Awakening With An Expert Identification Skill - Chapter 522 Jin Dan Hua Yuan Ying, supernatural powers!

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Lin Fan's eyes were full of strange colors. At this time, his body was full of cracks. The water in the body seemed to be burnt dry, and the cracks were filled with a special power - the power of space.

"What kind of power is this black thread?" Lin Fan was a little unbelievable. Every trace of power was incredibly powerful, stronger than any power he had ever seen, and it was special.

The next second, the Star Fire Lotus appeared in his hand, which was the foreign object he bought at the Guiyi auction.

Without hesitation, Lin Fan directly swallowed it!

Now the situation is anxious, he is afraid that a little later, his spiritual world will be burned, and the lightest will become mentally retarded.

The star fire lotus melted at the entrance and turned into a stream of energy into the body. Almost instantly, the body that was burned and dried up seemed to be nourished by some kind of nourishment and began to recover rapidly.

The wisps of black line energy. He was directly smoothed out by this force, from the original irritability to the attitude of extreme submission.

Lin Fan was shocked!

This is too dick!

And at this moment, Lin Fan sensed that the spiritual world, which had been riddled with holes, seemed to be recovering at this moment.


At this moment, a loud scream suddenly resounded in Lin Fan's mind. It wasn't the outside world, it was a sound transmission, and there was an incomparably immature voice, like a baby babbling, "Look ahead."

At this moment, Lin Fan suddenly opened his eyes, his golden pupils pierced through the void, and all obstacles could not stop Lin Fan's sight.

At some point*, a huge space crack appeared in front of Lin Fan's body, like a huge eyeless eye, and there was nothingness behind him.

And it seemed to be nothing, but under Lin Fan's gaze, a huge black flame floated in the nothingness, blending with nothingness, like a living creature watching the outside world, curiously Looking at Lin Fan in front of him.

"Different Fire!"

The two words appeared in Lin Fan's mind, and an unprecedented surge of excitement was in his heart.

Isn't that what Lin Fan came here for?

There is actually a strange fire in this red domain, and no one has ever discovered it.

"Human Sovereign Sword World!" A real world unfolded without hesitation.

Although I don't know why this strange fire is close to him. But this is a rare opportunity. Within the range, the Human Sovereign Sword Realm directly enveloped the void in front of him.

As if sensing the danger, the huge flame trembled and immediately wanted to escape.


But in the next second, it directly hit a barrier.


The flames were instantly furious, and the terrifying black flames burned up, sweeping everything with terrifying power, burning Lin Fan's Human Sovereign Sword Realm.


A terrifying burning sound resounded through it.

Lin Fan was shocked, he actually felt that the Human Sovereign Sword World was being destroyed.


This fire is too terrifying!

If it keeps burning, his sword world may soon be broken.

can not wait!

In the next second, Lin Fan's figure disappeared and he took Star Fire Lotus. His Star Fire Tribulation had been suppressed. If he forcibly devoured this strange fire, the Star Fire Lotus also had the effect of suppressing the strange fire, increasing the success rate of fusion. …. .


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