Valkyrie Domination - Chapter 5254 be careful

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This group of people is Qin Chen and others who went from the dark continent to the original universe.

When approaching the initial universe before, Qin Chen felt something was wrong, as if something was changing in the initial universe.

When he really entered the initial universe, his face suddenly changed.

"A breath of death."

One of the rules Qin Chen practiced was the avenue of death. How could he fail to sense the breath of death contained in the original universe.

Moreover, the horror of this breath of death even made Qin Chen faintly feel a little dignified.

"Qin Chen, there is a situation." Chen Sisi and the others also took a step forward and said in a deep voice.

Qin Chen nodded: "I know that the initial universe is being turned into the underworld by a breath of death. Could it be that such a strong breath of death is a strong man in the underworld?"

There is no need for Sisi and the others to remind him, Qin Chen's eyes have already looked into the depths of the original universe at this moment, and then he saw the three major ethnic groups that are slaughtering various ethnic groups, as well as the ancestors of the Yuanmo who are plundering the endless sky.

"Is it the Ancestor Yuanmo? He actually broke through in the underworld? And with such a breath, could he use the rules of death to break through?" It is impossible for the ancestor Yuanmo to turn the initial universe into the underworld, even if he breaks through the transcendence, an initial universe is by no means a new transcendence.

can be completely transformed. "

After saying that, Qin Chen only glanced at Yuanmo Patriarch, then turned his head, and his eyes fell on the skull crystal suspended in the depths of the original universe.

"This is…"

Qin Chen's pupils shrank suddenly, and from the skull crystal, he felt an extremely terrifying breath of the underworld.

"It should be the skull crystal." Qin Chen's eyes narrowed.

And when Qin Chen perceived the changes in the initial universe.


When the figures of Qin Chen and his party appeared, Hei Nu and the others were all stunned.


"Young Master Chen?" Although the group of figures in the demon world are far away from here, Hei Nu and others are already supreme-level powerhouses, and their spiritual sense can spy on all realms of the original universe, not to mention that Chendi Pavilion has been in the original universe for many years. Various supervisory

Controlling the large array, one can naturally monitor the images in the Demon Realm.

The figures of Qin Chen and others clearly fell into the eyes of Hei Nu and others.

How could there be less dust?

Why is there less dust?

After seeing the figure at the front of the crowd, Hei Nu and the others were stunned, and at the same time endless fear emerged in their hearts.

During the days when Qin Chen left, they never stopped thinking about Qin Chen for a moment, and they all hoped that Qin Chen could return to the original universe and return to their side.

But now when Qin Chen's figure really appeared, Hei Nu and the others felt hopeless in their hearts. They never wanted to see Qin Chen appear like this moment.

On the other side, after seeing Qin Chen and others appearing, Yuanmo Patriarch was also stunned, and then endless ecstasy emerged in his heart.

"Hahaha, it's that kid, it turned out to be that kid."

The Yuanmo Patriarch laughed wildly.

He will never forget that it was Xiaoyao Zhizun and Qin Chen who teamed up to destroy his many years of arrangements. Among them, Xiaoyao Zhizun was his old enemy for many years. He has long been used to it, but that kid Qin Chen...

If he hadn't broken into the devil world and destroyed his many years of plans, how could he be so embarrassed and forced to go to the underworld.

"Boy, I finally let my ancestor wait for you. God has eyes, and today is your death date." The ancestor Yuan Mo, who was killing wantonly in the initial universe, hardly hesitated. He didn't even think about why Qin Chen would come from here. Appearing in the passage of the dark clan, the whole person has already rushed towards Qin Chen madly, with his big hand sticking out

It turned into a vast sky of death and directly grabbed Qin Chen in the crowd.


The towering big hand is like a mountain that lifts the sky, directly pinching the void of the universe, and blasting directly at where Qin Chen is.

"not good."

"Chen Shao, be careful."

Heaven, Hei Nu and others were terrified.

Today's Yuan Mo Patriarch is already a powerhouse beyond the peak level, under such a blow, Chen Shao will definitely die.

Do not…

Don't let the dust go unnoticed.

Boom boom boom boom...

The moment the ancestor Yuan Mo shot at Qin Chen, the black slaves and others who had been staying in the heaven no longer cared about sticking to the heaven, rushed out of the heaven one by one madly, and plundered towards the demon world.

No one organized, and no one opened their mouths. In this instant, countless people in Chendi Pavilion rushed out like crazy, like moths rushing to the flame, desperately rushing out of the heaven. Everyone knows that once they leave the heaven and lose the protection of Xu Hai's power, they will almost die, but at this moment, no one thinks about it. There is only one thought in their minds, and that is to save Qin Chen, even if

is dead.

In an instant, countless strong men rushed out of the entire heaven, forming an unbelievably shocking scene.

The masters of Tianji Pavilion and Linglong were both stunned: "Xiaoyao, who is that kid? Why did everyone rush out desperately?"

