Starting From Supporting Qian Renxue To Plunder the Heavens - v4 Chapter 394 The so-called travel!

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【Starting to plunder the heavens by supporting Qian Renxue】【】

Kyushu, the hometown of hot springs!

Looking at the quaint sign above their heads, both Yuzaki Xingkong and Yuzaki Si showed incredible expressions of astonishment.

"This name is really straightforward!"

Yuzaki Xingkong once again savored the name Hot Spring Town], and then touched his head with a hint of embarrassment.

Although Kyushu is indeed rich in hot springs, it seems that there is only one hot spring hotel here. Isn’t it a bit too grand to name it?

"She is a good-looking person. When she was in the United States, she could argue with others for a few days and nights over trivial matters."

Yuzaki Si sighed helplessly, and then joked about Tsukiyomi Tokiko's past.

Yuzaki Xingkong didn't know what to say, he could only take out the coupon and went to the front desk to check in.

The coupons given to Yuzaki Xingkong by Tsukiyomi Tokiko are special coupons. Ordinary coupons are just ordinary discounts, but Tsukiyomi Tokiko has already ordered that if Yuzaki Xingkong and Yuzaki Xingkong come over, they will All the services in the hotel are used, and the best suites will be arranged for them, and the least money will be charged.

Of course, the service is a regular service, and the price of the suite is quite reasonable after discounts, so there is no need to worry about Yuzaki Xingkong and Yuzaki Si.

The room attendant brought Yuzaki Xingkong and Yuzaki Si to the suite, looked at the very ornately decorated room, and then saw the steaming hot spring outside the room, Yuzaki Xingkong and Yuzaki Si showed their eyes A look of longing.

"For two guests, this restaurant provides free dinner. If necessary, you can call us from the room phone to make preparations. I wish you two a pleasant stay."

The waiter left after bringing Yuzaki Xingkong and Yuzaki Si to the suite. Yuzaki Xingkong and Yuzaki put down the luggage, and then the two slept on the comfortable Simmons bed.

"Honey, this bed seems bigger than our bedroom!"

After bouncing on the big bed twice, Yuzaki Si seriously complained to Yuzaki Xingkong. The bed in this luxury suite seems to be more than enough to sleep even ten people.

Yuzaki Xingkong touched his head helplessly. Is the money they paid really enough to live in this luxurious suite for a week?

I'm afraid, in the real situation, one day's stay is not enough.

Just as Tsukiyomi Tokiko thought, no matter how well prepared she was, she might be discovered by Yuzaki Xingkong, but because Tsukiyomi Tokiko didn't give it directly, Yuzaki Xingkong could still choose to accept it.

However, by Sakiji...

When she was studying in the moon, she didn't worry at all that her good-for-nothing sister could see anything, she just kept rolling on the bed.

"Husband, husband, the TV here can still receive foreign channels!"

After a while, Yuzaki discovered the New World again. It is completely unscientific that the huge LCD TV in the room can still receive channel signals from other countries. There is no problem.

Maybe, the decorations in the room, such as bedding and sheets, are probably brand new, just to make Yuzaki Xingkong and Yuzaki Si live comfortably.

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【Starting to plunder the heavens by supporting Qian Renxue】【】

"Xiao Si, do you want to soak in the hot spring for a while?"

Yuzaki Xingkong doesn't care how much signal the TV can receive, he wants to go to a hot spring with Yuzaki.

Yuzaki stared at Yuzaki Xingkong with dead fish eyes for half a minute, and then she kissed Yuzaki Xingkong lightly, her eyes became pitiful, "Honey, let's watch TV first, here It’s playing the Avengers League repeatedly, just to give you some knowledge for your husband!”

Yuzaki Xingkong looked at the time, it was more than two o'clock in the afternoon, originally he planned to soak in the hot spring with Yuzaki, then go out for a stroll, and then come back to have dinner and then soak in the hot spring, but now it seems that in the afternoon It's probably time to watch a movie.

Facing his wife's expectant look, Yuzaki Xingkong rubbed Yuzaki Si's hair helplessly, and then pulled Yuzaki Si to lean against the cushion at the head of the bed.

Yuzaki Ji happily tuned out the TV channel, and then pulled Yuzaki Xingkong to watch it with gusto.

