This Plug-in is Too Middle School - v2 Chapter 1284 William: I get down on my knees and beg you...

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However, unlike the other demon kings who hesitated, even though the scene in front of them was miserable, after the Son of Hate and the Son of Destruction looked at each other, there was a look of understanding in their eyes.

Phil, he is really willing to let go!

In order to be able to fish out that slippery and swindling demon king, he did not hesitate to act in this role, which can really be called a heavy loss.

Well, since he would rather lose a dozen precious tenth-level materials, but also create opportunities for the fraudulent demon king, as his allies, the two of them still have to reach out to help him finish the play …

"What are you *& doing?!"

Looking at the two allies who were slowly wandering outside the encirclement, obviously they were about to be hammered to death, but they hadn't come in to save them for a long time, the Son of Fear was suddenly startled and angry, wondering if they wanted to stand by and watch directly. Reduce one competitor who divides the cake.

However, when it was discovered that only a small part of the attention of the two gods who hated and destroyed them was on William, and most of the rest was guarding the surroundings, the fear **** suddenly woke up like a dream, remembering his entrustment before leaving——

'By the way, at that time I might pretend to be invincible and support myself under that strong human being to lure the deceitful demon king to attack...'

wrong! You think too much! !

Fighting to be covered by William's slap on the back of the head, the Fear God struggled to get out of his upper body, and with his head half pulled, he screamed desperately:

"It's not like (you think)! This person is much stronger than we think..."


After slapping the Son of Fear again, William took out two [Spider Stabs], and before the upper body of the Son of Fear had grown, he nailed his two legs to the ground with two bangs, so as not to After being resurrected, this guy took the opportunity to escape, then got up and greeted the other two God Sons who had thrown themselves into the net.

Regardless of what happened to this sudden good luck, but there is no reason not to accept the promotion materials that come to your door, right? What's more, although these two guys also have life-saving means, they are much easier to deal with than the Terror God Son who can only grind hard.

Is this person... acting a little too relaxed?

Seeing that even though William was in heavy siege, he still didn't have the slightest flustered expression on his face. Coupled with the unfinished part of the words of God Son of Fear, he was more suspicious and hated God Son. The Son of Destruction was left to William alone.

However, among the three God Sons, the Destroyer God Son, who is relatively more "straightforward" and has the least twists and turns in his head, did not find the huge gap between "ideal" and "reality". The Demon King of Deceit, while grinning grinningly, stretched out his palm covered with thick scales towards the "strong human being who hangs and beats the Son of Fear God".


Because he was worried that the shot would be too heavy, he directly injured the "strong human being", which affected the script arranged in advance by the God Son of Fear. Although the slap slapped by the God Son of Destruction was powerful, in fact, he secretly withdrew three points of his strength, preparing to act like Like a fearsome **** with excellent acting skills, first suffered a little injury and played a wave of "hard support", then a wave of "jedi comeback" after a hard fight, and finally "thrilling victory" with a slight advantage...

safe! I'm such a genius!

On the other side, William, of course, has no way of knowing the rich inner drama of Destroying the Son of God. Seeing him fearing that the Son of God will be hammered by himself, he dared to come up alone so carelessly, even though he knew quite well about the means of destroying the Son of God in his previous life. , but my heart is still subconsciously extra careful.

With a dignified expression, he raised his spear to meet him. Relying on the dragonrider's secret spear, which had already entered the master level, William pushed away the palm grabbed by the Son of Destruction with a flick of his wrist, and stabbed towards his heart like chasing the wind and lightning. .

For the Son of Destroyer who has mastered the [Secondary Immortal Body], although he can't be reborn from a drop of blood, most physical attacks may not recover as fast as him, and the heart and head are his only two vital points. And under the blessing of the power of the mysterious god, his own spear has already raised the speed to the limit, almost unavoidable, and can definitely force the Destroyer Demon King to take the initiative to consume a precious life-saving ability.

However, just as William frowned and calculated how long it would take to deal with the Son of Destruction... the next second, blood burst out!

? ? ?

Lying! groove!

Seeing that he was killed with awe-inspiring momentum, and then a face-to-face with the God of Destruction who was pierced by William and his heart was smashed to pieces, all the demon kings who were about to join the siege after seeing someone lead the way Step down.

What's the matter with this Nima? The most resistant Son of Destroyer was killed in an instant? So we are surrounded by loneliness?

In the face of the outrageous white meeting, even William, who stabbed the gun himself, was stunned by Destroyer's coquettish manipulation.

What is this? So easy to donate?

No... Where's your [Flesh Puppet]? Where's your [Melting Life Scale Armor]? What about your [Transplant Heart and Heart]? With so many life-saving abilities, you should use one at least! Just let me shoot the heart out? You are... not a trap, are you?

Being overwhelmed by the extremely willful suicide of the God of Destruction, he was worried that there might be some conspiracy that he hadn't expected. William didn't dare to take advantage of the victory and pursue him. After taking three steps, he was vigilantly guarding against methods such as [Blood Soul Explosion] that might pull him into the water.

However, under everyone's bewildered gazes, the Son of Destruction, whose heart was stabbed by a gun, first spat out a mouthful of blood, then raised his right paw with difficulty, scratched it in the direction of William, and then His face stared unwillingly and fell to the sky. Although he was not completely dead for a while, judging from the rapidly fading flames in the gaps in his scales, he guessed that it would only take a few seconds...

" must not die!"

Unexpectedly, the God of Destroyer didn't even have the slightest back hand, and UU reading really lay down so obediently. William suddenly shuddered, and then hurriedly twitched towards the collapsed ground, while twitching from his mouth. It pounced on it with blood and foam oozing from inside and outside, and quickly started to catch it while it was still cool.

Even because he was worried that when he caught half of it, this guy would suddenly be self-willed again, and he swallowed his breath with a stalk in his neck. William had to drag the half-dead Terror God over, half-kneeling on the ground and burning it vigorously with the black burning holy fire. He evenly distributed the burnt life force to Destruction Son of God, and forcibly helped it to sustain a wave of life for a while...


Looking at the God of Fear, who was screeching and screaming from the strange black flames, and the God of Destruction, who was paralyzed on the ground vomiting blood and kicking his legs, the only remaining God of Hate among the three remained silent for two seconds, and immediately spoke without hesitation. Turn around and run!

This hits you! If you don't run away again, you'll be beaten up in one go!

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