The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak - Chapter 482 - High World

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The king called the upper echelons of the country to have a meeting regarding the flying fortress above their capital.

While they were talking, Souta and the rest were simply looking down at the city.

"Low-world, the mana density is level 58."

Souta muttered as he heard the reports of his subordinate.

"What are we going to do next? I thought that we're going to gather resources from this planet." Franklin asked with a bored expression.

"We've appeared in the middle of the city so the higher-ups of this country will be going to contact us soon," Alice said from the side.

"Yeah, we can negotiate with them that way. Also, don't underestimate this planet as it has a mana density of level 58. It's much higher than any planets that the Great Astley Empire discovered." Torkez said.

"It's not that much different. The Great Astley Empire only had a few A-rank experts in their ranks and this planet has probably more A-rank." Souta said to them. With his current strength, he didn't need to worry about A-rank but it's better to talk first before he went to extreme way.

"Okay, I will wait for a while. If they didn't appear I will simply go down and make them submit to me." Franklin said with a sigh.


After a few hours, the palace showed signs of moving. It seems that they were going to contact Souta's group who were inside the flying fortress.

"Oh, they are flying!" Franklin said with an amused look while looking at the four people that flew towards the fortress.

Two of the four people were old men wearing exquisite robes while the other one was a middle-aged man wearing full plate armor. The last person was wearing a crown and it seems that this was the king of this country.

The two old men were using a simple levitate spell to help the king who was standing on the golden-colored carpet.

Alice, Doranjan, Torkez, and Isabella were looking at these four people with interest in their eyes. Yuko was simply sleeping on the side while Yenxa still had that expressionless face beside Souta.

"Three A-rank and one B-rank. The weakest one is the one who's wearing a crown, the king. Everyone! don't lower your guard, no matter what happens they are still experts at A-rank." Souta said in a low voice while glancing at them from behind.


"This technology! It's not from our world..." One of the two old men muttered while looking at the Guardian Fortress closely.

"Yeah, we have an agreement from a higher world. So I think that this flying fortress came from a different faction." The other old man nodded.

These two old men were the greatest magician of the kingdom while the middle-aged man was the military command of their army. They were here to guarantee the safety of their king, the most important person in the country.

The king glanced at them and said, "We'll try to know their purpose by coming here so don't show any sign of hostility. I don't want a fight to break out in our capital as it will kill a lot of innocent people."

"Yes, your majesty!" The three bowed slightly at the king.

The four arrived on the deck of the fortress and Berdu was already waiting for them. Berdu wasn't that strong as her power level was only C-rank.

"Please follow me,"

Berdu guided them to the room where Souta was waiting.

While they were walking, they observed the fortress with interest. It's rare for them to see something like this in their entire life so their mind was filled with curiosity.

Soon, they've arrived in front of a metallic door.

"We're here, please proceed carefully and choose your words wisely," Berdu warned them before he left.

The king, the two magicians, and the commander nodded at each other before they entered the room.

"Let's go."

Inside the room, what they saw were various dangerous creatures. There were humans, demis, and monsters waiting for them.

'A d-dragon?!!'

They were inwardly shocked when they saw a green dragon looking at them with fierce eyes. This was the first creature that they saw after they entered the room as the body of a green dragon was too eye-catching.

Doranjan simply observed these four puny humans.


They couldn't help but gulp when they saw the green dragon watching their movements.

Then, their eyes moved around.

They saw a two and a half meter tall bear sleeping on the corner. The bear had crimson fur just like a flame.

A young girl with green skin and shoulder-length dark red color hair. Her big round eyes were red and her lips were black. Black spikes with green-colored tips were protruding on her back.

Just by looking at her appearance, they knew that this girl wasn't human at all.

Beside the little girl was a beautiful young woman that looked like 18-19 years old.

They were glad to see a human in this group. It calmed them down a little.

On the left side, there were three people. Two men and one woman.

The woman had green silky hair that was tied in a bun. Her appearance was average with her green eyes and sharp eyebrows. She was wearing round eyeglasses.

This was the most average looking person in the group. The young woman before was unbelievably beautiful but this woman looked like a normal villager.

The two men were a middle-aged man and an old man. The middle-aged man looked like a battle-hardened warrior while the old man with a pair of antenna on his forehead had a faint smile.

At the center of the group was a young man with dark green-colored skin who was comfortably sitting on a chair. He had blood-red color hair that was tied in a ponytail and his eyes had the same color as his hair.

His was full of accessories from earrings, necklaces, bracelets, to rings. Also, his red robe was made exquisitely as they could feel some sort of power emanating from it.

'A young master? This young man must be a son of a big shot!'

The king was about to introduce himself but Souta raised his hand to stop him from saying anything.

"Let me get straight to the point. I have arrived here to gather resources from this planet. I want a supply that will last for three to five months." Souta said while looking at the eyes of the king. He then added, "If did that then I will leave this planet immediately. Of course, I will not take it like a thief. I will give you something good in return if you manage to complete my task quickly."

"Um... Sir...?" The king didn't know if he should say something or not. He didn't even know how to call Souta so he was hesitating.

"Tell me, what do you want?" Souta said to the king while glancing at the three people beside him. The three people besides the king seem to leave everything to him.

"I just want to ask something..." The king paused.

"Okay, tell me what you want to know?" Souta nodded as he gave his permission.

"I want to ask what faction you belong in the higher world? We had an agreement in the High Serenity Palace and it prevented anyone from interfering in the lower world." The king asked while watching Souta's expression.

"Oh, can you tell me more about it?" Souta was a little bit surprised. He didn't expect that this low-world had contact with a higher world.

The king explained the agreement to Souta. The agreement that they had from the High Serenity Palace, an organization from a higher world.

Souta rubbed his chin while listening to the king's explanation about High Serenity Palace. The information that the king had was too vague for Souta to understand the power of that organization but he was sure about one thing. The High Serenity Palace wasn't from a mid world but a high world.

He was in the route of the Great Astley Empire and if the empire met this planet the empire would invade it. How come the empire managed to overcome it if this planet was under a high world?

"Hmm... I'm not part of any faction in the higher world that you mentioned. I moved on my own and my target is beyond that even you don't even understand what really is a higher world so I'm not going to say any more than this." Souta said as he shrugged his shoulder while leaning his back on the chair.

He closed his eyes and tried to recall all the mid and high world that he knew in the game. Some of those planets contained his past equipment so it was inevitable that he contacted this world.

It's just that it's too early for him but what could he do. It was already in front of him.

He should visit the planet of the High Serenity Palace to see if it was connected to other worlds. He also wanted to know how the Great Astley Empire managed to reach the Imperium if there were high worlds in their way.

"It's interesting...."

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