Fantasy: My Sect is 100 Million Points Stronger - Chapter 1448 The Difficulty of Luofeng Pavilion

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After Wang Feng and others went upstairs with the Red Leaf Goddess, everyone in the lobby of the inn talked a lot, and their words were filled with surprise.

"Who is this young man? How could he be favored by the Red Leaf Goddess?"

"you do not say?"

Only those with a clear mind can feel the nervousness of the Red Leaf Goddess just now. It is obvious that the Red Leaf Goddess did not like the young man at all, but the Red Leaf Goddess was coerced by the young man.

You know, the Red Leaf Goddess is the Goddess of the Luofeng Pavilion, the future Lord of the Luofeng Pavilion, how dare someone threaten her on the territory of the Luofeng Pavilion?

This is the rhythm of something big going on!

Inside the Accord, Wang Feng and others sat in rows.

Seeing Wang Feng's young and handsome face, the Red Leaf Goddess felt a turmoil in her heart.

This, who is the son of a terrorist force?

After Elder Song and Elder Lin had no resistance at all, she knew that the young man in front of her was definitely not something she could afford, so she readily agreed to Wang Feng.

If that person wasn't so terrifying, with the character of Song Lao and Lin Lao, they would have blown each other away long ago!

"I don't know why the young master invited the little girl here?"

After realizing Wang Feng's terror, the Red Leaf Goddess also suppressed the arrogance in her heart, and asked Wang Feng with a chuckle.

In the face of such a mysterious and terrifying existence, no matter how frightened he is, it is useless. If the other party wants to kill him, he will not be able to escape with the terrifying strength displayed by his subordinates. The only way to survive is to agree to the other party's request.

"What happened to the blood food you mentioned just now?"

Wang Feng didn't hesitate either, squinting his eyes slightly, glanced at the Red Leaf Goddess and the others, and asked aloud.

After saying this, Red Leaf Goddess and the others were startled, and became more and more afraid of the strength of Wang Feng and the others. Just now, Song Lao only transmitted the sound for a while, but was intercepted by the other party?

"To be honest, there is a mysterious and terrifying strongman who came to my Luofeng Pavilion and asked me to help him provide blood food, otherwise I will destroy my Luofeng Pavilion!"

"The other party gave me two choices in Luofeng Pavilion. First, he treats me in Luofeng Pavilion as blood food. Second, I help him find blood food in Luofeng Pavilion."

"His strength is terrifying. Even my strongest ancestor in Luofeng Pavilion is no match for him. He should be above the emperor!"

"It is also because of this that there have been rumors of the marriage between the little girl and the young suzerain of the Xuanhuang Sect recently!"

The Red Leaf Goddess just pondered for a moment, and then directly explained, looking at Wang Feng, there was an inexplicable brilliance, if they could get this mysterious strong man to take action, maybe they would be able to do so without marrying Xuanhuangzong in Luofeng Pavilion. Block that mysterious strong man.

"Do you know who the other party is?"

Wang Feng nodded and asked again.

"I don't know, there is no way to know the origin of the other party."

"My Luofeng Pavilion's formation is useless in front of him, coming and going without a trace, even the ancestors can't detect him!"

The Red Leaf Goddess didn't dare to neglect and quickly explained.

"In that case, if you collect enough blood to eat, how will you find him?"

"He once left a sound transmission token for my father, as long as he collected enough blood and food, he will be called to come!"

Hearing this, Wang Feng nodded his head, then his face became serious, and he asked in a deep voice: "Have you ever caught innocent people as blood food?"

Red Leaf Goddess's face was full of bitterness, she shook her head, and said, "Never, if he wanted to, why would my father use me as a bargaining chip to marry Xuanhuangzong to resist that mysterious strong man together?"

"Although I, Luofengge, are not a powerful force, and have killed countless people, I still have the last conscience, and I will not help evildoers, let alone harm innocent people!"

Hearing this, Wang Feng nodded in satisfaction. If the Luofeng Pavilion really caught some innocent people as blood food, even if the existence of the suspected prisoner of the Tianzi prison in the Demon-Suppressing Hell Prison did not take action to destroy the Luofeng Pavilion, he would Will also shoot.

His strength is limited, and he can't control the injustices in the world, but if he encounters him, he will take action, especially the innocent and weak.

"Take me to meet the owner of Luofeng Pavilion!"

Then, Wang Feng pondered for a moment, and said to the Red Leaf Goddess.

He intends to let the Lord of the Luofeng Pavilion seduce the existence of the suspected prisoner of Tianzi. Even if this person is not a prisoner of Tianzi in the end, he is not a good person who relies on devouring the strong to improve his cultivation. It is a great merit!

Hearing Wang Feng's words, the three Red Leaf Goddesses looked at each other, and they were all overjoyed. If they could return to the Luofeng Pavilion, their safety would be guaranteed. Moreover, according to Wang Feng's move, it might be dangerous. Participating in this matter, with these mysterious powerhouses intervening, they can increase their chances of winning against that one.

"My lord, please!"

Immediately afterwards, the Red Leaf Goddess did not hesitate, and directly bowed and said softly.

Led by the Red Leaf Goddess, Wang Feng and his party left the inn and headed towards the residence where Luofeng Pavilion was located.


At the same time, in the main hall of Luofeng Pavilion.

Lin Xuan, the current owner of Luofeng Pavilion, sits on the main seat. On the left side of the bottom, there are many elders of Luofeng Pavilion, and on the right side, there are three figures.

The one at the top is an old man in a plain robe, and behind him are a handsome young man and a middle-aged man!

These three were Huang Wen, the great elder of Xuanhuangzong, Chen Xuanwu, the young master, and Chen Ke, the ninth elder.

"Come here, show tea to Master Chen Shao and the two elders!"

Lin Xuan glanced at the old man and the others, and chuckled lightly.

After the words were finished, several pretty maids brought up steaming tea and placed it on the table next to the three old men.

"Governor Lin, you are welcome!"

"I came here this time to discuss with Pavilion Master Lin about the marriage between the Goddess of the noble pavilion and my sect's young master!"

Great Elder Huang Wen arched his hands, UU Reading said with a light smile.

Only they knew that the rumored name of Goddess Luofengge's debauchery was nothing at all, and it might even be passed on by the goddess herself because she didn't want to marry Chen Xuanwu.

After finally getting Luofeng Pavilion to let go, Xuan Huangzong naturally didn't want to miss this opportunity, and pressed him every step of the way, just to finalize the marriage.

Not to mention that Lin Hongye herself is a peerless arrogance, her future status as the master of the Luofeng Pavilion alone is enough for Xuanhuangzong to do everything in marriage, even if she is really wanton, he Xuanhuangzong will marry.

In the face of interests, reputation is not important at all!

Hearing the words of the Great Elder Huang Wen, Lin Xuan's eyes flashed, he smiled, and asked aloud: "I wonder if your lord can agree to what I said?"

If it weren't for the tremendous pressure brought by the mysterious strongman, it would be impossible for Lin Xuan to let his precious daughter marry the notorious guy Xuan Huangzong.

As the young master of the Xuanhuang Sect, although Chen Xuanwu's talent and aptitude are superb, his character is not worth mentioning. In Luoxuan City, I don't know how many girls from good families have been harmed by him!

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