The Most Generous Master Ever - Chapter 487 : man and dog

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The apprentice is returned ten thousand times, and the teacher never hides the secret Chapter 487: Men and Dogs

The other disciple made a gesture in his hand, showing an expression of admiration.

" evil."

"As expected of the most legendary woman in my nine heavens and ten places, I am fortunate in this life. If I can take a fairy like Senior Sister Mingyue and dig my ancestral grave, I would be willing."

As soon as these words came out, the man next to him was startled, and a mallet slammed on it.

"What nonsense, you don't want to die? Even Senior Sister Mingyue dares to think about it."

The man was also taken aback, and he just hurriedly shut his mouth, not daring to think about anything.

After all, their status and status can only be looked up to.

After calming down, the two suddenly began to wonder.

"Strange, why is there a man behind Senior Sister Mingyue?"

"Who is that person?"

"Didn't you say that, next to Senior Sister Mingyue, within ten meters, men and dogs will die if they approach?"

"I don't know, I haven't seen this person before."

The two were immediately puzzled. Mingyue's fierce name was not blown out.

Her character belongs to the kind of particularly cold character, and the most annoying thing in her life is the dog.

That's why this famous saying was born, of course... The man was added by someone else, because Mingyue was too cold, no one dared to approach, and such a rumor gradually emerged.

It means that Yue doesn't like men, and if he dares to approach, he will die.

This is why, for so many years, even though she has the title of the number one beauty in nine days and ten places, no man dares to chase after her.

And those dogs, even more than a hundred miles away, fled when they heard the name, dispelling their fears.

The conversation between the two happened to fall into the ears of Ye Qiu who was about to leave.

It seems that Mingyue heard it too! The steps were chaotic and a little angry.

And Ye Qiu seemed to have heard a big gossip, and suddenly became curious.

"Man and dog?"

Looking at Mingyue's back, Ye Qiu was thoughtful.

Could it be that she was hurt by a man before? So why do you hate it so much?

The more he thought about it, the more curious he became, Ye Qiu's expression gradually became more complicated.

Seemingly aware of something, Mingyue's mouth twitched, sometimes she really didn't want to explain.

But looking at Ye Qiu's expression, he always felt that he was thinking in a bad direction.

After hesitating for a while, he said, "I was almost bitten by a dog when I was young, so I hate dogs."

Speaking of dark history, Mingyue's tone became extremely cold, obviously very unhappy.

I can imagine how much that dog had a shadow on her back then.

"Oh I got it."

Hearing her explain this, Ye Qiu suddenly realized.

Emotions are like that.

It turned out... Mingyue that year, due to a turmoil, led to the destruction of the family, and began to wander at a young age.

Her destiny is also a hard-working girl, somewhat similar to Lin Qingzhu, but she is much more bitter than Lin Qingzhu.

Lin Qingzhu at least did not experience that kind of life-and-death ordeal, crawling and rolling on the dangerous wilderness, escaping the attack of fierce beasts, and dying.

And these, Mingyue has experienced all the pain that Lin Qingzhu has experienced, she has experienced all.

Therefore, her cold personality was also created, and all the simplicity and innocence were hidden in her heart.

Back then, when she was wandering, she was almost killed by a dog. Fortunately, she was lucky and happened to meet Meng Tianzheng who was passing by and rescued her.

Since then, the trajectory of her life has changed, and her legend has begun.

"Well, it seems that you also have an unknown story."

Ye Qiu said softly, with a slightly comforting tone in his tone.

This matter seems to be a wound in Mingyue's heart, and she is reluctant to mention it.

Just said coldly: "I don't."

Ye Qiu shrugged and did not continue to involve in this issue, and then asked curiously, "Then this man..."

Before he said anything, Ye Qiu suddenly panicked. If the rumors were true, should he stay away from Mingyue?

After all, life matters, and beauty comes second.

Hearing this, Mingyue almost wanted to roll her eyes, and she didn't know why those people's mouths were so broken, she knew every day that Papa was spreading rumors about her.

It felt that Ye Qiu's eyes were not right. Mingyue didn't want to explain it, but if he didn't explain it, it seemed that he would really think in that direction.

"I've never said anything like this, it's all spread by them, and it has nothing to do with me."

Although many times she didn't want to explain, but... for some reason, when Ye Qiu asked this question, she always had a feeling in her heart that she had to explain something.

He touched his chest secretly, and his heart beat faster and faster, as if the inner world, and this man, had a cause and effect that was inexorable and chaotic.

After listening to her explanation, Ye Qiu immediately understood.

"Oh, I see……"


These days, the rumors are really scary. A beautiful woman who is so dignified is misrepresented as not liking men just because she is a little cold.

Sure enough, people still can't eat too much, and if they can't get what they can't get, they will do everything possible to destroy her.

Of course, in essence, this has no effect on the moon, and it is even beneficial.

Because she doesn't like these troubles herself, she only focuses on the immortal way, without the interruption of others, instead she can focus more on cultivation.


Entering the inner door from the outer door, Ye Qiu was still thinking, when a voice suddenly interrupted his thoughts.

I saw a young man in purple standing by the side of the trail pool, as if watching the fish.

Seeing footsteps behind him, he looked back and found that it was Mingyue, and immediately said hello.

However, after saying hello, the young man's expression suddenly changed, and his expression became gloomy.

Because, he saw the person he least wanted to is you! "

This person is none other than Xiao Yan from the lower realm.

"Hehe... What a coincidence. I didn't expect Senior Brother Xiao to be so elegant. I don't know if I can understand something when I watch the fish here?"

Ye Qiu laughed, walked up and joked.

Isn't this the meeting of old rivals, and the way of enemies is narrow?


With a cold snort, Xiao Yan didn't have a good face. Obviously, he still hasn't let go of what happened last time.

"I didn't expect it to make you soar successfully."

"However, that's all! Your talent and aptitude may be unique in the lower realm."

"But don't be too happy too early. The world you live in is still too small after all. You must know that there are days outside the sky, and there are people outside people."

"In this world, there are countless people who are better than you, so... Senior Brother still wants to warn you. It's better to keep a low profile. Be careful if you cause a big disaster, no one can protect you."

Xiao Yan came up to be a disgrace, and wanted to give Ye Qiu a warning.

It's just that Ye Qiu didn't take it to heart, thinking that what he said was a fart.

However, Ye Qiu didn't intend to correct him, but instead said in agreement.

Immediately, he said, "Well, Senior Brother Xiao is right. In the future, I still have a lot of things to ask Senior Brother for advice."

Seeing Ye Qiu's attitude, Xiao Yan was stunned for a moment. He couldn't figure out what medicine this kid was selling in the gourd?

With his character, shouldn't he refute himself when he comes up at this time, and then let go of his harsh words and prove himself?

Do not play cards according to the routine? Or has he already seen those real geniuses, cowardly? +Bookmark+

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