Celestial Immortal - Chapter 725 Governor of Yuqin County

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  Mr. Qing Zhu not only gave advice on Chu Chen’s practice, discussed the state of great supernatural powers, and answered questions, but also made suggestions on where he would go in the future.

  In fact, the State Road Academy has arranged for Chu Chen to go.

For example, he promoted Chu Chen to be the deputy mountain chief of the state in an exceptional way, and he was in the fifth rank, enjoying the treatment and errands from the fourth rank. Make the most of it.

   This job is quite suitable for Chu Chen, and he will surely shine in the future.

  Peaches and plums are all over the world, don’t talk about it, accumulate merits and deeds, and golden flowers will fall from the sky.

However, Mr. Qingzhu just casually mentioned something in his capacity as the head of the state mountain, and he didn't intend to promote him immediately. Instead, he suggested that Chu Chen find another way first, preferably to go to a job that can sharpen himself, not in Xianting Daoyuan This small circle works behind closed doors.

  If there is no suitable candidate for the errand in Xianting for the time being, he will be promoted to "Vice Mountain Chief of the State" for the transition, and he can fill in at any time.

   It has to be said that Layman Qingzhu really arranged it from the perspective of cultivating Chu Chen.

  Although Chu Chen didn't say anything on the spot, he was quite fortunate to have met such a "good teacher and helpful friend" as Mr. Qing Zhu.

  After coming out of the State Taoist Academy, Chu Chen went straight to the State Department of Ghosts and Gods.

  He holds several positions, the head of the Wanquan Taoist Academy, the supervisor of Wanquan, the deputy governor of the county ghost and **** department, and the supervisor of the Wanquan garrison.

  The errands of the Supervision Department and the Garrison Supervision Army are directly under the jurisdiction of Mr. Chujun Mingjing. He didn't dare to disturb the Tianshi, who is busy with daily affairs, and just reported normally.

  After arriving in Zhoucheng, he was greeted by his old friend Xuan Lingzi.

  Over the past three years, Xuan Lingzi's Taoism has improved extremely fast. Right now, he has perfected his sixth-rank cultivation skills, and is only one step away from breaking through to fifth rank. Looking at the world's practice circles, they are all "young leaders" and "genius monks".

  However, after being "beaten" after joining the WTO, Xuan Lingzi became less arrogant and more reserved.

   "Fellow Daoist Xuan Lingzi, you are in a harmonious state of mind. In my opinion, your breakthrough to the fifth rank is just around the corner. Congratulations."

   "Thank you for your kind words, Fellow Daoist Chu."

  Although Xuan Lingzi knew that this was a polite remark, he couldn't help but feel joy in his heart.

  He is arrogant, and there are not many people who can convince him, and Chu Chen is one of them.

  Because of this, Chu Chen's encouragement and approval made him more excited than the encouragement and expectations of other senior bosses.

   Not long after, Xuan Lingzi took Chu Chen to a courtyard in the east of the city, and met with his old boss Han Chen.

  Han Chen is not Xuan Lingzi, he has good eyesight. When he saw Chu Chen, he was surprised and pleasantly surprised:

   "Chu Chen, you...you have broken through, and you have completed the fifth grade of Taoism?"

  Han Chen knew Chu Chen's situation very well. He knew that he had opened up the body's secret store in advance, mastered the super-grade method, and completed the fifth-grade practice. That means he had stepped into the super-grade level, and his Taoism and magical powers had undergone a qualitative change.

   Chu Chen nodded and admitted, but he felt a little strange.

  It's normal for the old boss Han Chen to be surprised and happy when he heard the news, but right now, his reaction is obviously a bit big.

   "Old Han, what's the matter, why did you react so strongly?"

   "It's time for you to break through."

Han Chen sighed with a smile, and then he didn't whet his appetite, explaining: "In the past two days, Taoist Qingfeng, who is in charge of Yuqin County, reported to Xianting that he had an opportunity to break through on a whim, no, Xianting is urgently looking for a replacement His choice."

  As soon as Chu Chen heard it, he immediately understood why Han Chen reacted so strongly.

  After stepping into the fifth-grade super-grade level, in the Xianting state department system, he was either promoted to the county governor, or transferred to the state department to hold an important position.

  Both grades are the fifth grade, enjoy the treatment from the fourth grade.

  However, in terms of real power, status, and opportunities for sharpening, the important position of the state secretary is not as good as that of the county.

  The county governors of the eight southwestern states are the real frontier officials, with real power and treatment comparable to the deputy governors of the Middle-earth, and their status is prominent.