To be honest, Yuzaki Xingkong is a little confused. Yuzaki Si has watched related movies, reviews, and even the surrounding secondary creation content. Why is she still so engrossed when watching it again.

Yuzaki Si is watching the movie seriously, and Yuzaki Xingkong is watching Yuzaki Si engrossed.

No matter how long you look at it, Xiao Si is really cute!



In the bathhouse of Xiaoyao's house, the black rabbit rushed into the lobby. She looked at Aya who was cleaning and asked curiously, "Aya, do you know where Yuzaki and his wife went?"

Heitu, who had just returned from the Mariana Trench, discovered that the house that Yuzaki and Yuzaki Xingkong had rented had been burned to ruins, but she was not worried about what happened to the two of them, but they lost their traces She wanted urgently to know where they went.

Ling thought about it seriously, "Ah, I remember Mr. Xing Kong said before that I will take Xiao Si to the hot spring hotel in Kyushu in the next two days. That's great, the hot spring hotel must be much more comfortable than the bathhouse."

Today is a working day, Xiao is going to school, but Aya blatantly skipped class.

Heitu looked at Aya who had fallen into fantasy in a somewhat speechless manner, she stretched out her hand slightly, and then a mobile phone fell into her hand.

After skillfully dialing the number, the other party answered the phone in a short while.

"Hey, this is Yuzaki Xingkong, is this Miss Kurotu?"

Yuzaki Xingkong will note the name of each contact person, so Hei Tuo called him and he reacted immediately.

Yuzaki Ji also recovered from the plot of the movie, and she seriously turned down the voice so that Yuzaki Xingkong and Kurotu could communicate quietly.

"Mr. Xing Kong, do you and Xiao Si have any plans to travel recently?"

The black rabbit walked to a corner, and then asked Yuzaki Xingkong very seriously.

Yuzaki Xingkong was taken aback for a moment, and then told his itinerary very honestly, "We plan to travel in Kyushu for a week, and then go to Yindou's beach for a week, Miss Heitu, what do you want from us? something?"

"Half a month? The time is about the same. I want to tell you that I plan to go to another world to see what's going on there."

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【Starting to plunder the heavens by supporting Qian Renxue】【】

"Didn't I block the passage from that world to this world before, but recently I found that after the passage was blocked, the civilization of that world seems to have locked people other than Xiao Si as coordinates, so I plan to go and see Look, solve once and for all the crisis facing the world."

Heitu described the current situation in the simplest terms. After she sealed off the passage, she thought the matter was over.

But I didn't expect that the other party actually locked on another target. The point is that the target, Hei Tu, can't see anything special about her at all. If he insists on it, he might be very smart.

But being smart doesn't mean being special. In order to prevent that civilization from being able to choose targets at random as targets, Hei Tu decided to go to that civilization to take a good look.

It would be great if it can be resolved peacefully, but it must be very difficult to resolve it peacefully.

"Hey, to another world?"

Yuzaki Xingkong's eyes widened. He thought that what Heitu said about traveling was at most just a walk abroad, and the big thing was going to the moon like last time. He didn't expect that this would directly cross the world!

After Yuzaki heard that someone had been selected as a locked target, she immediately became a little nervous. After all, she still has someone she cherishes in this world.

Whether it's Tokiko Tsukuyomi, or Chitose, or her parents-in-law, as well as Kaname and Aya, they are all objects she cherishes.

She absolutely does not allow her cherished object to be harmed!

"If possible, we would like to go to that world to have a look, but can we go there? The other party seems to be very strong."

Yuzaki Xingkong hesitated, Xiao Si is immortal, but this power was left on the earth by that civilization thousands of years ago.

Thousands of years have passed. I don't know how far that civilization has developed. Did they really have no problems in the past?

"Don't worry, no matter what civilization it is, I can easily deal with it."

Black Rabbit patted her chest and assured her that with her strength, no matter how many opponents and powerful civilizations came, she could easily destroy them with just a few snaps of her fingers.

After all, she is a **** recognized by Hakoniwa, and this world is just one of Hakoniwa's all-encompassing worlds.

With Kuroto's guarantee, Yuzaki Xingkong and Yuzaki Si decided to go and take a look after discussing it.

