The Mysterious World Under Steampunk - Chapter 1736 open the door

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, the fastest update of the mysterious world under steampunk! While Leo was investigating the situation inside the base, the heroic warrior exploration team found the entrance of the base, and found that the device that blocked the entrance had been damaged from the inside for some reason. The plan has been cancelled.

According to the normal situation, the exploration team should temporarily end this exploration, return to the cruise fortress to report the situation to the high-level fortress, and then the high-level team will formulate a plan for the second exploration, but the captain who led the exploration team this time is a man who is eager to make contributions. The reckless man, what he thinks in his mind is to complete the exploration mission, it is best to have a few wonderful battles that are enough for him to brag in front of his companions, but let alone wonderful battles from leaving the fort into the refuge, even a small obstacle He has never encountered any of them, and now because the device that opens the entrance is damaged, this exploration has to be temporarily stopped, how can this make him reconciled.

"Should we use a hammer to open an entrance?" Just when the captain of the exploration team was unwilling to give up the mission, someone in his team suggested.

"Okay, just use the hammer to open an entrance." Hearing this proposal, the exploration leader made a decision without hesitation.

As for the other members of the exploration team and their captain, they have similar personalities, and they don't want to just go back to the cruise fortress in a gloomy manner, and be ridiculed by other companions. Seeing that the captain decided to forcibly open an entrance, and continue the exploration mission, all of them Both hands agreed, and then one after another unloaded the equipment on their backs and began to assemble the hammer.

At this time, Leo had also completed the exploration of the interior of the base, and the life force field formed by the shaman spell also retracted into the scepter, and Mimidor on the side hadn't recovered from such a powerful life force field. , still looking dumbfounded.

At this moment, the look on Leo's face was not very good-looking, because he found that the interior of this long-abandoned base was not empty. Ethnic groups, but because of the influence of the energy field outside the base, not only the outside creatures dare not approach, but also the things inside the base cannot come out.

There is no doubt that this is a good thing for the current Vanaheim World, because if those guys in the base are allowed to come out, and then use the rich resources and strong natural power in the Vanaheim World, it won’t take long for those guys to come out. The entire Vanaheim will be invaded like a plague, and the creators of this world and the Muniyom people may also perish because of these guys.

At this time, Leo saw the heroic warriors who were assembling some kind of device not far away, so he immediately walked over and stopped him: "If I were you, I wouldn't do that, you don't know the situation in the base, so don't take it seriously." Open an opening that cannot be closed, if something happens, it may not be easy to finish."

"This is our task." The leader of the exploration team responded to Leo very coldly, and then added: "The opening device at the entrance has been damaged, you don't need to stay here to open the door, you can leave."

After finishing speaking, he ignored Leo and continued to be busy with the matter in hand.

Leo could feel the other party's persistence. It was good enough for him to remind the other party. Since the other party didn't listen to his suggestion, he didn't need to waste his words. sit down.

Mimidor also returned to normal at this moment, walked to Leo's side, couldn't help but asked in a low voice curiously: "Did you find anything just now?"

Leo turned his head and looked at Mimidor, and suggested: "You'd better equip all the weapons you can use on your body, and you should be able to use them later."

Hearing Leo's suggestion, Mimidore couldn't help being stunned. Although he didn't understand why Leo would let him do this, he could have a premonition that following Leo's suggestion would not be wrong, so he stood up. Beside Leo, he immediately installed all kinds of weapons and equipment in his backpack on the armor on his body, and even put some new equipment obtained from the fort that he hadn't had time to familiarize himself with for easy access. Or where it's activated, it's always ready to use.

The conversations and actions between Leo and Mimidor were not concealed at all, and they were naturally seen and heard by the heroic warriors of the exploration team. A suggestion, but they are not stupid, they know what it means to be prepared, so while assembling the impact hammer device, they are also equipped with their own weapons, and the captain of the exploration team who rejected Leo's proposal did not stop his men from doing so , although he didn't think there would be any danger in the base, but he wouldn't be stupid enough to prevent his men from making some precautionary preparations.

After a while, the impact hammer that the exploration team mentioned was assembled.

Although the name is a hammer, this thing has nothing to do with a hammer. In fact, it is an energy cannon composed of energy boxes connected in parallel.

Seeing this energy cannon in the shape of a spear, Leo suddenly felt a sense of retro, because this combination of strengthening the power of the energy cannon through parallel connection is a strange idea used by the early rebel colonial stars of the Earth Federation to deal with the counter-insurgency federal army Wonderful idea, because of the limitation of weapons, it is very difficult for the colonial planets to obtain powerful energy cannon weapons, so some of their engineers have a wonderful way of combining energy boxes to increase the power of energy weapons, and finally achieve the ability to shoot down Large energy cannon weapon for battleships.

The assembly method of this energy cannon has always been circulated in the border colonial star of the Earth Federation, and its stability system and power have been continuously improved. Later, it became the most important mode of war against the enemy in the colonial star.

Seeing these heroic warriors assembling such an energy cannon now, Leo was more moved and confused. After all, the creator of this world is the descendant of the survivors of the Earth Federation border galaxy, and mastering such a technology is not What a surprise.

After assembling the energy cannon called the impact hammer, the heroic warriors began to look for a weak spot on the outer wall of the base, because the output power of this energy cannon is uncontrollable. The metal spear tip of the gun muzzle and the energy box near the spear tip will definitely melt, which means that this energy cannon can only be hit once, so accidents may occur, and they need to find a weak point that is easy to open.

It is not difficult for these heroic warriors to find the weak point of defense. Some of them stood next to the base with hammers and kept knocking on the metal outer wall, while others put their ears on the wall and listened to the sound coming from the wall. The weak vibrations, and soon they found several weak places. According to them, the walls in those places were the thinnest, and inside the walls should be a room like a large warehouse.