  However, the counties in the eight southwestern states all manage positions, one carrot and one pit.

  The performance appraisal period just passed half a year ago, so there were basically no chances.

  Before, Chu Chen had never considered the opportunity to be transferred to any county, but only planned to take up an important position in Yunzhou Ghost and God Department, to subdue demons and eliminate demons, and guard Yunzhou.

   Never expected that the opportunity would come like this.

   In Chu Chen’s heart

   Quite delighted.

   "Old Han, do you think I have a chance?"

  Chu Chen has a clear heart, and the sudden vacancy of Yuqin County may attract the attention of many people. There must be many Buddhist disciples of the Shimen sect participating in the competition.

   "Of course, you have a lot of advantages. In the past few years, your achievements in preaching in the Taoist monastery are obvious to all. You have outstanding ability and previous experience in governing one party. You are fully qualified to compete for the position of Governor of Yuqin County."

  After Han Chen finished speaking, he nodded again and again, becoming more and more sure of his judgment:

   "The most important thing is that a few days ago, Wanquan prayed for rain. You showed your magical powers and left a deep impression on the immortals. You have a great chance of winning the election."

  Hearing this, Chu Chen was filled with anticipation.

  In fact, it doesn't matter what the county is in charge of. He just wanted to find his master, Daoist Xu Ping. In addition to his usual work, the two masters and apprentices can also discuss the master's skills, which will also help him break through the realm of great supernatural powers.

  The transfer to Yuqin County can be said to be a beautiful thing that kills two birds with one stone.

  "Old Han, my master is the head of the Yuqin Dao Academy. If I can be transferred there, it is undoubtedly the best choice."

  Han Chen knew that Chu Chen's master's school, the Lingshan School, was not perfect in cultivating his mind, so he nodded slightly immediately;

   "I'll make arrangements for you in the future. Don't go back to Wanquan County for the next two days. You can spend two days in the State Dao Academy and wait for news."

   "Then I will wait for the good news."

  Chu Chen smiled, and was not polite to Han Chen.

  The two of them have long been grasshoppers on the same rope.

  Chu Chen's promotion to the capital of Yuqin County is also a great help to Han Chen, the deputy capital of the state, and the interests of both sides are the same.

After a conversation with the   people, Han Chen rushed to the State Department of Ghosts and Gods in a hurry to run for Chu Chen's errand.

  After Han Chenren left, the little devil who had been hiding in the corner enjoying the spiritual fragrance rushed over in a hurry, quite happy:

   "Brother, do you really want to be transferred to Yuqin County as the governor? Great, the master is also in Yuqin, can our family be reunited again!"

  Little Guizi was together with his master Xu Pingdao, and was scolded every day. After being scolded, he felt wronged and said that he would never get along with the master again.

  However, it’s been a while since I’ve seen him. A certain brat can’t help but miss the master, and forget the pain when the scar is healed.

  Chu Chen smiled gently: "The horoscope has not been written yet, so don't be too happy."

  Little Guizi shook his head: "My brother is invincible in the world, unparalleled in the world, if you are not selected by the Immortal Court, you will be blind, you will definitely be able to..."

  The words were ordinary, the little ghost quickly covered his mouth, and slapped himself twice:

   "Bah bah~ I can't speak indiscriminately."

  Chu Chen laughed.

  After listening to Han Chen's suggestion, Chu Chen didn't go back to Wanquan County, but went to live in the State Daoyuan.

  Just before that, Layman Qingzhu also suggested that he stay in the state Taoist Academy for two days to practice quietly, to consolidate his cultivation, and continue to give instructions on the cultivation of the Great Spiritual Realm.

  During this period, Chu Chen invited Qingying to sleep and shared the good news with her.

  As for Master Xu Pingdao, Chu Chen has no contact for the time being.

   If it happens at that time, it can also give Master a big surprise, right?


after one day.

  There is a bamboo forest in the back mountain of Zhouzhou Daoyuan.

   Layman Qingzhu explained the scriptures to Chu Chen.

  Strictly speaking, the two are exchanging ideas,

  Chu Chen has been good at Taoism and Confucianism over the years, and his attainments in Confucian classics have also advanced by leaps and bounds. Occasionally, a word can make layman Qingzhu think for a long time, learn from each other, and make progress with each other, which is very harmonious.

   At this time, the envoy of Xianting came and summoned Chu Chen to the Yunzhou Ghost and God Division.

  Chu Chen was a little surprised: "Sir, is there a show?"

   Layman Qingzhu smiled: "I've summoned you, so it's a matter of course. Whether you can make it or not depends on your ability."

