The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy - Chapter 1069 - Try To

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Chapter 1069: Try To

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Shen Li was a little surprised.

That had been the first time she had seen Shen Zhijin up close, and it was also the first time she had ever talked to him. In addition to that, the two of them had ordered the same peach tea drink, so that memory had made a deep impression on her.

She had always thought that that had been the first time they had met.

Shen Zhijin’s eyes became a little warmer.

“The first time I saw you was the day you came to Xijing University to report in.”

Shen Li’s eyes widened slightly. “So early?”

Shen Zhijin recalled the situation at that time and smiled.

“At that time, you were on the phone with someone by Bihe Lake in front of the Institute of Physics.”

At that time, he had been in the car looking at the school anniversary schedule. He had unintentionally raised his head and seen the young girl standing by the lake.

She had been wearing a baseball cap and was leaning to the side. The curve of her lips overlapped with his memories.

He clearly remembered that the first time he saw her, his heart had trembled for a moment.

Even at that time, he had not even been able to see her face clearly.

Now that he recalled it, God had treated him well. That day, God had already sent her back to his side.

Shen Li quickly remembered the situation at that time.

“So it was… at that time?”

At that time, she had been on the phone with Lu Huaiyu. He had been asking her about her experience at Xijing University and she had said that it was very good.

At that time, she had indeed been very happy, but she had not expected Shen Zhijin to be so close to her at that time.

Shen Zhijin looked at her.

“At that time, I still did not know that you were the student that Teacher Xu had brought in.”

Shen Li’s eyelashes trembled slightly.

This was the first time she had heard Shen Zhijin talk about this matter.

In fact, for such a long time, she had never asked him when he had started to suspect her background.

Now it seemed that there was really no need to ask this question.

Because from the first time he had seen her, he had treated her differently from others.

Thinking of it this way, the few months that they had been living together day and night, yet had not been able to clearly identify each other’s identities, could not be called a regret.

Before he had known all that, his heart and will had already deviated from hers.

It had been predestined.

“Your peach tea is ready.”

The shop assistant eagerly handed over two cups of peach tea.

Shen Zhijin took two straws and handed one to Shen Li.

“Thank you, Dad.”

Shen Li thanked him and was about to turn around and leave when two tall freshmen in military training uniforms finally could not hold it in anymore. They walked over and boldly said, “Well… Hello, Vice Principal Shen!”

Shen Zhijin paused his footsteps slightly. He looked over and nodded slightly.


Shen Li was not surprised by this scene.

The name Shen Zhijin could be considered a golden sign of Xijing University. Even many non-physics majors respected and admired him.

This was especially so for freshmen. They would usually be excited to see him for a long time.

However, what happened next was somewhat unexpected.

Because one of the boys continued to ask, “I wonder if it would be convenient for Senior Shen Li to give us an autograph?”


Shen Li turned around and saw the two boys looking at her nervously and expectantly.

They were asking for Shen Zhijin’s consent and also her opinion.

Guessing something, Shen Zhijin looked over.

Meeting Shen Li’s slightly puzzled gaze, another boy hurriedly explained.

“It’s like this, Senior Shen Li, we are fans of you and LY! Since the world championship will be held in a few days… we’d really, really like an autograph. Of course, if it’s inconvenient for Senior Shen Li, it’s okay too!”

It was rare for him to be so close to his idol, so the boy stuttered and his ears turned red.

The one next to him was almost the same, looking at her cautiously and expectantly.

On the last day of August, the starting list of the twelve teams for the world championship had been announced.

Each team had a total of five members, and the points system was adopted.

LY was this year’s National Rally Team Champion and the representative for China in the competition. As the team captain, Shen Li was naturally among them.

So it was for this that these two people had come over…

Shen Li nodded.


Hearing her agreement, the two boys’ eyes immediately lit up, and they hurriedly handed over a pen and paper.

“Thank you, Senior Shen Li! We were in a hurry, so we only had time to go to the stationery store nearby to buy this. Please don’t mind us!”

Shen Li looked at the notebook and pen that had obviously just been opened. She was silent for a moment, but she still took it and helped them sign their names.

The two of them thanked her again.

“I hope Senior Shen Li and LY can relax and perform their best!”

Shen Li raised her eyebrows slightly.

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These words were very particular. They did not say that they wanted them to win the championship, they only said that they wanted them to perform well.

Obviously, although they were LY’s fans, they did not think that LY could win the championship in this world championship.

In fact, even the famous Wen Xiao had not been able to do that.

He had been the individual driver champion, but the team he had led had ended up in second place and failed to win the championship.

The reason he was a legend in the racing world was because he had left the car in second place far behind in this competition and had won first place with an absolute advantage.

Unfortunately, his teammates had not accumulated enough points and had ended up in second place.

However, regardless of that, Wen Xiao’s individual strength had absolutely been recognized by everyone.

In particular, in the ten years after he had announced his retirement, no other driver in China had managed to lead a team to achieve such a result.

Shen Li had previously displayed astonishing strength in the rally race and attracted countless fans.

However, compared to the top few drivers on the leaderboard, there was still a clear gap.

Therefore, they did not dare to expect too much and this was the blessing that they gave.

The corners of Shen Li’s lips curved up slightly.

“Thank you.”

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