The leader of the exploration team quickly selected a weak point, and then set up the hammer energy cannon there. After the others retreated to a safe place, he activated the energy cannon without hesitation.

As a burst of dazzling light rushed out from the metal spear tip of the energy cannon, the metal wall hit by the energy beam instantly penetrated, and a pungent smell produced by the molten metal also spread rapidly in the surrounding space.

"Damn it, hide quickly!" Seeing that a gap had been opened, the leader of the exploration team was about to turn off the energy cannon, but he soon discovered that the closed device seemed to have burned out unreliably, and the energy in the other energy boxes was also destroyed. He began to show signs of losing control, so he immediately ran to a place where he could hide, and shouted warnings at others.

Almost when the members of the exploration team hid behind a certain room in the shelter not far away, the energy cannon that had been assembled at random could no longer maintain its stable state and burst open, turning into a turbulent flow of energy toward the As it spread around, the objects blocking it were only a few special metal objects, and other slightly fragile objects were directly crushed and melted by the energy impact.

When the heroes of the exploration team dodged, Leo did not dodge, and Mimidor saw that Leo did not dodge, he also stood behind Leo and did not dodge, which directly caused the energy turbulence to rush over , there is no object in front of them.

Looking at the turbulent energy rushing towards him, Mimidore instinctively set up an energy shield to wrap the armor around his body, and curled up his body, hoping to survive the energy impact. While protecting himself, he also Can't help looking at Leo, wanting to see Leo's situation.

However, when his eyes fell on Leo, he was shocked, because in his eyes, Leo seemed to be petrified and did not take any precautions, and even if he wanted to save Leo at this moment, he couldn't do it. Because the energy shock had already landed on Leo.

Just when Mimidor thought that Leo would be shredded by the energy shock and then burnt, he found that the energy shock wave weakened to the extreme the moment it touched Leo, turning into a rainbow of energy from Leo's body slid around, which also made Leo's body inexplicably more awe-inspiring. Next page! Current Page 1/Total 2 Pages


Seeing the scene in front of him, Mimidor was completely shocked. Only then did he recall what Leo did in the Holy Seal of the Old Sage, and connected it with the scene in front of him. I couldn't help but have a bold idea in my heart. The Midgard man who didn't look special in front of me was actually an ancient sage.

Although this wave of energy turbulence was very powerful, it lasted for a very short time, and it subsided completely in less than five seconds, leaving only a weak energy interference wave and the damage caused by the energy turbulence. I don't know whether it was because the previous energy beam broke the outer wall of the base, or the chain reaction caused by the energy turbulence. In short, the special bio-energy field surrounding the base has disappeared. If you listen carefully, you can hear There were some faint movements in the base, but at the moment everyone was still immersed in the damage caused by the energy turbulence just now, except for Leo who was always paying attention to the situation of the base, none of them noticed the situation inside the base.

The heroic warriors of the exploration team felt that the energy turbulence had passed, and they came out of their hiding places one after another. They saw that it had melted into a pile of steaming metal fluid, and looked at the destroyed scenes around them, and they all laughed Apparently, the energy turbulence just now didn't scare them, on the contrary, it made them feel very excited. Some people even suggested that they should transform a weapon specially designed to create the energy turbulence just now, which might be useful in future battles.

While talking and laughing, they walked towards the gap opened in the outer wall of the base, and at the same time took out their weapons one after another, and some of them also saw Leo who was unharmed not far away and Mimi who was putting away the energy shield Dole, they thought it was Mimy Dole who protected Leo just now, so they didn't think much about it.

The gap opened by the energy beam is about six meters in diameter, which is enough for these huge heroic warriors to walk straight in. The first heroic warriors who entered found the control device of the lighting system immediately, and used their hands The equipment took over the control system and activated all the lighting of the entire base, and instantly the dark base became as bright as day.

Just as they guessed before, there is indeed a warehouse behind the breach, and there are a large number of material boxes stored in the warehouse. Except for a few that have been opened, the rest of the more than 30 material boxes are still intact Sealed up, there is no doubt that these more than 30 intact material boxes are worth exploring this time.

However, at this moment, everyone's attention is not on the material box, UU reading www.uukanshu. The com was placed deeper in the base, because just after the general lighting of the base was activated just now, bursts of terrifying roars came from the depths of the base. Heroic warriors with rich combat experience can all infer that the screaming thing is definitely not easy to match.

"You knew there was something in the base before?" At this moment, the leader of the exploration team suddenly thought of something and turned to Leo, who was walking in, and asked.

"Yes." Leo nodded truthfully and said, "I reminded you, but you didn't follow my advice."

"Do you know what that is?" the leader of the exploration team asked again.

"Steel Bug Demon." Leo gave the answer.

Hearing Leo's answer, everyone couldn't help being stunned. They had never heard of such a thing. You must know that they were all heroic warriors who patrolled the fortress, not those who were in charge of guarding the holy city. Touring the various blank areas in Vanaheim, their understanding of the creatures in the blank areas definitely exceeds that of most scholars who specialize in this kind of research, and those dangerous monsters are the focus of their understanding, but they have never heard of them A creature like the Steele bug.

"Is this a unique creature of Midgard?" Someone suddenly thought of the origin of this base, and couldn't help asking.

Leo revealed the answer directly, and said: "No, this is the median abyssal race of the abyss, a very annoying monster."

"Abyss?" Hearing this word, the expressions on the faces of all the heroic warriors changed, and even a look of fear appeared on the faces of several heroic warriors.

Seeing the reactions of these heroic warriors, Leo felt a little surprised, and said in a deep voice, "Do you know what the abyss is?"

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