Dr. Green Dragon - Chapter 1101 Guild Wars (10)

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   Four rounds of time!

  Isaac first had an accurate grasp of the duration of "time stillness".


  In his mind, he secretly frowned again.

   Grasping the situation on the battlefield, facing the four-headed spell that is about to be completed, and all of them have the Elder Mokui who has never cast a legendary spell, and there is also the scarlet leader Simpson...

   This is the intervention of the one above the sky.

  Isaac is also counted, this battle is not so easy to fight.

   After all, at this time, although their side has an advantage in numbers, there are no legendary spells left for everyone except him!

   "It's not easy to fight!"

   It's really hard to fight!

  With Simpson, with its triple "automatic instant cast", common spells, this doesn't even require other magic sunflowers to use "legendary dispel" to force them.

   Unless the one above the sky is staring at Simpson to interfere!

  However, if that person only stares at Simpson and the other four Elder Mokui, they can naturally display them at will.

   To make a targeted breakthrough...


  He pondered for a moment in his heart, still, Isaac still had a "projection technique", which directly projected the human form into the group of magic sunflowers.

   "Exceeding Limits - Extreme Effects - Burning Cloud Technique!"

The biggest advantage of the eighth-level magic "Burning Cloud Art" is that it can not only hinder "true vision", but also cause continuous damage. In addition, spell resistance is also invalid for this. Same big head.

  Of course, while casting this spell, it is impossible for Isaac to miss the coordinated manipulation of advanced arcane abilities.

   "Energy Control - Lightning Replacement!"

   is for Storm-Silverhand again.

   With the cooperation of this lightning cloud, Storm-Silver Hand must be more reckless!

   "Shaping control!"

  Naturally, Dove-Hawkhand was not missed. In the lightning cloud, including Dove and his own projection, he all left a safe space!

   "As long as the one above the sky restrains Simpson and uses the 'Burning Cloud Technique', if these magic sunflowers are not forcefully resolved, they will inevitably lose their visual senses!"

   And to force the solution...

  Indispensable, four rounds of legendary spells will consume one round!

   All of this depends on whether that person will cooperate.

  Based on Isaac's estimation and that person's level, this cooperation should not be a problem.

  Among the four spells on the opposite side at this time, there is no doubt that Simpson's "Lord of the Underground-Earthquake" is the most threatening.

Moreover, with the completion of this "earthquake technique", Simpson can perform the "instantaneous three-strike combo" afterwards, and can keep up with the "earthquake technique" again. Legendary spells are much more dangerous.

  The person above will not fail to see this, so the most likely way to interfere is to stare at Simpson!

   And as long as Simpson is being targeted, he will be able to trick the legendary spells of these magic sunflowers, this is enough to be sure!

   With a wave of the scepter, large clouds of lightning and smoke covered a large area in front of him, leaving only the location of Dove and the projection.

  Of course, at this moment, due to the difference in speed and flow layer, this lightning cloud cannot affect everyone for the time being.

   The third round.

   Isaac pondered again.

   Ferrin Mokui is immune to petrification, but not to paralysis.

  However, he was about to cast "Paralyzing Gaze", but he stopped again.

  Ferrin Mokui's spellcasting method doesn't require words and actions, and doesn't even require high concentration when casting spells.

   This determines that even if these guys can be paralyzed, these guys may still be able to cast spells at will.

   "So, we still have to focus on 'shock and awe'!"

  Thinking for a moment.

   "The cunning of the fox!"

  With a status spell, Azshara temporarily improved the "intelligence attribute".

   Immediately afterwards, another dark crystal was suspended in front of his forehead.

  Spin comes from the resonance and resonance of the will of the soul.

  A series of dark smoke quickly combined him and the dark crystal into a whole.

   The "Pseudo-Unique Ritual" began to operate.

  Full round casting!

  Exceeding Limits - Remaining Spell Power - Advanced Roaring Technique!

  The mage profession already has incredible spell power, plus the intelligence boost of "Fox's Cunning", the ritual boost of "Dark Tekira Stone", and the super boost brought about by "Spell Remaining Power"...

   is the moment when "time stands still" ends.

   This "advanced roaring technique" is also completed.

  Using "projection" as the source of spells.

   "Shaping control!"

   Missed Storm and Dove again.

  Projector just raised the scepter in his hand, thunder roared like a sky crashing and the earth cracked, and the infinite sound wave energy suddenly spread over a large area.

  It is also at this moment.

   Through the essence of magic, it automatically recognizes all spells, including the effects of spells.

  The one above the sky is faster and more comprehensive than the Mokui leader in the underground space.

   "It's so powerful!"

   "As long as Simpson can be trapped, he may have the power to overwhelm the battle situation again!"

   After all, even at this moment, this instant spell has not started.

As long as Simpson is trapped by her, without the random "automatic instant spell casting", once this one starts to cast instant spells, it can be said that it is possible to drag out the four legendary spells of the magic sunflower by himself. !

   Moreover, this possibility is extremely high.

  There is a huge gap between Mokui elders and him in terms of level and standard. It is normal to be led by the nose!

  This consideration...


   It was Simpson's side, and the "earthquake spell" was already completed.

  But always one step faster than him.

  A "crazy magic area" once again enveloped his body.

   "It's this person again!"

   Simpson's eyes were also shrinking at almost the same moment.

   It was the person above who interfered, which was not beyond his expectation.

  However, to his surprise, this person's spell...

   Even if blocked by the "Burning Cloud Technique", it is difficult for the eyes to see directly.

  Even at the first moment, the one above used the "frenzied magic area" to interfere with his shot again.

   But these are impossible, to suppress his spiritual vigilance.

   Not so good!

   is in response to his idea.

   It was he who was quickly withdrawing from the "frenzied magic area".

   "Legendary Dispel!"

  The magic sunflowers' first legendary spell is also being used.

   This "Extreme Effect - Burning Cloud Art" not only can cause considerable damage every round, but also has the effect of obstructing the line of sight.

  When the "global vision" is hindered by this "lightning smoke cloud", when the magic sunflowers can no longer directly observe the surrounding conditions through the eyes.

  In the cloud of lightning, even if it cannot be seen directly, the unimaginable magical fluctuations, no matter how surging...

   Without hesitation, one magic sunflower aimed at the "Extreme Effect - Burning Cloud Technique", and the other magic sunflower pointed at the "Advanced Roaring Technique", pointing to the location of the "projection".

  Both, two dark green lights shot out.

   (A little less today, it may not be able to make up for it tomorrow, and I will go to my father-in-law’s house tomorrow)

   (After tomorrow, you can start to rest. This year, I will not run away from relatives, and slowly make up all the debts)

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