The Side Character's Hidden Boss! - Chapter 314 - Two Deaths

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Chapter 314: Two Deaths

Chu Guang shouted.

“No, don’t move!” When they heard Mo Li, all the staff and guests stayed rooted to the ground. “So that’s why. No wonder I felt things didn’t feel right.” Mo Li heard this buzzing sound constantly since she got on the island.

Xiao Rui studied the power lines and commented, “10 kV high voltage electricity lines. The buzzing comes from the electricity arcing through the air?” He thought Mo Li was being too sensitive earlier but now he had to admit he was being careless.

This involves something called step potential. When a power line is downed, it gives off electrical current which spills out onto the ground, flowing outward and away from the power – creating a type of ripple effect. As might be expected, the power or voltage of the downed power line’s electrical is higher nearer the power line and becomes lower as it gets farther away.

This is extremely dangerous. Once one moved, they would cause a connection of electricity through the body. It was fine if one stood still but the moment they moved, they would die.

“Thankfully Miss Mo Li had stopped us just in time or else we would have another loss on our hands already.” Zhu Wen looked at Mo Li with a smile. It was hard for Mo Li to read this woman’s mind.

“Do you know about this?” Mo Li asked but Zhu Wen didn’t answer.

“Where is the power box?” Xiao Rui turned to Zhu Wen and the people from the program team. They looked at each other, not knowing what to say.

“It won’t be easy to cut off the electricity. This place used to be a military bunker, it uses Grade A wartime power supply module.”

Xiao Rui looked at the lights and equipment. There was no reason for a tv program to use such a large amount of electricity. Based on his observation, the power lines had double circuits. Even if the input line was cut off, it wouldn’t have affected the electric supply.

“The power box is on the southeast side of the mountain. How do you plan to go turn it off?” The staff of the program team stood steadily despite holding large equipment. In contrast, Chu Guang couldn’t stop shaking.

Someone shouted at Chu Guang, “Stand still and stop shaking, are you a man or not? If you trip and we get electrocuted, we’re not going to get paid!”

Mo Li and An Wan volunteered to trek through the mountains with Xiao Rui. Just as they were about to depart, the campsite suddenly turned dark. The day was cloudy and suddenly the lights shut off.

“What’s going on? Is there a power outage?”

“What about our equipment? Didn’t you say we’ll have backup power supply?”

“Wait, doesn’t this mean we can move now?”

There was chaos everywhere. Since it was already safe, Xiao Rui rushed forward to check the power lines.

Mo Li frowned. Where are Lin An and Qian Yao?

She asked the program team and they had no idea either. They instantly launched a search party. Soon someone let out an earth-shattering scream.

“How… When did they come here?” Xiao Rui looked at Jin Chuan who discovered the two. Xiao Rui didn’t say anything but asked everyone to put away their cameras. They needed to contain this incident for now.

“The two victims are participants on the variety show, Adventures on the Sea. They are Quan Yao and Lin An.” Xiao Rui then turned to Mo Li. Mo Li had done a simple examination of the victims earlier. “What can you tell me about the victims?”

“The hanging victim Qian Yao died from mechanical asphyxiation. Her tibia was fractured and there is a single tear mark. I believe she didn’t notice the chains of the power box. She was dragged by the automatic shutter chains and died from it.” Qian Yao hung from the side of the chipper which was 2 meters tall. Her neck snapped by a black chain.

Mo Li then pointed at the pile of flesh on the ground. “As for the other victim, Lin An, the cause of death is much simpler. He died from blood loss. Half of his body fell into this snow-chipping machine. Body chips of less than 5 cm are scattered all around us. Due to the man’s bones, the machine is now stuck and no longer usable.”

Xiao Rui frowned. “It’ll be hard to conduct further tests on the body when they are in such pieces. Anyway, we appreciate your hard work.”

“That’s no problem but…” Mo Li looked around. How was she going to conduct further tests on an abandoned island?

Plus, the show hadn’t even started and two participants had already died.

The 3 who were watching the show at the hotel were surprised as well. “Am I losing my mind? Why do I see this officer everywhere? Why is he on set? What if our people are caught red-handed? What should we do?” Edelweiss stood up and demanded from Orchid.

“Yes, how could this happen? Could someone have leaked the details of our plan?” Kerria’s voice was very pretentious, one couldn’t help but believe she knew something about this.

Orchid glanced at Kerria but said nothing. Instead, she turned to Edelweiss and scolded, “Why are you panicking?”

“You sure your hidden cameras wouldn’t be found?”

“Of course, my people are all professionals!”

“That’s good then. The livestream can continue for a while longer. When the police find out the truth, we’ll already be gone from this place. So just enjoy the show and don’t worry.”

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