Starting From the Dragon Clan To Penetrate the World - v2 Chapter 751 : persuaded to die

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The ancestor king of the Taikoo tribe opened his eyes and wanted to watch the battle outside the realm.

"Brother, come and help me!"

As soon as he saw the situation outside the realm, a roar descended from the sky, it was the voice of the Great Sage Kunzhou.

I saw another figure manifested from the void. It was a great saint of the Golden Clan, holding a golden mace of the Imperial Army.

"Oh my God, there is actually a great saint and two extreme emperor soldiers, is this going to destroy the world!?"

An ancestral king exclaimed, his heart shivering. He didn't expect that the Great Sage Kunzhou would be so strong today.

"It's over, my human race senior only has one Hengyu furnace, how can I fight against the two great saints holding imperial soldiers at this time?"

The monks of the human race were worried. Although the cultivation of the seniors might be deeper, the imperial soldiers were too important in this level of battle.

Because at the level of the Great Sage, it is already possible to revive a lot of the imperial soldiers of the extreme way, and the real power of the emperor cannot be compensated for by a few small realms.

"It's really shameless, I'm afraid I originally wanted to deal with your uncle."

Seeing this scene, Princess Shencan sneered, disdain for the Great Sage Kunzhou.

At the same time, she felt uncomfortable in her heart. She didn't expect that the old monkey didn't come at this time. Could it be true that she was really devoted to the Buddha?

"Senior, do you really need help?"

Big Black Dog and Monkey asked worriedly, looking at Wei Yi, they didn't know Gai Jiuyou's level, so they were naturally worried at this time.

Wei Yi drank a cup of Dao Enlightenment tea peacefully, "Since he chooses to take action, then there is no one in the world to stop him."

Xia Jiuyou also believed to himself: "My master is invincible in the world, let alone two great saints, even if there is another one holding an imperial soldier, he will be able to kill him!"

As if to confirm their words, after the Hengyu Furnace was activated by Gai Jiuyou, the star sea was shattered with a single blow, and the two great saints joined forces, but they could not stop their divine might. between.

"You really stepped into that realm!"

The shocked voice of the Great Sage Kunzhou echoed in the universe.

The Great Sage of the Golden Clan said, "Brother Dao, there is a misunderstanding in this matter, I would like to retire from this, and I will never harass the human race!"

The Great Sage Huntuo shouted at the edge of the extraterritorial battlefield, "Fellow Daoists, stop fighting, there are not many strong elders, and peace is the most precious thing!"

But Gai Jiuyou didn't mean to stop, the blood energy gradually recovered between the shots, it seemed that he was tired of fighting, and it seemed to save his strength.

The Nine Nether Immortal Song reverberated in the sea of ​​​​stars, and the monks of the low realm couldn't understand what happened. They only heard two screams. Not even half a point left.

Dead silence, the holy city and the world are unprecedented dead silence.

No one would have imagined that the great sage of Kunzhou, the invincible great sage of Megatron, brought the ancient imperial soldiers and another great sage of the Golden Clan to commit the crime, and wanted to set up a battle to kill Mount Sumeru to defeat the Buddha.

In the end, the Buddha did not show up in Dou Victory, but the two great saints were killed by a legendary powerhouse of the human race.

The battle has hardly been fought for a few rounds. It has just started, and even the Great Sage Huntuo is confused at this time. He just persuaded him, how did the battle end?

Gai Jiuyou returned from outside the territory with the Hengyu Furnace. He didn't even look at the two ancient imperial soldiers, and they couldn't keep it.

When he returned to the holy city, all the ancient royals were trembling and dared not look at this sick old man. The incomparable divine power of the other party was deeply imprinted in everyone's heart.

The ancient royal family looked at each other in dismay, and revealed an idea in their eyes. From now on, the human race can't bully them casually.

"Brother Dao, you are too strong."

The great sage Huntuo's tone was bitter. He really came to persuade him. He never meant to look down on the human race. He just felt that he was one of the ten thousand races. How bad it is to kill.

Gai Jiuyou landed in the Tianxuan Stone Workshop, his qi was restrained, and he coughed a few times, as if he had become an old country farmer again, "It's because they deceived people too much."

The Great Sage Huntuo could see that at this moment, this **** was not ready to talk to Kun Zhou and the others, so he just casually said such a condition, that he was going to kill people.

But through this matter, he also guessed that Gai Jiuyou may not have many years to live before him, so he made a strong move today, in order to shock all clans.

At this time, the remaining ancestors of the eight gods were trembling all over. King Yinyue turned around and wanted to escape, but was turned back by Gai Jiuyou, and these ancient tribes exploded into a cloud of blood. The people in the city were excited.

Gai Jiuyou is strong and invincible.

"Thank you senior!"

Lu Chen respectfully bowed to Gai Jiuyou.

