The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 2954 Chapter 2954, military salary

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After hearing Hei Xinjiu’s shameless words, everyone was dumbfounded. There was no one else who could be so thick-skinned!

However, after thinking for a while, the more than ten generals of the pass could not think of any words to refute her. They had really seen a ghost!

The Yuantou Mountain general rubbed his hands and said, “Well, there are still some matters to deal with at the pass. If Alliance Master Yan has nothing else to do, this subordinate will go back now!”

The general of Mount Ji Ming said, “Aiya, I also remembered that there are still some very important matters to deal with. Alliance Master Yan, if you are fine, this subordinate will also go back!”

Jia Yuanchen of Mount Hua Ting said, “Alliance Master Yan, this subordinate’s stomach is hurting a little. I will take my leave now!”


Before Alliance Master Yan could express his stance, the more than ten generals at the pass all slipped away.

Alliance Master Yan:”…”

Damn it, no one would do that! You guys stirred up trouble and just left like that? What about him?

Hei Xinjiu pursed her lips and muttered, “A monk can’t run away from the temple if he runs away. We’ll look for them again when we’re training tomorrow. How dare you accuse me of being black, HMPH!”

The people in the meeting tent immediately lit a candle for the generals at the checkpoints. Even the head of the fan family had been extorted one billion upper-grade spirit stones by this guy, and they still dared to provoke her? They were really out of their minds!

Alliance Master Yan coughed and said, “Alliance Master Leng, it seems that this is all a misunderstanding. Since it’s a misunderstanding, it’s good to talk things out. Well, you guys are quite busy at the gale port. If there’s nothing else, Alliance Master Leng can go back first!”

Hei Xinjiu narrowed her eyes, she smiled and said, “Alliance Master Yan, I heard that the Alliance army is usually paid. Although our unaffiliated cultivator alliance is not a regular army, we are still sacrificing our lives to protect the immortal essence continent. You Won’t favor one over the other, right?”

Alliance Master Yan’s heart skipped a beat. What he was afraid of came true. He knew that this Leng Xiaojiu was not so easy to get rid of!

Alliance Master Yan laughed and said, “Alliance Master Leng, you’re right. However, didn’t you just get 400 million upper-grade spirit stones from the fan family’s head a few days ago? Can you waive the pay?”

Hei Xinjiu was immediately unhappy!

“Alliance Master Yan, this is a one-size-fits-all deal. Those 400 million upper-grade spiritual stones are the money we used to clean up the mess of the yellow mud mound garrison. How can this be the same as the pay?”?

“Alliance Master Yan, it’s really not that I, Leng Xiaojiu, am greedy. Think about it. The Alliance Army has the pay, but the people of the unaffiliated cultivator alliance don’t. What do you want them to think?”?

What we are most afraid of on this battlefield is demoralizing the morale. Do you think it’s appropriate to lower the morale just because of a few salaries?

Forget it, if the Alliance army doesn’t want to give the unaffiliated cultivator alliance their salaries, it’s not a big deal. At most, I, Leng Xiaojiu, will pay out of my own pocket. After all, we are not a regular army!”

Alliance Master Yan would never let Yun Chujiu pay out of her own pocket. If this were to spread out, it would definitely say that he, the Alliance Master of the Alliance Army, was biased. He could only say painfully,

“Alliance Master Leng, I was just saying. The salary should still be paid. In a while, I will get someone to transfer it to you.”

Hei Xinjiu said a few polite words before she left with satisfaction.

Alliance Master Leng felt sullen in his heart. Who Had he offended? He was waiting in the meeting tent. Just because of the complaints from the generals at the pass, he would have to pay out the salary from Yue Yue in the future. It was simply ridiculous!

Hei Xinjiu received the military pay. After returning to the storm mouth, she distributed the military pay to everyone.

The people of the unaffiliated cultivator alliance were completely in awe of their black-hearted alliance leader! They had come to help voluntarily. They did not expect to receive military pay at all. It seemed that the black-hearted alliance leader Little Nine was still reliable!

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