Deep Space Beyond - v2 Chapter 542 witness of all saints

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By the lake, in the peach grove, in front of the hut, there are colorful falling flowers, the deceased opened his mouth: "#@&;a;*......"

He was speaking an ancient language, and he didn't know which era he belonged to. Outsiders couldn't tell what it was, and he couldn't catch clear mental fluctuations.

However, with his emotions and gestures, he must be "greeting" to the red and blackened half of the paper. His words are fierce, which can be called "truthful expression", which is very...unfriendly.

The true saints of the four dojos including Tattoo Palace and Guixu have opened their eyes. There is an extremely dangerous existence of leaving a name on "Shangque". Must kill list.

The deceased was very dissatisfied. In his dojo, there was a black and red list. Who is disgusting?

He didn't know whether it was a sympathy with the list, which was born specially for him, or someone attracted it, no matter what the reason was, it was an "offence" to him.

The point is, half of the list hasn't really come over yet, it just shows the body and dao rhyme, which is extremely glaring and bloody, like a black sun dripping blood.

The four true saints didn't say a word. The deceased was really strong and domineering. He even dared to scold him for the must-kill list.

"I'm going through a small catastrophe, you go, hurry up, don't dawdle." The deceased saw off the guests forcefully again, waving his hand to let them leave.

The four true saints, Shi Chuan and Zi Mu, got up silently. This time, they still didn't even have a cup of tea, and they were invited out by the deceased again.

At the same time, they were restless. The black and red half piece of paper should be "Shangque", which is exclusive to the strongest creatures and a place where a small group of nail households left their names.

It was the first time seeing Four Saints. Baidu search: the other side of deep space! .

In the next few days, the 36th Heaven was not peaceful, there was a faint expansion of the Dao rhyme like the opening of the world, someone spied on it, and the deceased should be making a move, just like crossing a catastrophe.

Some people also said that it was the afterimage of the deceased, reflected from the outer universe, he was far away from the supernatural center, and he was dealing with the must-kill list.

Some of the true saints felt chills in their hearts, and felt the real horror of the must-kill list for the first time. Obviously, this was aimed at those who were on the list.

People speculate that the commotion caused by the deceased in the outer universe should be greater than what they feel now.

"You can kill the true saint!"

"Can strangle the supreme being."

Some people sighed, the transcendent beings who can pay attention to this kind of fluctuation are naturally the true saints of all dojos, and they all feel a chill, what would happen if they were replaced by them? -It should be a blood-stained outer universe, ending tragically.

After Wang Xuan heard the news, he was deeply surprised. The negotiation this time was really full of twists and turns.

A true saint ventured to the outer universe to observe how the deceased responded to the half list, but a black and red light flashed across his frontal bone.

He turned around and left, returning to the great universe of the extraordinary center in an instant. The half list was too terrifying. He had just appeared and was targeted once before he approached.

Half a month later, the deceased reopened the ashram, and called the true saints from the four ashrams including Tattoo Palace and Guixu.

Zi Mudao, Shi Chuan and others are a little tired, this is the fourth time, they are true saints, but the deceased is such a rough "please".

In fact, they feel more like being "summoned".

However, they have confidence. Although the mysterious strong man who supported the Tattoo Palace and the Paper Temple did not show his body, he was talking to the dead in person.

"Destroy the **** scroll. As a true saint, it is really wrong to use this kind of thing to deal with younger generations." In the peach blossom forest, the deceased said while drinking tea.

He is very strong, there is nothing negotiable about this one. The true saint of the Paper Temple was the only woman in the field, her red lips were slightly parted, and she wanted to defend herself.

"Could it be that it has become an instinct for you to conform to that list, and want to emulate it with the blood-colored scroll?" The deceased scolded, and asked the Taoist boy to remove the seat of the paper saint, so that she would not be allowed to sit.

The true sage of the Paper Temple had an unbelievable look on his face. As the top imperial creature, the deceased had a rough style and didn't save face for others, so he acted like this.

"Yes ()." The mysterious person behind the Tattoo Palace and the Paper Temple—— Ember nodded in agreement.

Remains is just what the dead call Obviously this cannot be the name of a supreme being, he calls himself "embers".

All the while, he didn't show up.

Only a voice came from him: "Then it's settled, the rest will continue as usual, and the most primitive **** battle will be carried out. Both sides can invite people, invite true saints, and invite other orthodoxy to end. Of course, those who leave their names in the Shangque are not allowed to participate." .”

The deceased was silent for a while, and then said: "Although I don't want to bear it, but today, the must-kill list is very deterrent to the saints. I think the times have changed, and the original **** battle should also be changed. Because, five Jieshan should not be able to invite true saints. We might as well agree that there must be an upper limit for how many true saints are allowed to end."

Ember indifferently transmitted the voice: "There is no such rule in the original **** battle. Whoever wants to be arrogant, wants to fight against the half list, and hopes to be detached, this is what he has to face."

According to the rules he said, in addition to the four saints in front of him, the old zombies in Kujiling and the generation of evil gods in the evil god's mansion may also end up.

"Do you want to force me to be a villain to intimidate some dojos and prevent them from going down?" said the deceased.

"You are violating the rules. The original **** battle has existed since ancient times, and it has long been set." Ember said coldly and calmly, "Don't you want to further analyze the original **** battle and the resonance effect of the list? It has been verified for many centuries, is this time an exception? .”

On that day, the deceased and the embers negotiated, and some things were done according to the rules, with certain restrictions.

Then, they invited some supreme beings to come to the scene to witness together.

There are true saints from otherworldly dojos, and there are also mysterious strong men who live in seclusion near the 36th Chongtian.

"Primitive **** battle, the earliest is because of the must-kill list? After a certain ceremony is carried out and it takes effect, when the war starts and progresses to a certain extent, the list will leak some mysterious information?" Wang Xuan was surprised. This is the first time he heard of it. .

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