Road Survival, I Have a Hint System! - Chapter 1394 Su Mu

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Su Mu felt like he had a very long dream.

In the dream, she traveled to a world with only roads, and was forced to drive around the world to take risks.

In that grotesque world, she learned a lot and met a lot of people.

However, she couldn't remember the faces of those people at all. No matter how hard she tried to recall, she couldn't remember who those people were.

However, there was one person she could remember, and that was her younger sister Su Qi.

Thinking of what Su Qi did, Su Mu became a little annoyed.

This cheap little sister always wants to marry herself off.

Although, in that situation, she could understand, but she was still a little angry.

Fortunately, I rescued her who had a fever.

"No, I have to slaughter her today. Without a hot pot meal, this matter can't be finished."

Su Mu got up and took a shower while thinking about it.

Ready to go to work in the company.

As soon as she opened the bathroom door, she realized that the situation in front of her had changed.

The sky is full of yellow sand, the lonely and straight road, and a dilapidated nine-handed Xiali.

"I must not have woken up." Su Mu hurriedly turned around, ready to leave.

But she was shocked to find that the door to go back had disappeared.

"I'm back again?" Su Mu was stunned.

"Sister, is it that difficult to drive for a certain distance?"

In the clouds, Zhang Tuohai was speechless watching Su Mu circling around the car.

At first, I thought it was for the sake of an old acquaintance, to test the waters for a simple job, but in the end, the other party seemed very cautious, and even started to check the condition of the car.

All acquaintances, can I sell your car in question?

Although, the interior is a bit poor, although the paint leather is almost gone, and although everything is loud except for the horn, it is no problem to run for a while.

We are just a start-up team, and it is understandable that we are a bit crude.

Looking at Su Mu who got under the car to check the condition of the car, Zhang Tuohai decided to give him a push.

Otherwise, on her own, she doesn't know how long it will take to complete the task.

"Add a voice receiver to her."

Zhang Tuohai said to Lilith.

"OK, give me a few seconds."

Lilith took out the core and fiddled with it.


In Zhang Tuohai's hand, there was something like a walkie-talkie.

"The prompt system is loaded successfully, and the universal prompt system is officially serving you."

Zhang Tuohai said with a voice changer.

"What?" Su Mu looked around.

Although she usually watches the Internet and knows the existence of cheats such as the system, but this is the first time she has come into contact with it, so she is inevitably a little nervous.

"One hundred kilometers ahead, there is a metal box, and you will be rewarded after opening it."

Zhang Tuohai said.

"One hundred kilometers ahead?"

Su Mu looked into the distance, where heat waves were rolling.

In this kind of weather, let alone walking a hundred kilometers, I am afraid that I will be dehydrated after two kilometers.

"It seems that I can only drive."

Su Mu reluctantly opened the car door and entered the car.

The condition inside the car was even worse than outside the car. The glass on the dashboard was broken, and there was a crack on the windshield. Su Mu was afraid that the glass would shatter after driving for a while.

The only luck is that the car keys are still intact.

Su Mu finally looked at the endless desert and the rolling heat waves on both sides of the road, and confirmed that he really had no way out.

"It seems that I can only do it according to the prompt sound. I hope it is really the system."

Su Mu put his palms together and bowed, and started the car.

I have to say that the paintwork of this car is Syrian war-damaged wind, but it can really drive.

Su Mu didn't dare to go too far, and stabilized the car at a speed of about 40 per hour. Although it was a little slower, if there was a problem, there was a way to solve it.

Even if there is a car accident, the probability of survival is very high.

Although the speed can be increased to 100 to reach the destination within an hour, but Su Mu really dare not.

She was afraid that the car would fall apart before halfway through the drive.

Strange to say, except for research, Su Mu's driving is automatic.

But driving this car with manual transmission didn't feel unfamiliar at all, and even developed a kind of muscular instinct.

Many times, what you want to do, your brain has not reacted yet, and your hands have already completed the operation.

Now Su Mu didn't bother to study the abnormality of his body, and kept looking at the road seriously, concentrating on driving, for fear that something might go wrong with the car.

Su Mu was cautious along the way, Zhang Tuohai looked bored on the cloud.

"Hey, hey, no matter what, you have to have some confidence in the car I gave you. Although the appearance is not very good, it is not a problem to drive to the destination."

Looking at Su Mu's appearance, Zhang Tuohai was a little speechless.

"Be careful, isn't this just the person you're looking for? You should be happy to have this quality. Such a talent is worth cultivating and can go further, isn't it?"

Lilith said from the side.

"It's really good, it's just boring to watch her drive all the time."

Zhang Tuohai said helplessly.


Lilith handed Zhang Tuohai a fishing rod.

"Is it still possible to fish here?"

Zhang Tuohai was shocked.

"That's impossible, but it can help you relieve boredom."

Lilith said.

Zhang Tuohai: "..."

He knew that he shouldn't have too many expectations.

The father and daughter are chatting on the cloud.

Su Mu drove carefully in the world fragments.

Two and a half hours later, Su Mu finally finished the 100-kilometer journey.

Although the time was not very long and the road was smooth, Su Mu still felt sore and backache.

"This is a broken car."

Su Mu stopped the car slowly, and saw that there was indeed a metal safe in front.

"How do you open this?"

Su Mu circled the metal safe three times.

She saw this thing when she was helping the company purchase it. The manufacturer had tested it, and it couldn't be blown up with ordinary explosives.

The protection ability is top-notch, and ordinary people can't open it without a password when they see this thing.

"How do you open it without a password?"

Su Mu lowered his head and muttered.

"Have you got the password?" Zhang Tuohai turned to Lilith and asked.

"114511" Lilith said.

Zhang Tuohai: "..."

"It is indeed the password. If you don't believe me, you can see for yourself."

Lilith picked up a tablet and showed it to Zhang Tuohai. The cracked password displayed on UU Kanshu is indeed the case.

Zhang Tuohai reluctantly picked up the walkie-talkie, turned on the voice changer, and reported the password.

A voice reminding the system of neutrality sounded in Su Mu's ear.


Su Mu: "..."

"There is something wrong with the designation of the owner of this safe."

Su Mu twisted the compass to enter the password.

The safe was opened.

The moment the safe was opened, Lilith took away the contents and replaced it with a note.

"what is this?"

Su Mu opened the note, which said: "Congratulations, you have received a cash reward of 500,000 yuan. The bonus will be credited to your bank account within three working days. Please pay attention to check."

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