Everlasting Dragon Emperor - Chapter 5832 burst

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"Intercept them outside the formation."

The Jade Bone God ordered, and he rushed out first, and appeared in a crack in the formation in an instant, and his palm went out like a knife.

It can be seen that one of his arms has been completely turned into jade, the color is exactly the same as his hair.

This palm is aimed at the first master of the dark clan scene, the dark demon.

The corner of the dark demon's mouth rose, and the shadow blade of the immortal soldier came out.

With a bang, the two of them touched each other, their energy spread rapidly, their bodies were shaken, and they retreated several dozen meters back.

"It is said that the jade body of the Jade Clan is invincible, nothing is indestructible, comparable to the immortal soldiers, well-deserved reputation, come again."

The dark demon let out a low cry, with a strong fighting spirit, and killed the Jade Bone God again.

The Jade Bone God's arms turned into jade, and he rushed forward to fight against the Dark Demon.

Both of them are characters close to the real son and real daughter, and the chaotic meanings they incorporate are almost the same.

But the others in the Jade Palace were under tremendous pressure. The Yongye Palace and the Colorless Palace joined forces. The number of top-level masters surpassed that of the Jade Palace. Even with the power of the formation, the Jade Palace was still invincible. , steadily retreating.

"You Dayue Dynasty, what are you still doing, send all your masters up, use all your trump cards, block them, and when they break through, you will all die, and there will be no one left."

The voice of the Jade Bone God exploded in the ears of the Emperor of Dayue, the national teacher of Haoshou and others.

Several people's faces were pale, which was obviously to send them to death.

With their strength, participating in such battles is only a dead end, and the other party clearly wants to take their lives to fill.

But indifference is no good either.

As the other party said, the formation was broken, and they couldn't escape.

Therefore, the Emperor of Dayue called out that group of zombies, roaring into the cracks, burning himself, and slaughtering the enemy.

However, with the strength of these zombies, even if you burn yourself, you will not be able to compete at all. In an instant, several zombies are destroyed.

"Blow me up!"

The Jade Bone God was very dissatisfied, and a cold voice sounded in the ears of the Emperor of Dayue and others.

The Emperor of Dayue had no choice but to urge the zombies to explode when they rushed towards the enemy.

These zombies are formed by absorbing the evil spirits and harmful substances in the swamp.

But the harmful substances contained in these zombies are very limited after all, and the number is very small, and it did not cause much damage to the masters of the Eternal Night Palace and the Colorless Palace.

After they retreated, they killed them again.


A master of the jade clan was blasted half of his body, and the flesh and blood fell to the ground, turning into pieces of crystal clear jade.

Then darkness filled the air, completely blasting the jade master.

The Colorless Palace and the Eternal Night Palace have joined forces, and they are pressing step by step. The Dayue Imperial Capital and the Jade Palace are losing ground. If things go on like this, it won't be long before the city-guarding formation will be completely shattered.

Tens of thousands of miles away, the hiding place of the ancient temple.

"The time has come, let's attack from the other side, first enter the wonderful land of opportunity, and seize resources."

Waiting Road.

No one objected.

This time, there were not many masters from the Ancient Cunning Hall, although there were several more Hua Ten Generals behind, namely Hua Fourth General, Hua Five General, and Hua Six General.

But the strongest among them, Hua Fourth General, also has a big gap compared with such characters as Jade Bone God and Dark Demon.

Among the ten generals of Hua, only one general and two generals can match them.

But the first few Hua Ten generals, who followed Zhenzi and Zhennv from the ancient temple, entered the wonderful land of Fulong and never came out.

So, if they go head-to-head, they are not opponents of the parties at all.

And now, while the two sides are still at war, they secretly enter the imperial capital of Dayue, enter the wonderful land of opportunity, and then harvest a wave of opportunities first.

With the advancement of the Eternal Night Palace and the Colorless Palace, the great defense formation was crumbling, more cracks appeared, and many formation bases burst and shattered.

The Ancient Cunning Palace dispatched dozens of elites, avoiding the battle ground above, appearing in the other direction of the Imperial Capital of Dayue, and rushing in through a crack.

Here, there are naturally the Immortal Army of the Imperial Capital of Dayue and the people of the Jade Palace.

Needless to say, the immortal army in the Imperial Capital of Dayue has limited combat power. The people stationed in the Jade Palace here also lack top-level experts.

Therefore, even if these people discovered the people from the Ancient Cunning Palace, they could not stop the other party and were easily overwhelmed by the defense, leaving behind a corpse.

Under the guidance of Henghou, the people from the ancient temple quickly rushed towards the entrance of the wonderful land of chance.

It is impossible for the major halls not to notice such a movement.

"It's the ancient temple, they are heading towards the entrance of chance."

The expressions of the people in the Jade Palace changed.

Afterwards, they all asked the Jade Bone God what to do?

"Retreat, retreat to the wonderful land, even if you can't fight alone, you can't give them all."

The Jade Bone God quickly made a decision.

Keeping, it is definitely impossible to keep it, it is better to retreat directly, retain the strength, and compete with several major temples for the opportunity of the wonderful land.

"What about the Xia clan in the Imperial Capital of Dayue?"

Someone asked.

"What else can we do? Let them find their own way. Anyway, the Dayue Dynasty is not in our original plan."

Jade Bone God's eyes were cold.

If they can, they will keep the Xia clan in the Imperial Capital of Dayue. After all, keeping the Xia clan means keeping the points.

But when you can't do it, you can only give up.


The Jade Bone God finally ordered that everyone in the Supreme Jade Palace retreated quickly at the same time, gathered together, and headed for the entrance to the wonderful land of chance.

"Do not..."

The emperor of Dayue, the national teacher Hao Shou and the others were pale and full of despair.

With their minds, how could they not see that they were abandoned.

As soon as the masters of the True Jade Palace retire, they will all die, and no one can survive.

The Eternal Night Palace and the Colorless Palace can leave a few masters at random to destroy them all and harvest their souls.

The Imperial Capital of Dayue is home to an astonishing number of Xia clan, as well as a large number of quasi-immortals, true immortals and immortal kings. There are nine in the half-step universe. Converted to points, it is a huge amount. miss.

"Escape, spread out and escape, one who can escape is one..."

The helpless and desperate voice of the Emperor of Dayue sounded everywhere in the capital of Dayue.

In an instant, the imperial capital of Dayue was in chaos, and countless people were like headless eagles, scurrying around.

At this time, dozens of masters from the Ancient Cunning Palace were approaching the entrance to the Wonderful Land of Opportunity.



There was a big explosion at the entrance of the wonderful land of chance, and several figures of the ancient temple flew out like cannonballs, blasting dozens of houses.

"It's you..."

"Kill him together."

A loud roar sounded, but it was immediately accompanied by screams, and the master of the ancient temple retreated in a hurry.

A figure appeared at the entrance of the ancient temple of Cunning, and it was Lu Ming.

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