Did Mr. Xu Confess Today? - Chapter 569 your gourd my gourd

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   Chapter 569 Your gourd, my gourd

   One stone stirred up a thousand waves, and the hurdle of the gourd was impossible to pass.

   When she got home, Luo Xin didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

  Xu Jun rummaged through the box and pounded the cabinet, and also took out a gourd.

   I can't laugh or cry, this guy actually believes this. One of her jokes caused a gourd wind to blow in the office, and circled around to Xu Jun's place.

   "It's not an ice pattern, I'll buy one tomorrow."

   Mr. Ali's mouth misinterpreted her words.

   "I just said it casually, you don't have to believe it!"

  It was only then that she realized that she really had the ability to make people obedient, and what she said was right.

   "Tomorrow you are going to Shen's house, I'm afraid Xi Yunxi will PUA you."

   "Why? Xi Yunxi and I are just a relationship between Party A and Party B."

   "I heard she gave her brother a blind date."

   "It has nothing to do with me, I have a boyfriend."

   "When I was in a coma, she obviously thought about digging a wall."

   There is jealousy in the air, and the vinegar is clear.

   "You're all awake now, besides, how could I possibly suit her brother, she deliberately teased me."

   "Whether it's funny or not, I think she has bad intentions. When you go with Feng Yanyan tomorrow, you must be careful not to leave Feng Yanyan's sight."

   "There is still Shen Fenglan, and it's not a beast of a flood."

  Xu Jun also said that Luo Xin seemed to have blocked her back. Although this nonsense jealousy made her think that Xu Jun cared about her, after all, he was still not healed, so don't think about the troublesome things.

   I talked to him coaxingly, just because I didn't want him to think about the Shen family and the Xi family. There are too many things in his mind, and most of them are negative energy, so he doesn't need to think about the entanglement of the Shen Jiaxi family. People with complex ideas and well-thought-out tend to prefer simplicity. In Xu Jun's case, it is already a minimalist design concept. Luo Xin seems to be uncarved at that time, and the design concept can still show its own artistic characteristics, which is commendable.

   The next morning, Xu Jun didn't want to go to work for various reasons. Luo Xin seemed to think it was a sequelae. Just as he was about to call the doctor, he said he was alright.

   "Isn't it just now?"

   "I'm fine now."

   is getting more and more naive, but Luo Xin doesn't seem to want to expose him, this guy actually started to use child tricks, pretending to be sick and wanting Luo Xin to stay and take care of him.

   "After breakfast, you can choose to rest at home or go to the company with me, you can decide for yourself."

Luo Xin seemed to go back to the kitchen to clean up after finishing speaking. It would be better to say that it was a mess. The kitchen was ping-pong-pong. Xu Jun was thinking about the design of the wedding room. The kitchen is dismantled, and the way she treats the kitchen will shock children.

   "Where did this come from?"

   "The first row on the left hand side of the cabinet next to the refrigerator."


"Let me do it."

   "No, I got it!"

   ping ping pong pong, I don't know where she received it again, but the location is definitely wrong.

   In the past, he would have to grab it and set it up again by himself. During this period of illness, he gradually became accustomed to her disorder, and placed it at will. When she was reading or taking a bath, he would tidy it up again.

   At this time, watching her busy, he felt pleasing to the eyes. It turned out that the quiet life is the company of the world, and the life of the two is a warm hospitality.

   "I'm ready, let's go!"

   (end of this chapter)

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