Rebirth of the Best Businesswoman at School - Chapter 400 - Move House

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Chapter 400: Move House

Xiao Zhen and Yun Buyao could not help but look at each other. Xiao Zhen frowned, but Yun Buyao asked curiously, “What’s wrong? What happened?”

Bai Zhou only shook his head and sighed. “It’s fine. I’m afraid there are only the three of us today. The other one met with an unexpected situation and couldn’t come.”

“Ah?” Yun Buyao was a little disappointed. She was still curious what the other person would be like. Besides, it was rare for the production team to get a day off. The next time they could gather would probably be after she wrapped up filming.

Bai Zhou didn’t plan on explaining anything to the two of them, so he instructed the server to serve the dishes.

Another week passed.

Over the past few days, Old Madam Wang had to go to Jian Ai’s house twice a day, but every time, she would see that the door was locked.

Wang Yunmei had already moved out a long time ago, and Jian Ai and Jian Yu couldn’t be bothered to deal with her. They usually went home very late, so they didn’t meet her even once.

The old lady was a smart person to begin with. Could this family have evaporated into thin air? They were deliberately avoiding her.

Taking advantage of the weekend, the old lady went over again. The door was still locked. It made the old lady so angry that she couldn’t help but spit out, “Bah, how dare you hide from your mother? Watch how I’ll teach you a lesson if I catch you!”

As she spoke, she didn’t walk towards her home but towards Wang Yunzhi’s house.

The two sisters were usually close. Since the old lady couldn’t find Wang Yunmei, she naturally had to ask Wang Yunzhi.

When she reached the main entrance, the old lady saw Yao Feng’s three-wheeler parked in front of Wang Yunzhi’s house. There were a few cardboard boxes in the cart. There were not too many things, but they were all home-related.

What were they doing?


The old lady stood outside the yard and shouted. The door was open, and Wang Yunzhi, who was tidying up, could hear her.

She was shocked and looked at Yao Feng. “Oh, why is Mom here at this time?”

Yao Feng blinked. “Could it be that she couldn’t find Sister and came to ask you?”

The two of them were planning to move today to their new house, which was huge. Even if their family moved there now, there would be no issues staying even with Wang Yunmei around.

However, the old lady did not know about this. She had never told the old lady about moving.

If she knew, wouldn’t she insist on going to the new house to look?

The new house was so good. If she knew about it, what would happen?

Most importantly, she was afraid that the old lady would bump into her elder sister.

“Mom, why are you here?!” Wang Yunzhi thought about it, but she had already entered the house.

The old lady entered the yard and scanned the area. Then, she said, “What are you doing? Why are you carrying things?”

“Isn’t the demolition taking place? The landlord took back the house. We have to move away,” Wang Yunzhi said.

She had rented this yard before, so the old lady knew.

However, when Wang Yunmei found out about the demolition, she secretly took out money and bought this yard for her. However, the old lady did not know about this.

Therefore, after thinking about it, Wang Yunzhi lied to the old lady and said that the landlord wanted to take back the house.

“Move?” The old lady was stunned. “Where… where are you moving to? Have you found a new house?”

“Yes!” Wang Yunzhi nodded and said, “Xiaofeng’s aunt has an empty house in North City. Isn’t she a relative? She rented it to us at a cheap price.”

Yao Feng was from the northern district of Baiyun City. North City was the furthest from South City. The old lady had not been to the northern district for many years.

The old lady did not doubt it. After all, in the old lady’s eyes, Wang Yunzhi’s family was not someone who could afford a house. Now that South City was going to be demolished, it was not surprising that they moved away.

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