Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss - Chapter 1107 - Those Who Heard Their Cries Would Instinctively Feel Sad and Those Who Watched It Would Shed Tears

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Chapter 1107: Those Who Heard Their Cries Would Instinctively Feel Sad and Those Who Watched It Would Shed Tears

The person behind the counterattack was Ling Chuxi. Although she did not use the Cang Yuan Sword Play, the combination of the power from being in the realm of True Essence pinnacle stage – which was very close to the realm of Heaven Essence – and the True Qi of the Thundercloud Battle Qi would definitely result in an attack that no one in the realm of True Essence advanced stage can withstand.

The whole mountain fell silent as all the House of Blood Fiend disciples were stunned. No one expected their leader to be sent flying after receiving only one attack. Lei Wanshan had the strength of the realm of True Essence advanced stage. Even a force like Thousand Kills Gang showed him some respect. But today, he appeared so weak.

“What do we do?” Everyone was a little confused.

Before they could react, the Golden Pill Sect disciples had already attacked them with all their strength. Their morale was further boosted when they saw their sect leader send their opponent’s leader flying with a single strike,

Since Ling Chuxi had made her move, Ling Yichen, Baili Han, and the others didn’t hold back anymore and whipped out their true strength as well.

Gongxi Kuangdao and a few other Gongxi clan disciples also laughed maniacally as they charged into the enemy.

“Xiaomo, follow Sect Leader Ling obediently. I’ll go help the others.” Duan Feiyu was about the same age as Su Yanhua and the others, but that didn’t mean he was an immature young man. In fact, he could hardly hold himself back as he witnessed the battle before him. So when Xiaomo nodded his head sensibly, Duan Feiyu immediately charged forth with his sword.

A gang fight that dominated the masses began.

Screams and wails rang throughout the mountain ridges. One by one, the House of Blood Fiend members fell to the ground.

Although they knew Su Yizhi and Ling Chuxi did not want to harm others, everyone was just too caught up in the heat of the moment. No one could control themselves. Thus, it was inevitable that their enemies would be injured. Moreover, with Golden Pill Sect’s medical skills and understanding of the human body, it was not easy to avoid attacking body parts that were most sensitive to pain.

In the face of their enemy, they couldn’t bring themselves to be merciful. This was a lesson they clearly learned from the sect leader. Even if they did not kill others, they definitely could not give the other party a chance to fight back.

The House of Blood Fiend members had previously thought that themselves as quite ruthless. It wasn’t until they saw Gongxi Kuangdao that they realized what true cruelty was. And it wasn’t until they were struck by Su Yanhua and the others had they felt so much pain they wished they were dead. It was only in these moments that they realized what true cruelty was.

Lan Xinyu naturally couldn’t miss this rare opportunity. She unleashed her golden whip but her chances were running out with Gongxi Kuangdao going full force at the enemy. Fortunately, Baili Han knew how she felt, so he especially left a few fish in the pool for her. Otherwise, she would not even have any soup left to drink at the dining table.

Upon striking her first target, she excitedly moved on to the next. But it was then she quickly realized that the battle had already ended.

All House of Blood Fiend members fell to the ground as their miserable cries shook the sky. Some of them had crooked noses and blood foaming out of their mouths. Some were completely paralyzed as their limbs twitched. How could the word ‘miserable’ be so impressively defined with one scene?

Those who heard their cries would instinctively feel sad and those who watched it would shed tears. Of course, the ones who shed tears were the members of the House of Blood Fiend. Zhou Kaitai and the others did not have such a compassionate heart. In fact, they were still in the midst of their excitement.

Based on the injuries of the fallen, it was not difficult to tell that at least half of them had fallen under the blade of Gongxi Kuangdao. The martial techniques’ effects, when performed by the strong against the weak, had been perfectly demonstrated.

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