The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 749 - You Deserved it

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Chapter 749: You Deserved it

He then looked over to Qiao Qing, “Ms. Qiao, am I right?”

Jun Yexuan glared at him, “Get the hell out right now!”

Yu Mo, “…”

Zhou Xin looked back at Qiao Qing, “Ms. Qiao, you helped out our young master yet again.”

Qiao Qing responded, “Don’t say things like that anymore.”

Compared to what Leng Yan had done for her, everything she’d done was nothing.

“I’m sorry, I’ve said too much.” Zhou Xin smiled. “Then, Ms. Qiao, you must be hungry. Do you want to eat in the dining room or eat upstairs in the study?”

“Please send the food up.” Qiao Qing turned to go upstairs. Behind her, Jun Yexuan and Qi Yusen followed.

When Qiao Qing arrived on the second floor, she found Leng Yan hidden around the corner.

Surprised, she took her hands out of her pockets to help him stand straight.

“Why did you come down?”

Leng Yan patted her head, “I brought you trouble again.”

Qiao Qing’s face turned dark, “Are you purposely trying to make me mad?”

Leng Yan covered his mouth with his hand, “I’m sorry. I was being stupid again. Now that we have a clue, are you going to find your father?”

“I’ve sent my subordinate. I have something more urgent than that right now.”

She then helped Leng Yan turn around, “Let me help you get back.”

Leng Yan sighed, “If you’re tired, then rest. Don’t get sick before you get a chance to try and treat me.”

Qiao Qing, “I won’t. I know ancient martial arts and my body is made of iron.”

Right after she spoke, she stopped her steps for a second.

Leng Yan was sensitive and noticed it, “What’s wrong?”

Qiao Qing grinned, “It’s nothing.”

Behind those two, Qi Yusen and Jun Yexuan exchanged glances and frowned.

After they sent Leng Yan back to his room, Qi Yusen grabbed Qiao Qing’s hands and asked worriedly, “Qingqing, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Qiao Qing took back her hands and headed for the study room.

Before she got there, however, a layer of sweat formed on her forehead, and her complexion turned white.

Jun Yexuan picked her up princess style and headed for her bedroom, “If it’s your time of the month, then why didn’t you say something? It hurts for you to even stand up yet you still want to do more research?”

Qiao Qing grabbed onto his collar, “Jun Yexuan, I wasted so much time today already. I can breathe through the pain.”

She then shouted into the air, “Lang Yin, go fetch my medicine.”

Since Qiao Qing’s room was close to the study room, they arrived at her room by the time she was done talking.

Jun Yexuan gently placed her down onto the bed and lightly hit her butt, “Who do you think you are? Taking meds?! What meds?! Pain killers?!”

This was the first time QiaoQing had ever gotten her butt smacked. It took her some time to snap back to reality, “You!”

“What about me?!” Jun Yexuan wrapped the blanket around her and went to grab a pad.

Qiao Qing then looked over to Qi Yusen, “Brother!”

This was a rare occasion where Qi Yusen agreed with Jun Yexuan, “You deserved that.”

Qiao Qing, “…”

Jun Yexuan organized her stuff and placed his arms on each side of Qiao Qing, “Do you want to put this on yourself or do you want me to do it for you?”

Before Qiao Qing could react, he had taken a pad, “I will do it for you. After all, we are going to be husband and wife sooner or later.”

Just then, Qiao Qing snatched over the pad.

Jun Yexuan himself was lifted away by Qi Yusen, “Who do you think you are?! You think I’m dead?!”

Qiao Qing’s face reddened. Despite the fact that these two men have taken care of her numerous times during her time of the month, she was still unable to discuss this with them freely.

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