Everlasting Dragon Emperor - Chapter 5864 you made a mistake

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The Imperial Capital of Dayue, the Garden of Sanctuary, this garden was originally a place for the Emperor of Dayue to relax, but now, it has become a place for drinking and discussing at the top of the Jade Palace.

Jade Jinling, Jade Donglai, Jade Shura, the three real sons of the Jade Palace, and some of the chaotic mysteries that were integrated into it, the powerhouses of more than 80,000 and 70,000 were all drinking and discussing matters in the Yangshen Garden at this time, discussing how to act later. , in order to seek maximum benefit for themselves.

"Stop, this place is now the most important place in the Jade Palace. Several true sons are discussing matters, and other people are not allowed to enter. You are a Xia family, and you are not qualified to enter."

"Why don't you get out of here, are you courting death!"

Suddenly, outside the Yangshen Garden, there was a loud shout.

Then several screams sounded, and several figures smashed through the gate of Yangshenyuan, flew in, fell heavily to the ground, and coughed up blood.

Yu Jinling, Yu Donglai, Yu Shura and others stared at the gate with cold eyes and murderous intent.

Then, Tong Kong shrank slightly.

A slender, straight figure, like a spear, was slowly stepping forward and entering the Yangshen Garden, it was Lu Ming.

"Lu Shi, you are crazy. You dare to trespass into the Yangshen Garden, disturb a few Zhenzi's discussions, and dare to hurt my disciples in the Jade Palace. You will die."

A young man from the Jade Clan stood up and pointed to Lu Ming, and shouted, it was the Jade Bone God.

To be honest, facing Lu Ming alone, Jade Bone God is very afraid, and he knows that Lu Ming's combat power is comparable to that of Zhenzi.

But where is this place?

With three true sons in charge, as well as a great master like Yu Jinling, why should he be afraid of Lu Ming?

In the mysterious land of Fuao, the news that Lu Ming suppressed Yujinling and beat up the real sons of the major temples has obviously not spread, and the Jade Bone God didn't know it.


Lu Ming opened his mouth coldly, stretched out his hand to probe, a big hand formed and grabbed it towards the Jade Bone God.

Yugushen's face changed greatly. He didn't expect Lu Ming to be so bold, in front of the three true sons, he said he would do it.

"Zhenzi save me."

The Jade Bone God resisted and called for help.

But what he didn't expect was that the three true sons, standing there motionless, didn't mean to rescue them at all.


The Jade Bone God was pinched by Lu Ming like a chicken, and then smashed hard against the ground.

The ground roared like an earthquake, and the entire Emperor Dayue trembled. Looking at the Jade Bone God, he was lying on the ground coughing up blood, dying like a pool of mud.

The others in the Jade Palace were stunned. They looked at the three real sons and then at Lu Ming. They didn't understand why the three real sons would allow Lu Ming to be so presumptuous and not suppress them.

The faces of Yu Jinling, Yu Donglai and Yu Shura were gloomy, and Lu Ming slapped them in the face in public.

But if they want to take action, how dare they? This kind of madman, lawless, in the mysterious land, they have tasted it.

"Lu Shi, you are arrogant."

Yu Shura pointed to Lu Ming and shouted loudly.

"As for my people, let them all out."

Lu Ming spoke indifferently.

"Haha, Lu Shi, it seems that you value those Xia clan very much, yes, I heard that there are your direct disciples..."

Yu Shura chuckled lightly.

The more Lu Ming valued those people, the more confident he became, and he gradually relaxed.

"Lu Shi, if you want your disciples and those people to be safe, you'd better do as we say."

Yudong came to pick up the conversation.


Lu Ming said.

"The most threatening things to the Imperial Capital of Dayue are the Ancient Palace, the Palace of Eternal Night and the Palace of Colorless. They are the closest to here, and they are accumulating strength and may attack the Imperial Capital of Dayue at any time. I want you to attack them and assassinate their Zhenzizhen. Female."

Yudong came to the road.

Lu Ming understood that the other party was going to use him as a swordsman to deal with other real temples.

The reason why they detained Shen Youyou and others was to threaten Lu Ming with Shen Youyou and others, and let Lu Ming do as they wished.

"What if I say no?"

Lu Ming responded.

"Then your disciple, and those other people, may never come back."

Yu Shura sneered and said, "Lu Shi, that disciple of yours is smart, clever, and extremely talented. Even I am moved when I see it, so you have the heart to watch her come to an end..."

"You made a mistake..."

Lu Ming said.

Yu Shura was taken aback: "What's wrong?"


Lu Ming moved, and Wan Yu Void Sutra urged him with all his strength. He disappeared directly from the spot, and appeared in front of Yu Shura the next moment.

Yu Shura instinctively felt the crisis, the immortal power surged, and he played a powerful immortal technique forward.

But a palm grabbed towards him, five fingers like five incomparably sharp spears, pierced through his magic and defense, grabbed his head and smashed it to the ground.

With a bang, the earthquake trembled even more severely than before. Even if the place was densely covered with runes, it couldn't stop a big hole from being smashed by Yu Shura's head. Lu Ming's five fingers pierced deeply into Yu Shura's head. , leaving five blood holes.


Yu Shura struggled frantically, but Lu Ming's five fingers, like Dinghai Shentie, did not move at all.


Yu Jinling and Yu Donglai shouted, and they were all stunned. They didn't expect Lu Ming to play cards completely out of common sense.

And, too daring, too daring.

They are true sons, from the supreme noble clan, overlooking the vast chaos, dominating thousands of races, aloof, a dusty Xia clan, actually attacked them repeatedly, this has never happened in the past.

But the two of them shouted back, but they didn't help. Not only did they fail to help, they also retreated again and again, throwing out several immortal weapons in a defensive posture.


It's unclear where the rest of the Supreme Jade Palace are now. The real sons were afraid of Lu Ming, so they didn't dare to take action.

"Yu Shura, now, let the people go."

Lu Ming said coldly.

"Don't even think about it!"

Yu Shura roared.

"Do you think that your life is not as important as my disciple's? Do you want to die together?"

Lu Ming said coldly.

"You dare to kill me? If you kill me, you will die."

Yu Shura roared.

Yu Shura, Yu Donglai, Yu Jinling and others, knowing that their combat power is not as good as Lu Ming, dared to secretly detain Shen Youyou and others, just because they felt that Lu Ming would not dare to kill them.

Killing and offending them are two completely different concepts.

They are the true sons of the Supreme Clan, a Xia clan, if they kill them, the end will be very miserable.

After the True Spring Conference, the Jade True Palace could use a little force to crush Lu Ming into dust.

Therefore, even if Lu Ming caught him through his head, he was not afraid and decided that Lu Ming would not dare to kill him.


Lu Ming spoke indifferently, his eyes were full of coldness, a long spear appeared in his left hand, and stabbed Yu Shura's head.

With a puff, the spear passed through Yu Shura's head hole, nailed to the ground, and the red and white things splashed.

The spear not only pierced Yu Shura's head, but also pierced his fairy soul.

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