  Chu Chen nodded slightly, and immediately followed the envoy of Xianting to the State Department of Ghosts and Gods.


  Prefectural Duguan Compound Palace.

  Taoist Guan Taihe, the capital of the state, sat in the main seat, accompanied by several monks with great supernatural powers, such as Guan Han Chen and Xianting Gao Gong. When they saw Chu Chen enter the hall, everyone's eyes fell on him.

  In an instant, Chu Chen's hair suddenly rose, as if a common man entered the mountain and was surrounded by a group of wild beasts, staring at him intently.

  A terrifying coercion came from all directions

  Fang came, as if a mountain was pressing down, making him feel pressured.

  Chu Chen was caught off guard by this "offensive power", and felt a little uncomfortable at first, but after he realized it, the Consciousness Sea Primordial Spirit condensed his body, without the slightest timidity, and went away against the pressure of divine consciousness from all directions.

  Needle point to wheat awn!

  The imposing coercion of the great supernatural power is no small matter, even if Chu Chen used the power of the primordial spirit, it still didn't help.

  However, Chu Chen didn't give up at all. Even if he lost, he stood proudly, with tenacity and indomitable will.

  Like a strong bamboo in a strong wind, let you wreak havoc without moving.

   After an unknown amount of time, Taoist Taihe's voice sounded in the hall.

   "Great Kindness!"

  Taihe Taoist looked at the young and energetic young man, feeling quite emotional in his heart:

   "Little fellow Daoist Chu, congratulations on passing the selection of the Immortal Court and entering the list of Yuqin County Metropolitan Candidates."

  Chu Chen was not surprised to pass the Immortal Court assessment, but he was very surprised to hear Taoist Guan Taihe, the capital of the state, call him "Little Daoist Chu".

   Even, a little flattered.

  However, before Chu Chen could be happy, the little devil called anxiously.

   "Brother, be careful."

  Chu Chen was naturally vigilant, and without the reminder from the little ghost, he also felt the danger.

  【Shrink the ground into an inch】

  The figure disappeared.

  The next moment, a giant hand transformed from Gang Qi swept across the place where Chu Chen was just now, tearing the void, which was extremely terrifying.

  Just now, if Chu Chen hadn't been supernatural and dodged in time, he might be injured.

  What happened, why did the Taihe Taoist in the state capital manage to hurt people?

   What surprised Chu Chen even more was that there was darkness in front of him, and there was no sky.

   Not long after, the scene in front of him was no longer the palace of the state capital, but the wilderness.

   Just when Chu Chen was astonished, he heard the sound transmission from his old boss Han Chen's spiritual consciousness, and learned the specific situation.

  His preaching achievements in Wanquan Daoyuan and his outstanding performance in praying for rain have passed multiple rounds of assessments in Xianting, defeated other competitors one after another, and entered the final list of candidates.

  However, Xianting's assessment of the capitals of the southwestern Bazhou counties is extremely strict, and it is not easy to take office.

  There are no problems in terms of resume, ability, and achievements. What needs to be assessed is the aspect of Taoism and supernatural power.

  Although Chu Chen had the record of beheading the fifth-rank super magenta haired god, no one in Xianting witnessed it with his own eyes.

  According to the rules, he needs to pass the assessment and go through the process.

   This time, Yuqin County was in charge of the shortfall competition, but Xianting did not arrange for him to compete with his competitors.

   However, the assessment is more difficult.

  Taihe Taoist, the governor of the prefecture, personally took the school examination, and the deputy governor of the prefecture, Han Chen, Xianting Gaogong and other digital supernatural powers supervised the assessment process.

   "That's right, I can perceive and predict my shot in advance."

   Taoist Taihe smiled and said:

  "I was appointed as the governor of Yuqin County. In the future, I will inevitably have to deal with people with great supernatural powers. If I have no strength to fight back, I will not be qualified for this important position."

  While speaking, Taoist Taihe suddenly made a move again, palming the golden light, a "mountain" character talisman emerged out of thin air, and in the blink of an eye, it turned into a hundred-foot mountain, pressing down on Chu Chen on the ground.

   "Good guy, Zhou Du is really serious, and he used his natal supernatural power!"

  When Chu Chen saw this, his expression froze.

  The so-called "innate supernatural powers" come from the self-enlightenment of monks with great supernatural powers, and the great power belongs to themselves.

   This kind of natal supernatural powers are strong and weak, and there are great differences.

  The weak ones are not as good as ordinary magical powers, while the strong ones are truly powerful and terrifying.

