The Mysterious World Under Steampunk - Chapter 1735 smooth exploration

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, the fastest update of the mysterious world under steampunk! Obviously, when the artificial intelligent life of the Myoniyom was created, the concept of a clear division of labor and performing their duties was deeply implanted into their genes. Their occupation and identity have already been fixed, and all the knowledge they will learn in the future will be based on their occupation and identity, not the knowledge of their occupation and identity. No matter how high their status is, it is impossible to know its core content.

As the igniter, Mimidor obviously has an unusual special status in Sky City, at least one of the top batch, and even the creators who are their actual masters will give them a considerable degree of respect. Even though his mission as an igniter has been completed and he no longer has the ability to make holy crystals, this kind of respect is still maintained, just like the equipment and materials he needs are provided free of charge.

However, even the management of Sky City with such a high status still cannot understand the mission information of the explorers with low-level field positions. It can be seen that the restrictions on the positions of Sky City are as strict as a machine.

After realizing that he couldn't get what he wanted to know from Mimidor, Leo didn't continue to ask. Instead, he helped Mimidor get familiar with the newly acquired equipment and helped Mimidor do some research. Soldiers have training.

In the next few days, Mimiddle maintained high-intensity combat training, and even when sleeping, he had to guard against sudden sneak attacks. Although this kind of training would make him physically and mentally exhausted, it could also help him get familiar with the old and new on his body as soon as possible. Equipment, let yourself quickly grow from an igniter fighting in the mountains to an explorer who can perform field missions alone in the blank.

Of course, this kind of sparring is not without benefits for Leo, at least he can use the opportunity of training to further understand the core mysteries of the various equipment on Mimidor.

Leo and Mimidor's training also naturally attracted the attention of other heroic warriors in the reception area. The reason why these people can become heroic warriors is without exception related to their extremely martial temperament. Anything related to combat can be easily solved. Easily attracting their attention, they have gathered since the first day Leo started training Mimidor, and they are betting how long Mimidor, the Minyyom they call Bean Sprouts, will last To be able to grow into a qualified fighter.

However, what made all the heroic warriors predict wrong was that it only took less than three days for Mimidor to grow from a combat layman to a qualified fighter who could compete with the heroic warriors with his equipment. The incompetent Miao Niyom were completely different. Even after a few days, some heroic warriors let Mimidor win under the carelessness, which also gave Mimidor a resounding reputation among these heroic warriors. With fame, the heroic warriors also gradually changed their views on Mimidor, and regarded him as a companion.

There is still a heroic warrior in Mimidor who takes the initiative to challenge, and Leo as a training partner is no exception. Power, directly swept the Heroic Warriors in the entire reception area, and won the title of an undefeated among the Heroic Warriors.

Leo's figure is like a child in the eyes of the heroic warriors, so after he swept all the challenges, the impact on the heroic warriors was very big, but after this scene was seen by the one-eyed Wu Ni, he did not There are too many shocking emotions, because he already knows how powerful Leo's body is. Let alone defeating these heroic warriors, it is not difficult to destroy the entire cruise fortress.

Although he knew Leo's true power, before he found out Leo's identity, the one-eyed man Wu Ni didn't show too abnormal attitude towards Leo. Seeing the clues, he has not appeared in front of Leo these days, and has always been hiding in the monitoring room to observe Leo's situation.

Now for him, what needs to be clarified most is the purpose of Leo's coming here, because in his opinion, Leo hides his own strength, and uses the identity of the Muniyom igniter to sneak into the fortress , must have a very important purpose.

At first, he guessed that Leo might have come for the base built by the Midgard people in the past, but he quickly denied this guess, because they only recently knew the secret of this base, and because Their innate discrimination against the Midgards made them relatively look down on the creations of the Midgards, so even if they knew the existence of the base, they didn't take it to heart at first, it was a discussion After a long time, it was decided to send people to this base for exploration.

But even so, the main task of the cruise to the fortress is not to go to the base to explore, it is just an ordinary normal exploration task, if a Midgardian who can resist the power of the ancient holy seal is really coming to the base , then there is no need to appear in front of them at all, just go directly to the base, and you don't even need to make any disguise, because people with absolute strength don't need to pretend in front of the weak.

Therefore, after denying that Leo came for that base, the one-eyed Wu Ni thought of the Holy City, and it seems that only the Holy City can allow people who think they are so powerful to sneak in by deliberately hiding their power.

At the same time, he also understood why when he traded seeds to Leo before, Leo would immediately reject the deal, because that would expose his power. After all, an ordinary Midgard's seed and a There is a clear difference between the seeds of the famous powerhouse.

As for Leo's appearance here, he didn't have any special purpose at all, he was just heading in a certain direction. The words from Mimideole's mouth were not taken seriously by the one-eyed man and other senior executives of the cruise fortress.

Although the one-eyed man Wu Ni and other high-level fortresses secretly observed Leo through surveillance devices, none of them appeared in front of Leo, but the movement of this observation was still easily discovered by Leo, and Leo had no idea about it. If he showed any abnormalities, he was also waiting for the monitors to emerge by themselves, and then directly knew what the other party's purpose was from the monitors, but what puzzled him was that the monitors did not appear in front of him from the beginning to the end , even the one-eyed Wuni who brought him in seems to have forgotten about him as a pseudo Midgard these days and never appeared in front of him again.

Until the cruising fortress came to the sanctuary mentioned by Mimidor, the one-eyed Wuni still did not appear. The heroic warrior team that was supposed to be led by Wuni was now handed over to another strange heroic warrior captain. As for Leo and Mimidor, they were not restricted from moving, but they acquiesced to go together, but before leaving, they were told that if they encountered any danger in the base, they would not rescue them, and everything had to be resolved by themselves .