"Qin Chen." Xiaoyao Zhizun said with an ugly expression. "Qin Chen?" The owner of the Tianji Pavilion was stunned, then frowned and said anxiously: "The guy you mentioned before who saved the original universe with you? He is so young, and even if he comes back, everyone doesn't need him." All

Go out, don't they know that they will die if they go out? "

The owner of the Heavenly Secret Pavilion didn't understand.

Xiaoyao Supreme glanced at the owner of Tianji Pavilion: "Qin Chen's significance to the original universe is extraordinary, and..."

When Xiaoyao Zhizun said this, he even turned his head to look at the calm Xuhai behind him. The next moment, his face was determined, and he took a step forward, directly rushing out of the heaven.

Heavenly Mystery Pavilion Master: "..."

He turned his head to look at Sect Master Linglong, and sighed: "Forget it, Linglong, you and I will do it too."

When the words fell, the owner of the Tianji Pavilion did not wait for the answer from the Linglong Sect Master, and took a step forward, directly rushing out.


The vast river of fate surged out, and went straight away.

The owner of Tianji Pavilion really couldn't bear to see Xiaoyao Zhizun take action alone. If he was the only one, then Xiaoyao Zhizun would undoubtedly die.

Above the sky, the aura of detachment on Xiaoyao Zhizun's body instantly rose, and he directly burned his own origin.

"Old Demon Ancestor, you have the guts to fight me." Xiaoyao Supreme roared furiously, his whole body boiling with fighting spirit.

He stepped on the long river of space, rushed directly to the ancestor Yuanmo, and killed him forcefully, trying to attract the attention of the ancestor Yuanmo.

"Hmph, fight with you? I will fight you after my ancestor kills that kid."

The ancestor Yuanmo sneered, with a ferocious expression on his face, ignoring the provocation of the supreme being Xiaoyao at all, but just grabbed Qin Chen with his big hands.

Boom! Above the demon world, the void of hundreds of millions of miles boiled directly. The big hands of the ancestors of Yuanmo covered the sky and the sun, as if a vast sky had collapsed. Countless demon energy and death energy suppressed the years and came directly to Qin

above the dust.

"Hahaha, brat, die."

The excited laughter of the Yuanmo Patriarch resounded throughout the world.

Here, someone wants to provoke Chen Shao? Behind Qin Chen, a look of ecstasy appeared in the eyes of Tuoba Xiongba and Anyou Palace Master, who had been expressionless all the time. At the moment when Yuanmo Patriarch's big hand fell, the two of them took a step forward almost at the same time, and said excitedly :"

less dust! "

They didn't have a chance to perform in the Dark Continent before, but now both of them obviously can't wait to make a move.

"Palace Master Anyou, take action." Qin Chen said lightly.

Palace Master Anyou was overjoyed in his heart: "Yes!"

As soon as the words fell, his whole body soared into the sky in an instant, and he came to the sky above the demon world in an instant.

"Hmph, want to stop this ancestor? Then you will die first."

Seeing Palace Master Anyou soaring into the sky, Yuanmo Patriarch sneered, a palpitating black light flowed from that big hand, and the ancient runes quickly gathered together, causing the whole demon world to rumble.

If this palm is real, the entire Demon Realm may be shattered.

"Hmph, something that doesn't know how to live or die."

A trace of ice-coldness flashed in the eyes of Palace Master Anyou, he snorted coldly, and the terrifying Anyou power suddenly rose from his body.

"This power..."

In the distance, Sect Master Linglong, who was madly rushing towards Yuan Mo Patriarch, froze for a moment, "The power of darkness, he...he is..."

Sect Master Linglong looked intently, and when she saw the face of Palace Master Anyou, she froze for an instant, her heart jumped wildly, and suddenly grabbed the Pavilion Master of Tianji who was madly rushing towards Yuanmo Patriarch.

The master of Tianji Pavilion was held back by Sect Master Linglong, and couldn't help but anxiously said: "Linglong, what are you doing?"

"Tianji, there's no need to act." Linglong murmured, "Then Qin Chen will be fine."


The owner of Tianji Pavilion turned his head, only now did he see Sect Master Linglong's expression as if he saw something unbelievable, his mouth grew slightly, and his eyes were wide open.

The next moment, he felt an aura that made everyone's hearts palpitate, and it rose up in this initial universe in an instant.

"The mere ants also want to take less action against Chen and seek death."

Under the watchful eyes of everyone, they saw an astonishing aura suddenly rising from the body of Palace Master Anyou, and punched the Yuanmo Patriarch fiercely.



Under the shocked eyes of everyone, Palace Master Anyou's fist directly shattered the palm of Yuanmo Patriarch Tongtian, and then, the light of the fist drove straight in, piercing through the body of Yuanmo Patriarch in an instant!


The Ancestor Yuanmo was directly blasted away, and a huge hole instantly appeared on his powerful body, and the hundreds of millions of miles of void behind the Ancestor Yuanmo directly turned into nothingness, and was shattered by this punch.


