Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years - v2 Chapter 518 The great pressure brought by the immortal emperor

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The existence of the Immortal Emperor itself will distort time.

This is manifested in the level of the long river of time, that is, the "river water" keeps stirring up waves, impacting the "lighthouse" of the Immortal Emperor.

Once the beam of light supporting the "sun" above is washed away, the results can be imagined.

In a sense, this kind of cultivation method is the real "the creation of the world, the mystery of the invasion of the sun and the moon".

"In terms of time, the Immortal Emperor's power is extremely strong, and he can even attack directly from the past to the present!" Cui Heng observed the Immortal Emperor's influence on the past, present and future, and his heart was quite shocking.

This also means that even an immortal cultivator like him, who does not practice time-related spells, may be attacked by immortal emperors from other time and space at any time.

Even if it won't be cut off, this feeling of being beaten passively is definitely not good.

However, the immortal emperor is strong, but he has the same problem as the quasi-immortal emperor.

Still a high attack crispy skin.

even more serious.

Time-based spells can cause extremely huge damage to the Immortal Emperor, and time-interference spells can also cause extremely terrifying effects. The long river of time below is the greatest help.

Cui Heng was a little skeptical, if he used the time knife to behead an immortal emperor, would it be possible to behead a Yuanchuji Shouyuan with one knife.

With his current state, although he can't see how many lifespans this Immortal Emperor named An Chen has, if he estimates from the intensity of time entanglement and the vitality of life, it feels like there should be about 500 primordial eras.

"In this case, I only need to use the time knife to slash him five hundred times, and I will almost be able to exhaust the life essence of his beheading and die."

Cui Heng chuckled in his heart.

Of course, this situation is obviously impossible. The Immortal Emperor is not a dead stake, and he will not stand there and let him use the time knife to chop.

However, even a powerhouse at the level of the Immortal Emperor, if he suddenly felt that he had been slashed with a knife and lost a lifespan of the original era, he would most likely feel panic and would probably retreat.

Before there are strong enough confinement measures, the Time Sword is a very good choice to use as a self-defense spell to scare away the Immortal Emperor.

"There is still a lot of root power left, which can be used to deduce a spell that restricts the direction."

Cui Heng secretly said in his heart that the prestige of the quasi-immortal emperor and the immortal king made him feel very dangerous, and he had to upgrade the means he had to be at ease.

Afterwards, he continued to investigate Feng Sheng's past experiences, and scenes flashed before his eyes, which meant that the life of this Immortal King Invincible was completely read by him.

From Feng Sheng's perspective, Cui Heng's understanding of the original world, the endless chaotic sea, the immeasurable universe, the core universe and other information has been greatly improved.

One step closer to the level of omniscience.

At the same time, his cultivation realm has risen rapidly, and there is no need to say much about the improvement in form, spirit and mana.

The improvement this time is mainly reflected in the level of time and the further sublimation of its own essence.

Previously, Cui Heng's state at the time level was that half of his legs were stuck in the long river of time. Now he has raised a little bit of height, and the time erosion has become smaller.

Although it is only a little bit, the feedback is a great improvement at the level of cultivation realm.

With the improvement of "perspective", he can look down on the long river of time more clearly, and he has a little more understanding of the use of the power of time in his heart, and naturally has a magical power.

Manipulation of the flow of time.

That is to say, now Cui Heng can speed up or slow down time, turn a day into a year, or turn a year into a day.

"Now my control over the flow of time is only three or four hundred times." Cui Heng secretly said, "As the cultivation level increases, this multiple will continue to increase.

"In the future, it may be tens of thousands of times, hundreds of thousands of times, or even millions of times. If the realm continues to improve, I don't know if it can make time go backwards, or even directly change the past."

The power of time is too mysterious, and any effect can involve all aspects, causing infinite reverie.

"From now on, time counting in the usual sense doesn't mean much to me." Cui Heng felt the flow of time around him, looking at the time rushing towards him, and suddenly felt a little emotional.

"With my current cultivation realm, at most I can control the flow rate of time within the scope of one cosmos. If the brush is countless times stronger, can I control the flow rate of the entire river of time?

"If there really is a time reversal, is it possible to return time to the beginning of the beginning, to the birth of the beginning and the end, as long as the entire river of time is reversed?"

Thinking of this, he gently shook his head and stopped thinking about it.

Many times, too many unreasonable speculations about cultivation can easily form a certain degree of cognitive impairment, which limits the thinking and thinking, which is not a good thing.