For that unknown civilization, Yuzaki Xingkong really planned to make some preparations, after all, he rarely fought unprepared battles.

Yuzakiji said that she simply wanted to see if she could meet the legendary Kaguya, and if so, she hoped to tell Kaguya that she was doing well now.

Once upon a time, Yuzaki made a sad prayer to the moon, begging Kaguya to take back her power, but now, Yuzaki, who has a husband, doesn't care about this anymore, and she cherishes the beautiful life now.

"Then let's make an agreement to leave in half a month. I'll hang up first."

Heitu nodded in satisfaction, "By the way, I still have two places to visit the interior of the sun. Do you want to come?"

"I'm sorry, forget it!"

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【Starting to plunder the heavens by supporting Qian Renxue】【】

Yuzaki Xingkong and Yuzaki Ji refused immediately. It is okay to go to other worlds to have a look, but to go to the inside of the sun?

Isn't that the old fishermen who ate fugu raw and wanted to die!

Black Rabbit smiled cheerfully, of course she would not go inside the sun, there is nothing interesting there, she just teased Yuzaki Xingkong and Yuzaki Si.

Of course, if the two agree, Heitu can also take them around the inside of the sun, which is not a big deal anyway.

After hanging up the phone, Heitu enjoyed the pleasure of taking a bath alone in the bathhouse of Xiaoyao's house. Ling also came in to soak for a while after cleaning. After all, it would be bad if guests came at night Soaked.

On Kyushu's side, Yuzaki Xingkong and Yuzaki Si, who hung up the phone, leaned together helplessly.

"Miss Black Rabbit really knows how to tell jokes. If you travel inside the sun, you won't see anything."

Yuzaki Xingkong sighed, and Yuzaki Si rested his head on Yuzaki Xingkong's arms and continued to watch the movie. The atmosphere in the room was quite warm and harmonious.

At seven o'clock in the evening, Yuzaki Xingkong looked at the menu and chose a few more common dishes. He knew that it was impossible for the hotel to provide free dinner. .

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However, after the waiter brought the dinner into the room, Yuzaki Xingkong was stunned because the dishes served were completely different from what he had chosen.

"Two guests, this is the sashimi made of bluefin tuna that we just arrived today. I hope you can taste it."

The waiter's smile was quite peaceful. She proudly introduced the bluefin tuna that just arrived today.

In addition to bluefin tuna sashimi, there are many dishes made of precious ingredients, and the room seemed to be filled with the light of food for a while.

Yuzaki took Yuzaki Xingkong to taste this sumptuous dinner, and while eating, Yuzaki persuaded Yuzaki Xingkong.

"Don't worry, when Shizi entertains us, we can just enjoy it with peace of Although I don't want to say that, but the capital that made her rich came from my sister who saved money! "

The opportunity for Tsukuyomi Tokiko's rise was that Sakiji handed over all the network and wealth he had managed for many years to her. Only in this way, Tsukuyomi Tokiko had enough power to push forward the moon landing plan.

Yuzaki would not feel ashamed to eat one of her bluefin tuna now.

Yuzaki Xingkong sighed, he couldn't enjoy such peace of mind.

However, under the persuasion of Yuzaki Si, Yuzaki Xingkong still focused on the delicacies in front of him. After all, the delicacies were in front of him, but his mind was elsewhere, so he would really be sorry for this sumptuous dinner.

After he was full of food and tea, Yuzaki Xingkong took Yuzaki Si to the street outside for a while to digest food, and finally returned to the suite under the moonlight.

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【Starting to plunder the heavens by supporting Qian Renxue】【】

"Xiao Si, let's go to the hot spring!"

Yuzaki Xingkong sent an invitation to Yuzaki again, and Yuzaki said that he was going to take a bath first, and then soak in the hot spring.

When Yuzaki walked out of the bathroom, Yuzaki Xingkong was already lying on the cool chair in the hot spring, and Yuzaki walked down to the hot spring wrapped in a towel, and then she opened the towel, after all, she entered the hot spring wrapped in a towel Otherwise, you will not be able to fully enjoy the comfort of the hot spring.

Under the moonlight, people are as beautiful as the moon.

Yuzaki Xingkong didn't know what he was thinking, but the moon in the sky heard a soft murmur.



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