is a military commander, he has no culture and can't speak, so that he makes a joke.

   "Sorry, my wife is of a distinguished status, so I'm sorry to accompany her." Mo Yao refused rudely.

The man opposite    looks seriously ill, the sun is so hot, enjoy the scenery!

   Hearing Mo Yao's refusal without hesitation, the third prince frowned slightly, as if he did not expect a maid to refuse so bluntly.

   He was still a bit sensible. When the guard was scorching his heart, he said it was absurd to appreciate the scenery. As soon as Mo Yao rejected him, he blurted out, "Is that girl unwilling?"

   "Of course not, Mrs. Ben has been married for more than a year, and the sun is so big now." Jiang Xinyan added unceremoniously.

   "Young master is really different, so you can only enjoy the scenery when the sun is scorching hot. Forgive me, mortals and mortals can't agree."

  The third prince squinted his eyes, and there was a dangerous signal in his eyes, but he quickly returned to normal, he slightly raised his thin lips: "The girl is really hearty."

   "Where." Jiang Xinyan glanced at him lightly, and said sarcastically, "Mrs. Ben said she has been married for more than a year."

   Still a girl, the third prince of Sao Bao, what do you want to make trouble?

  The third prince raised his eyebrows when he heard the words, and seemed a little surprised, but he quickly recovered.

  When Jiang Xinyan's carriage passed the third prince's horse, the third prince gave him a look, and his guards drew their swords and shouted at the same time.

   "Want to run away? You can't do that. If you don't eat or drink a toast, don't blame me for not understanding Lianxiangxiyu."

  The guards of the third prince approached Jiang Xinyan's carriage step by step, with a wicked gleam in their eyes and a wretched smile on the corner of their mouth.

   As if he had foreseen the wonderful moment that was about to happen to him, there was an excited and greedy look on his face.

   His eyes were always on Mo Yao's bumpy figure and couldn't move, as if he was going to swallow her with his eyes.

   Looking at the approaching guards, Mo Yao was frightened and shivered. If they caught him, would they still have good fruit to eat?

   Jiang Xinyan was tangled in her heart. Mrs. Ben was hesitating whether to swipe out one of them with one hand, or kill one with one punch.

   "Your Highness~ What's the matter with you?" A familiar voice sounded, and Jiang Xinyan's eyes widened in surprise.

   is Miss Wei Qi's voice, did Wei Qi recognize him? This is impossible, because Wei Yan hasn't seen herself in the carriage.

   Jiang Xinyan withdrew the fist she wanted to swing, and waited for the change, because the guard of the third prince also stopped.

  Beside Wei Yan stood a beautiful Jiang Bilian, their two concubines, on the surface, they were as good as ever.

   "Well... Lian'er, Yan'er, why did you come down? Hurry up and get out of the way. My Highness advises you to get acquainted and get out of the way."

  Xuanyuan Junde was cold and impatient, thinking about the beauty in the carriage, and then looking at the two women around him, it was really hot eyes.

   "Your Highness~" Jiang Bilian shouted tenderly.

  She didn't intend to get off the carriage, the sun was shining on her head and the ground was hot, but their maid said.

   A woman as beautiful as a goddess in the carriage in front took away the soul of His Highness. She and Wei Wei felt the danger at the same time.

   Looking at the pretentious person, Xuanyuan Junde's attitude was even worse, even more arrogant than before.

   "Since you don't understand the rules so much, then Your Highness will teach you a lesson." The third prince finished.

   "Slap—" He turned his head and slapped Wei Yan's face with a slap, instantly red and swollen.

  Wei Yan covered her cheeks, tears rolling down her cheeks.

   "His Royal Highness~ Please don't hurt your sister. If anything happens, your Highness will rush to your concubine."

   Jiang Bilian hurriedly stopped Xuanyuan Junde, fearing that he would do anything to Wei Yan again, her tone was earnest.

   Xuanyuan Junde sneered and said disdainfully, "Oh, what kind of onion are you? How dare you interfere in the affairs of this Highness?"

   Jiang Bilian bit her lip, her face turned pale, and she looked very helpless. His Highness was determined to get the **** in the carriage.

   "Okay, stop talking nonsense! Get out of the way, or this Highness will clean up with you." Xuanyuan Junde was too lazy to talk to Jiang Bilian any more.

  The guards pulled Jiang Bilian away, but Jiang Bilian was reluctant to walk away, and still stubbornly stood there, trying to protect Wei Yan, as if they were sisters.

   "Your Highness~ You can't hurt Sister Yan'er, you can't treat her like this~"

   (end of this chapter)

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