Rebirth of the Urban Immortal Emperor - Chapter 3596 double rule

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What makes everyone feel incredible is that Zhang Yifeng actually took this trick!

But Zhang Yifeng wasn't feeling well either, he was still shaken all the way, I have to say, he still has a big gap in realm!

The first collision, Zhang Yifeng was also to explore the truth, he was still absolutely confident in his own strength.

Without a trump card, he did not dare to accept this challenge.

"It's all said, kid, don't be arrogant!"

"Zilong shot!"

Zi Huan didn't hold any hands, and in the backhand, the long spear swung a dragon head.

The brilliance like purple electricity pierced directly to Zhang Yifeng!

"It's over, Zhang Yifeng is over, I didn't expect it to be so fast, just two moves!"

"I now feel that this list is fake, and it's too bad. How could someone like this kill 100,000 virtual beasts!"

Many people have a doubtful attitude, and the masked man on the other side doesn't want to see more, this is just playing house, fighting with children!

"Battle Immortal Body!"

The Law of War was pushed to the second floor by Zhang Yifeng, and the fighting spirit was everywhere in an instant!

Battle Immortal Body is also the standard of battle intent!

"Get out of here!"

The power around Zhang Yifeng increased inexplicably.

A sword crossed, and the powerful fighting intent pierced through the space. At the moment when the two interlaced, Zi Huan felt that something was wrong.

The purple dragon that he had condensed, actually dissipated directly, which he never imagined.

The key is that Zhang Yifeng's combat power is getting stronger and stronger, which makes him feel a little strange!

Zhang Yifeng swung a sword and directly resisted the purple dragon, and his fighting spirit was completely stimulated.

The surrounding black and red breath sprinted forward with the sword in his hand.

A black light and shadow flickered directly and came to Zihuan.


Zi Huan is also a little strange, this guy in front of him can break free from his shackles and resist!


And this round of confrontation, because Zi Huan was caught off guard.

Coupled with Zhang Yifeng's sudden attack, Zi Huan took a few steps back, feeling a little incredible!

Seeing that Zhang Yifeng's strength has increased greatly in front of him, he is also a little puzzled.

However, Zi Huan also reacted, and it is always the first on the list, it is impossible to be as weak as imagined!

"The Law of War!"

"It's no wonder that this kid was recognized by Immortal Lord Yaochi. I didn't expect that in the late stage of Xuanxian, he actually understood the laws. I really underestimated this kid! The laws are generally only comprehensible in the Taiyi realm!"

Sha Weize's unexpected voice came.

Not only that, the law that Zhang Yifeng realized is a very mysterious law of warfare!

Between heaven and earth, there are many laws, criss-crossing!

All things have rules, and all things can be pursued.

At this time, the two people on the field did not take action immediately, Zi Huan held the spear in his hand, and a majestic force of law surged around him.

"This is the law of wind, and it has reached 40%!"

Gu Yi said lightly, realizing that 40% means that he is one step closer to the realm of Da Luo.

As long as you reach the ten percent rule, you can comprehend the power of Daluo and advance to the realm of Daluo.

Zhang Yifeng felt a gust of wind, raging towards him.

The power brought by this gust of wind is not simple.

Swiping around him, all are thin lines with rules, condensed wind threads!


"The law of fire, burst!"

In order not to be affected by this law, Zhang Yifeng condensed a flame beside him.

This raging flame enveloped Zhang Yifeng, like a huge shield, protecting him inside.

Fire can be both offensive and defensive.

"He actually realized the second law, the law of fire!"

Seeing that some people were moved by it, everyone didn't think that it was just a realm in the late stage of Xuanxian.

He was able to comprehend the law of fire, which made everyone gasp.

Only a late stage Xuanxian can reach such a high level, and the Law of War has reached the second percentile. It is not an exaggeration to say that he is a genius.

"This kid is quite interesting, saying that he has a chance to reach the realm of Da Luo within a hundred years, and may be able to become the shelter of our Yama!"

The masked man who was originally dismissive of Zhang Yifeng, when he saw that he used the law of fire, the masked man felt that Zhang Yifeng was not as simple as it seemed on the surface.

When he said these words, Sha Weize next to him also felt a little strange.

Could it be that the masked man found something else on Zhang Yifeng's body?

But it is really difficult to break through from the Xuanxian realm to the Daluo realm within a hundred years, and there are still four hurdles!

Secondly, the Daluo realm has strict requirements for comprehension of the law.

Only after comprehending a law is 100% complete, you can officially enter the Daluo realm, otherwise, you will always be stuck at this bottleneck.

"Is it worth watching? Today's battle has been decided. With Zhang Yifeng's current ability, he is still not Zihuan's opponent!"

Sha Weize said lightly.

No matter what the masked man said, he still did not change his opinion.

At least in his eyes, Zhang Yifeng wasn't enough.

"Boy, give you a chance to make a move! If you don't make a move, you won't have a chance!"

Zihuan swirled in this gust of wind.

A pair of sharp eyes looked towards Zhang Yifeng.

A purple light turned into countless auras, hovering around Zihuan, a purple dragon suspended behind him, and the purple dragon roared in the wind!

"I advise you, it's better not to keep your hands."

"Once I make a move, you have no chance."

Zhang Yifeng sneered. When he said these words, the people around him couldn't turn their heads. Is this a provocation?

The current situation is one-sided, and everyone is optimistic about Zi Huan, after all, he has realized 40% of his laws.

The strength far surpasses Zhang Yifeng.

Coupled with the suppression of the realm, Zhang Yifeng has no way to compete with Zihuan, which is substantive overwhelm.

"Isn't this guy's brain fooled, and he still dares to provoke Zihuan?"

"If you want me to see him, he is swelled. He ranked first on the list and got the praise of the two immortals. I thought it was amazing!"

"It's useless to have a backer in our connection, and it's a great skill to have a hard fist!"

The following people continue to discuss here.


"It's interesting, since you insist on courting death, don't blame me for being ruthless. This is a challenge that Immortal Yaochi admits. Even if you die, no one will object!"

Zihuan's words are true, since this battle is a challenge recognized by Yaochi Xianjun, even if Zhang Yifeng is defeated, no one will go to Zihuan's trouble.

Moreover, behind Zihuan, there is Ziguang Asgard.

With their strength, they are no worse than Yaochi Immortal Palace or Mingyue Immortal Palace.

And the battle between them is just a fight between genius and genius.

There is no external force involved.

Casualties are normal.

Every Tianjiao turned into a sky-high, step by step from a **** road, stepping on the corpse field!

"Purple Dragon Wind!"

The law of the wind with the strongest law is hovering around Zihuan.

A purple dragon surrounded him, the spear in his hand was clenched tightly, and it rushed towards Zhang Yifeng at a very fast speed.

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