  However, as long as a monk with great supernatural powers uses supernatural powers, it is an extremely terrifying existence for Chu Chen, who has a fifth-grade Taoism cultivation.

   Not to mention, the person who made the move was Taihe Taoist, governor of the state capital.

   Casually using a small supernatural power is a huge threat to Chu Chen, life and death.

  The Baizhang mountain that exudes golden light has the magical power of "binding".

   Under one photo, Chu Chen couldn't use the escape method.

   Shrinking the ground into an inch, the five elements escape method, cloud escape, and fog escape all failed, and I could only watch

   Watching the mountain go down.

  Obviously, Guan Taihe Taoist was testing Chu Chen's ability to deal with powerful supernatural powers head-on, preventing him from escaping and avoiding.

   "I can only fight recklessly.

  Chu Chen gritted his teeth, and a ruthless look flashed in his eyes.

  His strongest supernatural powers are still the [Liujia Qinglong] of the Immortal Sword Liujia Bashen Qinglong Sword, and the military supernatural power [Heisha Grand Marshal].

  However, the current situation is urgent, and [Liujia Qinglong] and [Heisha Grand Marshal] are not suitable.

At this point in thought, a clear yellow divine seal [Earth Letter Lingyin] appeared in Chu Chen's hand, and he took a photo of the hundred-zhang mountain in the air, and then stepped on the mountain and river. Pi Yuanjun] and 【Xue Yuanjun】manifested and shouted loudly.

  The next moment, Chu Chen's figure skyrocketed out of thin air, turning into a three-foot-tall giant, and kicked.

  【Taishan Divine Leg】! !

   Kicking out with one kick, it hooked to the fire on the ground, and the rocks rolled, turning into a phantom of a flaming mountain, overwhelming the world, and rushing towards the Baizhang Mountain.

  Attach [Jin Yuanjun], after the fifth-grade Taoism is completed, Chu Chen [Spirit Embryo Treasure Body] has achieved great success, and his physical strength has skyrocketed [Taishan Divine Leg] has also undergone a qualitative change, and its power has skyrocketed.

  Before, the supernatural power [Taishan Divine Leg] was much weaker than [Liujia Qingling] and [Heisha Grand Marshal].

  Currently, Chu Chen regards them as supernatural powers of the same level, each with its own advantages and different scopes of application.

  Maybe [Taishan Divine Leg] is a little weaker than the former, but this supernatural power belongs to itself, and it is more convenient and practical to use.

  Chu Chen kicked the "Baizhang Mountain".


  The next moment, after a dull crash.

  The Baizhang mountain flew out, turned into a talisman again, and flew back into the palm of Taoist Taihe.

   On the other side, Chu Chen was in a bit of a miserable state. Under the shock of terror, he was sent flying for several miles and smashed into a mountain peak.

  Taoist Taihe, Han Chen, and several Xianting Gaogongs rushed towards Chu Chen's location without saying a word.

  However, to the astonishment of the monks with great supernatural powers, after they rushed over, they saw clouds and mists in the mountains, and no one was seen.

   Taoist Taihe was in a daze, a little panicked, and quickly explained to Han Chen and Xianting Gaogong;

   "Fellow daoists, I just saw that he has supernatural powers temporarily, and the power of supernatural powers is not too strong, but it certainly won't blast him into the void..."

  All of the Immortal Court Gao Gong nodded slightly, each of them was very surprised.

   Only Han Chen on the side had a smile on his face, and said:

   "Taihe is in charge, but Chu Chen probably thinks that the assessment is not over yet, so he uses escape methods to escape."

   As he spoke, Han Chen shouted to the surroundings:

   "Chu Chen, you will pass the test even if you take a supernatural power, no one will test your evasion method!"

   "You didn't say it earlier!"

  The next moment, not far from the mountains, a green grass transformed into a human form.

   It was Chu Chen.

  At this moment, Chu Chen looked quite miserable, with injuries all over his body, but his spirit was good, but Yuan Qi was a little lost, and there were no serious injuries.

   "I've met Taihe Duguan, seniors."

   Taoist Taihe was quite surprised when he saw this, and said with a smile:

   "Xiao Chudao has friendly supernatural powers, and this Yuqin County is all about you."

   All the immortal courts nodded in unison. They can directly take over the supernatural powers of the monks with great supernatural powers, and they also have amazing escape methods.



  Chu Chen and Xiao Guizi were overjoyed when they saw the approval of all the immortal courts.

  Especially the little devil, he was so happy that he danced.

   "Brother, it's done! The master will be very pleasantly surprised when he finds out!"

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