Your Majesty, the Spectacle Has Missed the Country! - Chapter 475 What's New in the Forgotten Lands

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Arnel had already said what he had to say anyway.

As for Archmage Glenn Galvin's considerations, and the reaction of the Iron School, it is not up to him to decide.


After raising the wine glass on the table and toasting a glass of wine to Master Glenn Galvin, Arnell suddenly got up and walked towards the door.

Everything in the Principality of Idar has been presented in front of us, and the necessity of magic technology has also been pointed out.

If at this stage, the Iron School is still stubborn...

No one can do that.

Although Arnell didn't like Master Glenn Galvin, he didn't have a good impression of the Iron School.

But the reason why he held back the disgust in his eyes and sent an invitation to Master Glenn Galvin...

It was because Arnel knew in his heart that some of the theoretical achievements of the Iron School could significantly contribute to the development of the Idar School and the industrialization of magic.

Perhaps strictly speaking,

The Iron School knew nothing about the Idar School, nor did they know anything about the depiction of the magic circle.

However, as a school of mages with a long history, the research results of the Iron School can provide important references for the optimization of the magic circle and the construction of the magic device!

The research of the Idar school mainly focuses on practicality.

The research of the Iron School focuses on how to cast spells in a simpler and more convenient way.


Between the two, there is indeed something in common that complements each other and can complement each other.

"Let's go now?"

Glenn Galvin raised his head, puzzled.


Arnell's previous words and what he saw in the past few days have shaken the Archmage's previous thoughts.

He was still thinking of continuing to chat with Arnell, but he didn't expect that the former student who followed him to learn magic would go so easily.

"A lot of rare materials that we have never seen on this continent have been sent overseas, and we can't get away for the time being."

Arnell didn't hide it, just waved his hand sideways, then turned and left.

This is not because Arnell deliberately neglected the former teacher, but because that batch of rare magic materials that had just arrived in the Principality of Idar not long ago was of great benefit to the development of the magic industry.

If it wasn't for Bruno's personal instructions, even today's trip, Arnell would not have come.

The Lost Lands, Padilla Province.

It has been almost a year since the ships of the Principality of Idar first discovered this land.

In these more than 300 days, this continent on the other side of the ocean has undergone earth-shaking changes.

Except for a few distant city-states, the vast majority of the city-states located on the southwest coast of the Abandoned Land have already thrown themselves into the arms of the Principality of Idar without hesitation.

after all…

In recent years, not only has the number of mutant species increased, but the scale of the beast tide has also continued to expand.

There are even quite a few city-states that have been struggling to support themselves on the brink of collapse, just like the former Padilla city-states.

And the arrival of the Idar people has undoubtedly brought new hope to the human beings living on this land!

It is true that the homeland of the Principality of Idar is thousands of miles away.

The boundless ocean is the biggest obstacle to the communication between the Principality of Idar and the Abandoned Land.

But with the rapid development of Idar magic technology and magic industry, the connection between the two is gradually becoming closer at an unprecedented speed.

The launching of a steamship into the sea not only shortens the voyage between the two to a greater extent, but also greatly improves the efficiency of shipping.

The birth and application of the remote communication device with Jing's supernatural power as the core also makes the information exchange between the two places no longer need to be calculated on a monthly basis.

In fact, it has always been

Bruno is worried that his investment and construction of the Abandoned Land will eventually become the wedding dress of others.

So far, compared to building this land, the Idar people are actually more interested in the mining of minerals and the development of various resources.

But even so, for the humans living on this land, too many changes have really taken place this year.

after all…

If you want to mine safely, you must first remove the mutants around the city-state.

And there is really a big gap between the province of Padilla and the principality of Idar.

Even the things that leaked out inadvertently from the fingers of the Idars are enough to benefit these civilians a lot.

In March, the Ipadilla Council of Ministers was officially established.

In April, the Port of Padilla, located south of the city-state of Padilla, was officially opened.

In May, Idar's army announced that it would take over the city-state guard and start a local recruitment campaign.



Almost every month, the Idar people will bring new changes to this land, allowing the people living here to feel a completely different living condition from before.

And Salazar Knox, who was one of several envoys to the Idar Principality at that time, who had been in contact with Idar officials all the time, was undoubtedly the most complete witness to these changes.

The morning breeze brushed the branches,

As the bright morning light gradually swayed down, this seaside city located in the abandoned land finally began to wake up from its slumber.

Salazar, who had just finished taking care of his attire, stretched his waist and shook his neck back and forth before pushing open the door of his room.

The concrete road in the city-state was just laid, and the hard road was still carrying a little dampness from last night.

Since the city-state of Padilla was incorporated into the Principality of Idar, the Idar people followed the local management model of Idar, and also established a new Padilla Council on this land.

But slightly different from the homeland of the Principality of Idar is...

Above the Padilla Council, there is also a Governor of Padilla, personally appointed by Bruno Stuart, Duke of Idar.

And the first Governor of Padilla was Commodore Idar-Mansur Hausen!


With the city-state of Padilla becoming the capital of the province of Padilla, the commander-in-chief of the Idar Ocean Fleet has also acquired a new position.

He will represent Bruno Stuart, Duke of Idar, in charge of all Idar troops stationed in the Forsaken Land!

As for Salazar Knox…

The young man who was the first to have contact with the Idars is now serving as a deputy in the Padilla Government Office!

His main responsibility is to convey orders and information from the mainland of the Principality of Idar, and to transmit everything that happened in the lost land to the other side of the ocean through remote communication devices.

