Ancient Fiend Dragon Emperor - Chapter 5688 Su Han's opponent

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] With the sword in its sheath, Xu Changzong overlooked the great work.

Hearing a bang, the void shook violently, Xu Changzong did not retreat, but the sledgehammer carrying lightning flew back backwards.

The muffled sound continued to be heard, deafening.

The two fought against each other thousands of times almost in the blink of an eye. You come and go, looking extremely happy.

Of course he understood what Xu Changzong meant.


The sledgehammer fell fiercely, and the lightning bolts on it seemed to have turned into pillars of thunder, falling towards the top of Xu Changzong's head in an instant.

"Bang bang bang bang..."

"Jugong is going to lose." Su Han said suddenly.


I saw him startled violently, and all the power of his cultivation was instantly slackened at this moment.


Seeing this scene, Jugong also had a little surprise on his face.

"So strong!"

There was an exclamation.

I saw that the thunder pillar began to crack from the center, and the sword light quickly fell along this crack, and the whole thunder pillar was completely cut in half!

There were bursts of sighs all around.

"Brother Su."

Xu Changzong stood in the void, holding the scabbard in his hand, and collided with Jugong instantly when he rushed towards him.

I only heard Xu Changzong say to Su Han: "Xu took your position, I hope brother Su don't take it to heart."

When the giant hammer was about to hit Xu Changzong, a smile appeared on Xu Changzong's face.

"Jugong's strength is far behind Xu Changzong's. If Xu Changzong wants to defeat him, it only takes a moment." Su Han said.

"You haven't drawn your sword yet?!"

At this moment, Jugong's shout came from the void.

"you lose!"

A large number of dark clouds suddenly appeared above, and thick thunder and lightning fell from the clouds, all of which merged with the giant hammer of the giant.

The sound of the sword came, and the sword was unsheathed!

Immediately after—


"No wonder…"

There was a sound like cloth being torn, and the pupils of all the outer disciples constricted at this moment, showing shock.

Those outer disciples thought that Ju Gong would win very easily, and even bet how long it would take him to defeat Xu Changzong and Su Han.

Never expected that Xu Changzong was such a powerful dark horse.

Ju Gong held the hammer in both hands, and his body was bent backwards at a very terrifying angle, as if all the power was concentrated on the giant hammer.

"Eightfold Patriarch?!" Jugong's pupils shrank.

At this moment, Xu Changzong was no longer careless, his eyes flashed, and his right hand finally grasped the hilt of the sword.

From now on, not only will he give up his position as Palace Master, but he will also have to address Xu Changzong as 'Senior Brother Xu' when he sees Xu Changzong again!

As the voice fell, Jugong stomped on the ground fiercely, and the not tall figure rushed into the void like a shell at this moment.

When Ju Gong wanted to condense again, his figure fell to the ground with a bang, and his expression was pale, spurting out a mouthful of blood!

He grabbed the sledgehammer, easily released the power from the scabbard on the sledgehammer, and then rushed straight to Xu Changzong.

The huge hammer was originally held by Ju Gong, and Jian Guang's huge power was transmitted to his arms, and then to his entire body.


Originally, Su Han was the first to challenge, but Xu Changzong was the first to ascend.

"It's kind of interesting."

After finishing the words, Jugong cupped his fists towards the second guardian, then went straight to the distance and disappeared into the crowd.

There are many outer disciples who challenge the Palace Master, but most of them are overreaching, and they rarely win, let alone win so cleanly.


The long sword at his waist flew out suddenly, but it did not come out of the sheath, but with the force of the sheath, it hit the giant hammer.

The second protector also smiled: "Xu Changzong is practicing the way of swordsmanship, but until now he has not drawn his sword, it seems that he is just competing with Jugong, and has no intention of competing."

"You have confidence in Xu Changzong." The second protector said.

"No." Su Han shook his head lightly.

If he didn't show up, then Ju Gong's opponent would be Su Han

For any living being, breaking through to the Eightfold Ancestor Sage is actually no different from possessing the original source, and it is extremely shocking.

Almost as soon as the sword was drawn, an astonishing sword energy gushed out from the scabbard.

The thunder pillar broke open completely, and the sword light slashed on the giant hammer.

"Jugong, you don't have to be discouraged, either you are too weak, or Xu Changzong's strength is too strong."

The second protector said to Jugong: "Before breaking through the half-step dominance, Xu Changzong broke the limit of the seventh-level ancestor and reached the eighth-level ancestor. He also practiced swordsmanship and focused on attack power. You are not an opponent. normal."

From now on, the palace room where Jugong is located belongs to Xu Changzong.

Jugong took a deep breath: "If that's the case, then I really didn't deserve to lose."

Although Jugong was extremely unwilling, he had to admit that he was indeed no match for Xu Changzong.

As if the sword energy was about to form a substance, it shuttled through the void and slashed at the lightning.

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