The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak - Chapter 769: Power

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Chapter 769: Power

The East Protector swung his sword once again. This time he placed all of his power into this attack as he executed his killing sword technique. His sword flashed turning into a stream of light that instantly arrived in front of the unknown person.

The unknown person simply laughed before he raised his hand. It looks slow but his hand was incredibly fast as he caught the blade effortlessly.

The sudden stop of the blade generated a powerful gust of wind that blew everything behind the unknown person.

“I-Impossible!! Who are you?!” The East Protector subconsciously took a step back. This time he got a clear look at this mysterious person.

This person was two meters tall and had a well-built body. He was wearing a black coat with a white long-sleeve underneath it. He had long blonde hair and pure gold color eyes.

“It doesn’t matter to me. My goal is to kill everyone here.” The mysterious man smiled as he looked at the sky. “Still, I didn’t expect that there are terrifying beings here. The being who could create an alternate space in Imperium, especially a high world could only be a god.”

“Terrifying beings?! God?!” The East Protector was confused.

Yaniesvyl, Dream, and the West Protector observed the mysterious man with utmost cautiousness. This man, after all, easily stopped the East Protector’s powerful attack. He made it look so easy but if they were in his position, they wouldn’t be able to stop that attack like him.

“Yep, Casti from Night Light Association and Hermo from Thunder Hall are both dead. They wandered around this land without even thinking that there are powerful creatures here. They seek their death by going to the desert.” The mysterious man looked at them.

He previously followed the two to find an opportunity to kill them but after sensing that creature’s power, he quickly run as fast as possible. His decision was correct. After he left the desert, the entire place was turned upside down. The whole region was devastated and he even thought that if he was still there, he wouldn’t survive at all.

That energy was equivalent to a peak fourth stage monster. It was even stronger than most of the peak fourth stage. It was horrifying.

Suddenly, the whole area shook heavily and the Six Layers Poison Array was shattered. A huge amount of poison gas spread out in the entire area.

Lady Heimbra had completed the refinement of the Extreme Poison Field. It became one with her as she uncontrollably release a huge amount of vicious poison gas.

“With this, everyone here will die. Then, I’ll kill Heimbra and everyone from the top faction will lose their minds after losing all of you. They will overturn the whole Spring Land to find the culprit but I will be gone at that time.” The mysterious man laughed.

“Y-You!!” The East and West Protectors pounced fiercely. If one wasn’t enough then all of them were going to attack.


Another two shadows appeared behind the mysterious man. They were the North and South Protectors. They just finished Yaniesvyl’s comrades so they came here but they didn’t expect that an unknown man was obstructing their plan.

“Not enough!” The mysterious man laughed.

In the next moment, the four protectors were blown away. Their bodies violently crashed on the ground causing a huge crater. Their contact and energy even triggered some of the plants and trees to release poisons.

At this rate, this whole area was going to be filled with poison too. Yaniesvyl and Dream didn’t have the strength to fight back. The detoxification items that they had weren’t enough to handle the poison from the Extreme Poison Field.


Yaniesvyl and Dream turned their heads as they saw a silhouette walking out of the poison fog. Both of them were familiar with this aura.

“Lady Heimbra is here…”

Yes, Lady Heimbra finished refining the Extreme Poison Field. She made it her own ability and fused it in herself.

“My Lady!! Run!! Run!!”

The four protectors shouted at the same time. Right now, the most dangerous person in this area was the mysterious man. He possessed a power that surpassed everyone in this place. No one could defy him.

The target of the mysterious man was everyone from the top faction.

“Hahaha! Extreme Poison Field… That’s a very rare ability that only people with affinity to poison could refine.” The mysterious man laughed as he looked at the beautiful Lady Heimbra. He wickedly licked his lips as he approached her.

“Who are you?” Lady Heimbra narrowed her eyes as she slowly took a step back.

She already refined the Extreme Poison Field so her pores were releasing a huge amount of extreme poison every second. But this man offset her poison with his energy. The poison couldn’t even reach this man no matter how much she tried to push it at him. It was as if there was an invisible barrier that she couldn’t penetrate around his body.

But how is that possible?

“It’s not my ability… It’s because of my arm guard.” The mysterious man raised his hand. “This arm guard is a red grade equipment and using this… Your poison will not be able to touch me.”

“Y-You!! Who sent you here?!” Lady Heimbra narrowed her eyes cautiously. Someone who could get their hands on an orange grade artifact wasn’t ordinary.

“You just refine the Extreme Poison Field so the poison you could use isn’t that strong yet. You continue to release poison fog from your pores and you will absorb it in the next few hours to enhance yourself. You will continue this cycle ten times. After that, you will become someone dangerous that could pose a threat to me.” The mysterious man explained nonchalantly. “But the ‘you’ right now isn’t a problem for me.”

“How dare you underestimate me!!” Lady Heimbra shouted as she waved both of her hands. Her left hand emitted green light while her right hand emitted purple light.

[Great Poison Ray]!!

The two lights intertwined together as she fired a powerful ray at the mysterious man. At the same time, the four protectors stood up and rushed together to support their young lady.

“My Lady, we’ll help you!!” The four protectors said as they pounced at the mysterious man while gathering their energy to launch an attack.

“Ehe~ You could just sit quietly…” The mysterious man laughed.


A powerful flaming field expanded from his body. The field collided with Lady Heimbra’s attack. It resisted for a few seconds before it shattered the ray, leaving the four protectors exposed. The field continued to expand quickly, pushing everything away.

Instantly, the entire area within a diameter of one kilometer was melted. Even her poison fog vanished into thin air due to the intense heat of the flaming field.

Lady Heimbra gritted her teeth as she crossed her hands in front of her. The flaming field burned layers of her skin and muscles. Even the natural protective field around her was melted.

‘He’s focusing his energy on increasing the temperature…! He got amazing control over his energy!’ Although she was in a dire situation, she still couldn’t help but feel amazed at her opponent’s ability.

Instead of focusing on energy damage, the mysterious man charged his energy on the characteristics of the flame. This way, he could avoid people with a specific resistance.

“[Sun Layer Barrier]… This has the same temperature as the sun plus it’s much more powerful since it has my energy within. Ordinary sun only possessed heat and gas. It didn’t have any mana in it.” The mysterious man laughed heartily. He slowly walked towards Lady Heimbra.

Suddenly, two figures crashed on the ground near them. The collision blew the heat wave coming from the mysterious man’s spell. The temperature returned to normal and the atmosphere became quiet.

“I told you to be careful!”

“But I can feel a strong presence here so I decided to carry you!”

“What if we attracted the other fourth stage monsters?”

“Don’t worry, I’m much more sensitive to monsters so I know if there’s one here!”

The mysterious man, Lady Heimbra, Yaniesvyl, Dream, and the four protectors heard voices within the smoke.

All sorts of things happened ever since this expedition started. First, the appearance of the four protectors, then there’s this mysterious powerful man, and now…

Who is it this time?

Before they could even react, something strange happened… The mysterious man who they thought to be the most powerful was in the mid-air. A red hair man was grabbing him on the neck.

What?! No one even saw what happened. They just found that this red-haired man already grabbed the mysterious man on the neck.

“Hey, I heard what you talking about… You want to kill the people from the top faction, right? Can you explain to me what it got to do with you or maybe have you heard something from Wingless Crow?” Souta asked in a cold tone.

“Wingless Crow? Don’t tell me…” The mysterious man widened his eyes in shock. His energy burst out releasing the full power of his spell.

100% [Sun Layer Barrier]!!

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