Gai Jiuyou waved his hand, "It's not for you."

Lu Chen understood that the main reason for Mr. Gai's actions today was to deter the ten thousand clan. This time the ancient clan did too much. The human clan must be stronger, and the future will be better.

When the Great Sage Hun Tuo saw this, he shook his head and sighed. He left the holy city. Everyone was dead, and he had no object to persuade.

In Tianxuan Shifang, no one dared to spy, Xia Jiuyou helped Gai Jiuyou to sit down, and Wei Yi brewed new tea.

"Senior, is it too much consumption for you to take action now, there is still a medicine king here, junior..."

Lu Chen thought it was interesting.

"The ordinary medicine king is useless to me."

Gai Jiuyou waved his hand, with his strength, he had never eaten any medicine king in his early years, and the medicine king could not eat it together, and at his level, unless he was a great medicine king over 100,000 years old, there was no medicine at all.

Wei Yi's situation is similar, and the other party is still very young compared to himself.

Lu Chen took out the demigod medicine Ganoderma lucidum from the storage space, "Senior, this is what I came across in the Shenxu back then. It is said to be comparable to the demigod medicine, and it will definitely help you survive."

Gai Jiuyou looked sideways slightly, glanced at Lu Chen, and looked directly at the source, as if seeing through something, "You keep it, you need it too."

Lu Chen was surprised. He didn't expect that the old man could see through his short life, but he had experience and was not going to use this thing to prolong his life, because relying on drugs to prolong his life was a problem for him.

When Xia Jiuyou saw this pearl of Ganoderma lucidum, her beautiful eyes were full of brilliance, and she pulled at the corner of Gai Jiuyou's clothes, "Master..."

She knew that this kind of demigod medicine is useful to Master, and it is very important to prolong life for at least a thousand years after taking it.

"Senior, you can accept it. The junior is still young, and there are infinite possibilities in the future. Right now, the human race needs a strong person like you to sit in charge."

Lu Chen said sincerely.

Gai Jiuyou pondered for a while, raised his hand and stroked it, the demigod medicine Ganoderma lucidum disappeared in Lu Chen's hand, "The boy is really interested."

Lu Chen smiled and said, "Without the seniors to take care of him, I'm afraid this kid will die today."

After speaking, he took out a small jade bottle from the storage space, which contained a few drops of divine liquid, which was left by the demigod medicine of Changbai Mountain on Earth, and Ye Fan gave it to him before going on the road.

He handed the small jade bottle to Wei Yi, "Senior, this medicine should also be useful to you."

But Wei Yi waved his hand, but he refused to accept anything. He only said that he did not lack Shou Yuan right now. In the end, Lu Chen retreated and asked for the second best. Yi Cai reluctantly accepted it.

"It seems that the last time you left, there was a good chance."

Gai Jiuyou said that he did not expect that there would be so many good things in Lu Chen.

At this time, Princess Shencan seemed to sense something, and suddenly jumped up and rushed out of the holy city. The monkey returned to his senses and quickly followed.

In the great wasteland, the two saw the back of a statue that was heading westward.

"Dead monkey, won't you see me!"

The silkworm princess shouted loudly.

The Holy King of Fighting came, but before he could take action, the battle was over.

Taikoo's grievances, did not understand in his hands, there is a little regret, hearing the former Hongyan's shouts, and finally the footsteps.

Inside the Tianxuan Stone Workshop, the **** dog was sitting on the bench like a dog, holding a cup of Taoist enlightenment tea. Jiang Yifei and Jiang Yan sat next to them, and they were very respectful to their seniors.

"Let's go, let's practice hard, boy, step on the road of God earlier, there will be more opponents there."

Gai Jiuyou pointed at the young man a few words, chatted with Wei Yi for a while, then got up and prepared to leave.

Lu Chen and the others saluted, and with the demigod medicine Ganoderma lucidum, Gai Jiuyou should be able to restore some of his former demeanor, and his qi and blood have improved a lot.

Wei Yi also said that when young people go out on their own, they are actually seeing off guests.

After everyone thanked the old sage again, they exited Tianxuan Stone Workshop.

On this day, the whole world was shocked, and the entire Big Dipper trembled three times.

At the end of the Taiko period, the great sage Kun Zhou, who was megastar in the Big Dipper, took action. At the same time, he invited another great sage from the Golden Clan. Two pieces of ancient imperial soldiers were born, and they wanted to kill Lu Chen and the holy prince.

But in the end, he was slaughtered outside the realm by a character from the human race nine thousand years ago, which shocked the world.

After this battle, no immemorial race dared to underestimate the human race, and no ancestor king dared to say to kill Lu Chen and the Holy Prince.

With the presence of a suspected emperor, who would dare to kill someone in the older generation?