In this regard, Mimidor did not feel any abnormality. In fact, he was not interested in this base exploration, because the reason why he came to the refuge was to see if there was any medical device here to solve the problem in his spine. The thing about the tumor, but now the tumor has mutated due to some unknown stimulation, and it is completely integrated with his spinal nerves. There is no way to remove the tumor, so he has no shelter or the base in the middle of the shelter. Too much interest. As for why he also went with him, it was entirely because the one-eyed Wuni sent someone to tell him that he could leave. The implication was to tell him not to stay in the fortress. He still understood this meaning, so he followed The exploration team sent by the castle left together.

However, Leo felt something was wrong at this time, because he would be left in the cruise fortress mainly because the one-eyed Wuni told him that only Midgard people can open the entrance of the base, so his purpose here is to open the door , but the problem is that the cruise fortress has formed an exploration team and set off, but he has not received any request from his peers to open the entrance, and more importantly, the captain of the team is not the one-eyed Wu Ni, but another Captain of the Heroic Warriors.

Although they are both captains of heroic warriors, their identities and abilities differ by not a little bit. Now, the captain of heroic warriors as the team leader is better than ordinary heroic warriors on paper and pen, and he is a pure warrior. Obstacles don't think about it, but choose to go straight up, so such a person is not suitable as the captain of the expedition team at all, only suitable as the vanguard captain during the battle.

But now such a reckless man is appointed as the captain of the exploration instead of the more qualified and capable one-eyed man Wuni. Being valued by them, they sent people here to explore without considering the rewards at all, or they originally came here for the failure of the exploration, but just wanted to perfunctory the high-level officials of the holy city who made the exploration request.

Even though he is confused about the actions and purpose of these creators, Leo Next page! Current Page 1/Total 2 Pages

Without asking too much about the reason, he and Mimidore left the cruise fort with the expedition team they sent out after learning that they could leave, and walked towards the refuge.

Just like the cruise fortress, this refuge is also in the shape of a pyramid, only slightly larger than the cruise fortress, but the overall shape, especially the patterns on the surface that look like decorations, are all exactly the same, as if it was a certain It is the same as mass-produced products in an assembly line factory.

However, this refuge also has some differences. For example, a large number of trees have taken root on the outer wall of the refuge. It is not difficult to judge from the size of the growing trees that the roots of these trees may have penetrated into the interior of the refuge.

Although, it is not difficult to see from the many traces that the Miaonyyom people in Sky City have maintained this place many times in the past, such as clearing trees, repairing damaged walls, etc., but these restoration works are not suitable for the vibrant forest. , obviously not very useful, the only thing that can prevent the roots of forest trees from spreading is a special biological energy field that is not easy to perceive inside the shelter.

Through the scanning of the mental network, the range of this energy field is unknown in the middle of the refuge, and the overall shape is circular. This energy field can make any creature feel dangerous and choose to avoid it instead of infiltrating it, so the people wrapped in it Neither buildings nor facilities will be attacked by plant roots and remain intact.

However, such a sense of danger can only affect those creatures without intelligence or strong inspiration. For the heroic warriors whose minds are full of war, Mimidor whose emotions have been locked out of his genes by rules, and Leo with extraordinary strength Said it didn't work.

Because of the construction blueprints, the exploration team quickly found the entrance of the refuge. Except that some doors could not be opened because the roots of the trees damaged the energy system of the device, and the heroic warriors had to break the doors forcibly, they all walked away at other times. Very smoothly, they quickly entered the area protected by the energy field, and after breaking through some doors that could not be opened, they came to the outer layer of the ancient Midgard base.

Different from the pyramid shelter outside, the Midgard base is in the shape of a sphere, half of the base is on the ground, and the other half is underground. As Mimidor said, the base is indeed using the source energy of nuclear energy, UU Read the book And because most of the equipment has been in a stagnant state for such a long time in the past, the energy of the source energy core is still strong, and it even caused a strong interference to Leo's spiritual network, making it impossible for Leo to Explore the situation inside through the spirit net.

It's just that this has no effect on Leo, because he has realized a long time ago that he only relies on the spirit network to detect the situation, which is a single method, so through the mastery of other powers, he created some similar spirits. The witchcraft or shaman spells of the net are just that they cannot compare with the spiritual net in terms of scope and effect, so they have always been used as auxiliary means, and now is just a good time to use these means.

Leo didn't think much about it, and directly used shaman spells to deal with this situation, because not only the force of nature is strong enough here, but also a lot of plants, and the shaman spells can be used to stimulate the biological energy of plants to generate biofield waves way to explore places in the base that cannot be explored with the spirit net.

So, when the exploration team was standing at the entrance, thinking about which weapon to use to open the entrance, Leo took out the shaman scepter he made, walked to the side of the base, put his hand on the outer metal wall, He slightly lowered the shaman scepter to the ground under his feet.

Leo's actions did not attract the attention of those heroic warriors. At the moment, they were all focused on opening the base entrance with their weapons, while Mimidor, who was beside Leo, looked at Leo's movements curiously, and Standing away from a distance, it seems that he can guess what kind of extraordinary power Leo is displaying.

Immediately afterwards, Mimidor felt a huge life energy gushing out of Leo's scepter, rushing towards the outer wall of the base like ripples in the water, and then directly penetrated the outer wall, penetrated into the interior of the base, and The situation inside the base was thoroughly scanned.

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