This position is enough to be regarded as one of the most core positions in the Government Affairs Department.

And Salazar himself also loves his job and responsibilities.

Because this special position not only allows him to have a more comprehensive understanding of the latest news of the Principality of Idar,

And it also allows him to see with his own eyes the changes that have taken place in the province of Padilla during this period of time.

According to Sarah, the Idars really played the role of saviors.


I can't say that, because now I am also an Idar!

Thinking of this, Salazar Knox can't help but puff out his chest proudly!

The concrete road underfoot,

Brand new concrete walls,

The renovated and remodeled premises…

Under the command of the craftsmen of Idar, the residents living in this city-state worked together to build an incomparably solid fortification while taking advantage of the temporary beast tide, making the entire city look brand new.

With the opening of the port of Padilla, the following three-masted sailing ships and steam ships brought a lot of coveted supplies and materials to the people living in this land.

clothing, food...

Perhaps in the mainland of the Principality of Idar, these things are just extremely common and common living materials, not only can be seen everywhere, but also cheap.

But in the Abandoned Land, on the other side of the ocean, these things are extremely valuable strategic resources!

The threat of mutant species and the possibility of a beast tide breaking out at any time made the crops planted on this land just resigned to fate.

In a nutshell -

The seed is a seed, but whether it will be trampled and destroyed by mutants depends entirely on luck.

Therefore, these living materials from the Principality of Idar undoubtedly solved the urgent needs of the local people!

At the same time,

When these ships from the mainland of Idar return, they will be loaded with rare ores.

Although these minerals are of great benefit to the development of magic industrialization, for the people of Padilla Province, these minerals are useless!

You can't eat it anyway!

Anyway, I can't make weapons!


It is the huge gap brought by magic technology!

In the hands of the local residents, those deposits are just mines.

The only possible function it can play is that the stone bullets thrown out as a trebuchet are wasted and consumed in such a wasteful way...

But in the homeland of the Principality of Idar,

These rare ores from the Abandoned Land can not only become key parts in various magic machinery, but also can be used to produce new weapons such as magic rifles!

To know,

To this day,

The province of Padilla, located in the Abandoned Land, has become an important venue for verifying various new types of Idar weapons!

In the arsenal of the Idar army stationed in the Forsaken Land,

Not only have various types of magic rifles,

There is even a newest model of the "Dawn Sword" heavy tank of the Principality of Idar, as well as three "Explorer" Type A light armored infantry vehicles that have just arrived in the Abandoned Land!

after all…

The threat posed by mutants has always been the focus of the Abandoned Land.

Although for the people, the existence of mutants is a great threat.

But for the Idar military...

They just happen to be able to experiment with these new weapons without any scruples through these non-human creatures whose IQ needs to be improved!

Therefore, through the actual combat method, find the most suitable combat method and the possible defects in the weapon!

It is also by virtue of the Idar army and the guns and artillery they brought,

The new Idar people living in the city-state of Padilla don't have to spend every day and night in fear.


After the arrival of the Idars, the residents living in this city-state can finally sleep peacefully!

They no longer have to worry about mutants launching sneak attacks in the middle of the night,


With the city-state of Patiliya as the center, the mutant species within a radius of dozens of kilometers have already been cleaned up by the Idar army with the trend of sweeping the caves!

The idea of ​​war displayed by the Idar people is very simple.

If you can't die in one round, then two rounds!

If you can't die in two rounds, keep on blasting!

All in all, after a complete set of operational procedures, the mutant races around the city-state of Padilla have basically lost their ability to act.


The people living in this city-state have always been full of gratitude for the Idar army.

In the early morning, the dense fog gradually dissipated, and the pedestrians on the street showed smiling faces.

Salazar Knox has unknowingly walked to the presbytery of the city's most central presbytery, which is now the Patiliya government office.

But this time, he was a little surprised that...

Do not know why,

In front of the government affairs hall is not only full of neatly equipped Idar soldiers, but also several new Idar equipment - "Explorer" A-type light armored infantry vehicles!

Around the government affairs hall, many residents of the city-state are gathering here, looking at the equipment belonging to the Idar army with curiosity and envy.

Although this is not the first time that Salazar has seen such a weapon of war, UU read But... In this era, no one can face armored combat vehicles and remain indifferent!

Even if it is just a glance, the angular lines and the hard steel plates covering the body are enough to give people a sufficient sense of security.

But that's not Salazar's focus!

Compared with armored combat vehicles, he is more concerned about the reason why the Idar army came here!

And the officer at the head, Salazar knew...

That was the adjutant of the Viceroy Padilla, Commodore Idar, General Mansour Hausen!

"Why are you here?"

Salazar Knox asked a little curiously.

all along,

Except for the Idar soldiers garrisoned on the city walls,

The vast majority of Idar soldiers are stationed at the Idar military base outside the city-state of Padilla.

If it were not for special circumstances and job rotation, Idar soldiers would not usually enter the city on such a large scale.

"Go in, Commodore Hausen is already inside."

The adjutant didn't answer Salazar Knox's question, but said it slightly solemnly.


Salazar Knox couldn't help but tremble in his heart.

A bad premonition gradually rose in his heart.

This is actually not the first time that the Idar army has entered the city on a large scale.

But the last time was when the Idar army had just arrived on this land,

And the city-state of Padilla at that time...

Facing the threat of beast tide!

Is it...

Will there be another wave of beasts?

Thinking of this, the string in Salazar's heart couldn't help but taut. 14469/9970432

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