Looking at Gai Jiuyou's strong approach, next time there will be chaos from the Taikoo royal family, he really dares to exterminate the clan.

A current quasi-emperor, even if he is old, but if he holds the emperor's soldiers, it may not be a problem to wipe out the ancient royal family!

When the crisis was over, Lu Chen held a banquet in the Guanghan Que in the holy city to gather with his former friends.

Yao Yuekong, Xia Yiming's siblings, and the friends Ye Fan made later also came.

The **** dog was drinking, and sat there shouting that he wanted to find Ye Fan and give him a congenital holy body.

Others were most curious about where Lu Chen had been all these years, what he had experienced, and how strong he was after he came back.

Lu Chen briefly described his cultivation life on Earth. Everyone heard that Ye Fan was fine, that he had really returned to his hometown safely, and that he had also seen his parents, and they were truly relieved.

"Master~ You have suppressed the body of the sun~"

Jiang Yan also drank a lot. After being drunk, she showed her "record" to the master first, which made Ye Tong's face turn black.

In the end, he was drunk and crazy, thinking that Lu Chen didn't believe it, so he had to perform on the spot how to hang and beat his brother.

"Sister, drink less, who would dare to marry you in the future?"

Ye Tong had a dark face, pulling her sister, trying to hide her, it was too ladylike.

But even though he complained so much, there were quite a few people who proposed marriage to the Jiang family over the years, and Donghuang didn't know how many Tianjiao admired this powerful woman.

To this day, people think that Jiang Yu dare not say that she has a flawless victory, but she will never lose the real body of the sun. They think that even if her younger brother grows up in the future, she will still be inseparable in the same situation.

"Brother Yifei, thank you for taking care of them over the years."

Lu Chen toasted Jiang Yifei. Jiang Yifei had an elegant temperament, but he knew right and wrong. He had courage and loyalty at critical moments. In conclusion, this person can handle it.

"Brother Lu, you're welcome. You and the others are all family members. As the Holy Master, of course I have to take care of them."

Jiang Yifei and Lu Chen clink glasses.

After three rounds of drinking, Lu Chen suddenly waved to a man in the corner on the other side of the top floor of Guanghan Tower, "Why don't this brother come over and drink together?"

The man had a plain appearance and had a very low sense of existence. I don't know when, drinking alone there, it was like leaving the world and wandering outside the world, with a faint loneliness lingering.

Hearing Lu Chen's words, the man stood up and walked towards him.

Everyone else is also looking at him. I don’t know when there are still people on this floor. Today, they are entertaining their old friends on the top floor of Guanghan Tower. Everyone in the holy city knows it. drink wine.

When Xia Yiming saw this man, they all felt that they could not see through. The Holy Prince looked over with surprise. The other party was probably an emperor-level figure.

"When did you find me?"

The man looked at Lu Chen and asked.

"When I killed the Emperor, I noticed that the Daoist brother was out."

Lu Chen laughed.

The man was a little surprised, nodded, sat down in the empty seat, and introduced himself: "I'm Ji Zi."

Everyone present tasted this name, and the **** dog noticed the other side's Void Avenue, and said confusedly after drinking: "Could it be the emperor of the Ji family?"

People were shocked and looked at Jizi, wondering if it was true.

Ji Zi nodded indifferently, nothing to hide.

Many people sighed, "It really is a golden age, and even the emperor of the human race was born. Today, Senior Gai Jiuyou took action, the arrogance of the human race has risen, and the real emperor has also been born. Who would dare to say that the human race is not good in the future?"

Ji Zi said humbly, "Brother Lu is even more extraordinary. He didn't inherit the power of his father's blood, but he suppressed Huo Qizi. I admire him."

"It is said that the emperor of the human race has grandeur, and it is true when I see it today. Brother Ji came to the holy city very early today."

Lu Chen raised his glass. He seemed to have seen Ji Zi's figure in the and walked twice, but it was just a passing scene, not worth mentioning. "

Ji Zi's face was expressionless. He came with a Void Mirror today, so there is no need to say it anymore, and he didn't shoot anyway.

Counting the monkeys, there were two emperors present. Many people were curious about the past of the emperors and asked one person and one monkey.

But not long after the monkey was born, he was sealed by the old father in the source of the gods. He didn't even recognize the ancient characters, and he knew very little about the old father.

As for Ji Zi, he also said that he rarely saw his father, because his father had been fighting all his life, and after he sealed himself, he never saw his father again.

"Emperor Void is not weaker than others in his life, and his military exploits are impressive and admirable."

Lu Chen also sighed with emotion, and at the same time agreed with the power of the Void Emperor. It can be seen from the Nine Emperor Tribulations that in the end, he failed to kill his humanoid lightning for the second time.

If it weren't for the **** battle of his life, the achievements of the Void Emperor might be higher, but not necessarily.

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