Wizard: I Brought the Wrong System - Chapter 371 Families who are not well-to-do

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"The magic pattern array has been destroyed, it's just..."

"Just what?" Old Shire hurriedly asked.

Yarrow sighed softly: "Their goal has been achieved."

Following Yarrow's line of sight, Old Shire looked at the refugee camp again: "Did they cause the night terrors?"

Yarrow nodded: "This battalion scream was triggered by the energy of the undead system. The main function of the magic pattern is to draw the energy of the undead system on the opposite side of the cliff and instill it into this area that has not been eroded and weathered. The land, including the gradually stronger mountain wind around and the gathering dark clouds above, are also indirect effects caused by the concentration of energy."

"Lord Yue, it's not that I don't believe you, it's just... I know that the army will find Ying Xiao, but that's because the officers wantonly oppressed the soldiers, because the veterans ganged up to oppress the recruits, and because there were conflicts between them."

Old Shire said in disbelief: "The atmosphere in our camp has always been very good. Everyone takes good care of each other. There is no such thing as bullying anyone. Why... how can I get night terrors from those things?" ?”

Yarrow was noncommittal, and asked instead: "The panic of sudden disasters, the powerlessness of relatives dying one after another, the despair when fleeing desperately, and the confusion in the face of the future... You can guarantee that you can completely calm down in just a few days. ?”

What Yarrow mentioned was not the sore spot in Old Shire's heart?

Old Shire tightly closed his eyes, turned his head, and with a thick nasal voice, he said unwillingly: "But, they are not lumps of wood, they are human beings, tens of thousands, living people!"

"Even if there are a few people who feel uncomfortable and want to make trouble, don't the people around them know how to persuade them or stop them? How could...how could so many people go crazy together?"

Opening his eyes again, there was a strange blush on Old Charles' cheeks for no reason. He dodged his expression, peered timidly at the dark clouds above, and continued to whisper in fear:

"Why is the power behind that person so strong!"

"We caught him, will it cause more trouble?"

"It's over, we're over!"

"Is there any hope for us? No... there is no hope..."


Yarrow turned his head in surprise, frowning slightly.

"Not good! Why is Old Shire also affected by the energy of the undead system? Is it because of the incomplete body?"

"Old Shire must be awakened as soon as possible, otherwise, there will be a big problem in the refugee camp!"

Don't talk about the lives of so many people, just talk about Yarrow's interests, the refugee camp can't have an accident now.

Once the refugee camp is destroyed, the earldom will be hard to return. If you want to harvest experience points, you will have a sharp conflict of interest with the "Fernando wizard family". Even if the official wizards of the "Fernando Family" do not take action, the official army of the "San Fernando Empire" that will arrive soon will be equally difficult to deal with.

If the refugee camp can be stabilized, the Earls will be at the front. Not only can they contain the 'Fernando Wizard Family', but they can also provide some help for Yarrow to harvest experience points.

The key to stabilizing the refugee camp lies in the old Shire. Now in this camp, only the old Shire can listen to Yarrow, and at the same time has a certain status.

"Old Shire's situation is urgent, and his identity is very important..."

Thinking of this, Yarrow gritted his teeth, cruelly took out a bottle of purification potion from his bosom, and hurriedly poured it into Old Shire's mouth.

The effect of the purification potion is to get rid of all the foreign energies in the body, which is just right for the old Shire's situation at this time.

Just for a moment, the old Xiaer shuddered inexplicably, looked up in a daze, and asked as if waking up from a dream: "Master Yue...Master Yue? This...what happened to me just now?"

Seeing the blank look of the old man, he couldn't remember what happened just now.

Arlo sighed inwardly.

Another bottle of purification potion was used, which made the poor family even worse.

"You were also recruited just now, go get a torch with a stronger fire to protect yourself."

Old Shire's expression froze, and he nodded quickly.

Taking a torch from the side of the road, Old Shire asked hesitantly: "Master Yue, can the torch wake up people who are scared at night?"

Yarrow nodded: "Yes, but not entirely. Undead energy is afraid of light and fire, and an important reason for the appearance of camp screams is also because of insufficient light. The darkness detonated their sense of crisis in their hearts, so apart from the sunlight Besides, the cheapest solution is to make fires, lots of fires."

"Old Shire, you can gather the sober people around, first set up a few piles of bonfires that are strong enough, and then push the people in the camp to the fires little by little. It shouldn't take long for them to wake up. come over."

"Okay, thank you Master Yue!"

Old Shire responded excitedly, and was about to run away, when Yarrow stopped him again: "Pay attention a little bit, I suspect there should be internal responses in the camp."

"Anything else?" Old Shire looked a little hesitant.

"I saw a lot of cockroaches in the room, and there may be thousands of them hiding in the dark. 'San Fernando Empire' can place one Miles, and naturally it can also place more. It's not that I don't believe you, old Shire, you want I understand that it is very difficult to get things done with one insider, UU Reading www.uukanshu.com Miles must have other helpers."

Yarrow even suspects that Miles was deliberately pushed to die. If this is the case, apart from the possibility of crossing the river and demolishing the bridge, Miles' status in the internal response will not be too high.

The old Shire boy shrank suddenly, looked at the increasingly chaotic camp, gritted his teeth, and said harshly, "You can rest assured!"

"Rest? There is no such good thing waiting for me."

"What's the matter?" Old Charles asked suspiciously.

Yarrow chuckled, and turned to look at the rock wall: "The energy of the undead system keeps coming, how do you think the skeleton monsters in the wilderness will react?"

Although the old Shire didn't understand the meaning of 'undead energy' until now, he knew what a skeleton monster was. Hearing what Yarrow pointed out, he suddenly turned his head and said with a stern expression: "Master Yue means Is... those skeleton monsters will come?"

"The number will not be too small, and it is even possible that all the skeleton monsters are coming, just see how fast they are coming," Yarrow added.

Old Shire's face changed drastically, and he understood the seriousness of the matter: "Lord Baron Claire is not here, the camp is in chaos, and the skeleton monsters are attacking again..."

"I'll give you an hour," Yarrow interrupted, "I'll rest after an hour, and you have to bring someone over to guard the narrow lane, and if you don't come..."

Yarrow didn't finish speaking, but Old Shire already understood what Yarrow meant.

One hour.

This is the limit that Yarrow sticks to. If this time is exceeded, Yarrow will have to use his remaining physical strength to run away.

"Master Yue, don't worry, I will definitely bring someone over to support me in advance!"

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