The ancestor Yuanmo was stiff, and looked down at the gap in his chest blankly, completely stunned.

The other ten thousand races in the original universe are also petrified at this moment!

one move!

The Yuanmo Patriarch, who had fought with the three great transcendences of Xiaoyao Zhizun for a long time, was blasted through his flesh with a single punch.

You must know that before Xiaoyao Zhizun and the three transcendental forces joined forces, it was only to make some gaps in the Yuanmo ancestor.

But now?

The guy who appeared out of nowhere in front of him actually pierced the body of the ancestor Yuanmo with one punch.

what's the situation?

In an instant, the bodies of the strong men from all races in the entire universe trembled.

Xiaoyao Zhizun stopped in the void, his eyes were also stunned.

The owner of the Tianji Pavilion was even more confused: "Linglong... Wife, what's going on?"

Sect Master Linglong murmured: "It's him, it really is him!"

As for Hei Nu, Jian Zu, Zhao Lingshan and the others, they also froze in shock, and then they were filled with endless surprises. It's really great to have such a master by Chen Shao's side.

The owner of Tianji Pavilion came back to his senses, and hurriedly said: "Linglong, who is this person?"

Sect Master Linglong's eyes are extremely solemn: "This person is the master of Anyou Mansion, the master of Anyou Mansion, one of the two top powers in the Southern Ten-Three-Star Region, and the top powerhouse in the entire Southern Ten-Star Region. A powerhouse beyond the peak level."


The owner of Pavilion of Heavenly Secrets suddenly took a deep breath.

After staying in the Southern Ten Star Region for so many years, he had naturally heard of Anyou Mansion.

In the entire Southern Thirteen-Star Region, there are many detached forces, but the top two have never changed. One is the legendary Tuoba family, and the other is Anyoufu.

These two forces fought all the year round, and any one of them was a giant in the Southern Thirteen-Star Domain. It was unexpected that the Lord of Dark You Palace would appear here.

The master of the Tianji Pavilion looked happy and complicated: "I never imagined that the people in my original universe would be able to curry favor with the top Anyou Palace Master in the Southern Thirteen-Star Region. It seems that this time, we have hope."

Sect Master Linglong was also shocked and said: "Yes, Palace Master Anyou is a master of the second-tier peak transcendence level, and it is rumored that he has always been upright and generous. You are extremely lucky to be able to rely on him from the original universe."

Such a character, but she can't easily get in touch with it.

During the conversation between Sect Master Linglong and Pavilion Master Tianji, Mansion Master Anyou's expression became extremely ugly when he saw that his punch did not kill Yuan Mo Patriarch.

A first-level detachment, he didn't kill the other party?

Palace Master Anyou's heart suddenly panicked.

He hastily explained: "Young Master Chen, please forgive me for my mistake. This person has two kinds of detachment rules in his body, and his physical body is extremely strange. I didn't notice it for a while, so..."

As he spoke, he hurriedly said: "Don't worry, the old man will kill this beast right away, and will never let this person offend Chen Shao in the slightest."

As soon as the words fell, a stern look flashed in the eyes of Palace Master Anyou, boom, in his body, the aura that represented the peak detachment of the second level shot up into the sky in an instant.


The stars trembled, shivered, crumbling.

In the distance, the owner of the Tianji Pavilion was stunned.

what's the situation?

He blinked and couldn't help looking at Sect Master Linglong. Could it be that he heard it wrong before? How did he hear that Palace Master Anyou called Qin Chen Young Master Chen?

Is this an honorific title?

Sect Master Linglong was also stunned, hesitated for a moment, and said: "This...maybe it's because Palace Master Anyou is more modest."


The owner of Pavilion of Heavenly Secrets couldn't help being puzzled.

At this time, the most shocked person was Yuan Mo Patriarch: "Qin Chen, you..."

He looked at Qin Chen in shock and anger, and couldn't believe what he saw, but before he could say anything, the aura of the second level of detachment from the master of Anyou palace had enveloped him.

The ancestor of Yuanmo suddenly suffocated, looked at the skull crystal hurriedly, and said anxiously: "Senior..."


His figure hurriedly retreated, crazily darting towards the skull crystal, he didn't dare to have any confrontation with Palace Master Anyou, because he had a feeling that as long as the opponent shot with all his strength, he would definitely be able to kill him.

"Hmph, I want to go."

Palace Master Anyou's pupils shrank, and he was just about to make a move.

"Palace Master Anyou, stop."

Qin Chen suddenly gave a cold shout, stopping the master of Anyou Palace from making a move. At the same time, he stepped out into the endless void, staring in the direction of the Yuanmo Patriarch.

However, his eyes didn't stay on Yuanmo Patriarch, he didn't even pay for a glance, but focused on the skull crystal in the distance, frowning.

"Chen Shao, this thing has an extraordinary breath, be careful." At this time, the ancestor Tuoba also came to Qin Chen's side step by step, and said vigilantly.

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