Still down-to-earth, one step at a time is more secure.

"The information that an Immortal King Invincible knows has allowed me to achieve 30% of the cultivation process in the early stage of returning to the virtual world." Cui Heng secretly said in his heart, "This is mainly because I knew too little about the original world before this.

"If it is calculated according to this efficiency, I am afraid that it is still necessary to understand the past of more than ten Immortal King Invincibles to complete the cultivation in the initial stage of returning to the virtual world.

"After all, if they are all immortal kings who are invincible, the information they know will definitely be repeated a lot. The later the investigation is, the lower the value and the smaller the improvement.

"However, the information that the wind knows is concentrated on the continent where he was born. If there are invincible Immortal Kings from other continents, there should be greater gains.

"Besides that, we are going to investigate the past of the quasi-immortal emperor, and the harvest should not be small. Judging from the state of the quasi-immortal emperor we saw earlier, it is not impossible to probe the past of the quasi-immortal emperor.

"When I have completed more than half of my practice in the early stage of returning to the virtual world, and the process of transcending time is further upward, I can look down on more time and rivers, and I should be able to directly probe the past of the quasi-immortal emperor.

"It is difficult for the original world to make any further progress at the moment. It is best to start from the endless Chaos Sea, and there is a very good opportunity."

At this time, he thought of Master Jiujiu.

Previously, he planned to ask Master Jiujiu about Chaos Heaven and Primordial World, but before he had time to speak, Feng Sheng broke into this universe.

"However, before that, there is one more thing to deal with." Cui Heng's eyes turned to Feng Sheng not far away.

What should I do with him now?

This is a question worth thinking about.

If he kills him directly, it will definitely attract the attention of his master, and it will be bad for the quasi-immortal emperor to take action.

Although the current Cui Heng has enough confidence to surpass the Quanxian Emperor, as long as he fights against the Quanxian Emperor, the entire universe will probably be beaten to a pulp.

But if you let him go, it will only cause more trouble.

"Forget it, let's suppress him." Cui Heng finally shook his head and chose the third method.

Do not kill or let go, directly suppress!

After the cultivation realm improves in the future, he will be dealt with.

Of course, to suppress such an invincible immortal king who stands behind a quasi-immortal emperor or even an immortal emperor, it must not be done in an ordinary way.

So, Cui Heng flicked his finger lightly, and broke a small hole in the empty space he was heading for.

Immediately, chaos distinguishes the clear and turbid, and turns into two qi, yin and yang.

A wisp of Cui Heng's will descended into it, turning it into a road, deriving laws, delineating order, and creating life.

In just a short while, a vast world has been formed, and its essence is extremely high enough to carry the birth of the Immortal King Invincible.

This also means that even the Immortal King Invincible cannot destroy this world.

At the same time, a door of light emitting a faint blue light appeared in front of Feng Sheng, and the light in it slowly revolved, as if leading to an unknown world.

"Please come in." Cui Heng looked at Feng Sheng with a smile.

"You will definitely regret it!" Feng Sheng gritted his teeth and looked at Cui Heng with hatred in his eyes, but he couldn't do anything, so he could only helplessly walk towards the gate of light.

Standing in front of the gate of light, his footsteps stopped, and he glanced around the surrounding starry sky again, sensing the rules of the universe, and found that there was still no sign of anyone coming from outside.

This made him a little desperate.

He didn't understand why his past experiences had already been reviewed, and Shizun hadn't made a move yet?

Could it be that this person is strong enough to avoid the perception of the quasi-immortal emperor at the time level?

But even if they are the same quasi-immortal emperor, they will be discovered by the other party after they meet at the time level.

How can such a thing happen?

Or does Master actually already know the situation on his side, but he does not intend to rescue himself?

But why?

What reason does Master have for doing this?

Feng Sheng was puzzled, and finally he could only silently walk into the door of light.

The moment he stepped into the door of light, he felt the world spinning.

The whole person seems to have been thrown hundreds of millions of light-years away, and the body and spirit are almost separated.

When he felt that the situation around him calmed down, he found that he had fallen into a valley with lush trees. The huge impact of the fall knocked the ground into a deep pit, and many trees had fallen to the ground. .

Feng Sheng tried to stand up, but suddenly felt that his whole body was weak, and his body and spirit suddenly became extremely uncoordinated, and he fell directly to the ground.

"What about the immortal power in my body?" He was extremely horrified to find that the immortal power in his body disappeared, leaving only the power of the flesh and no magical powers.

However, he soon understood what was going on.

This is from the suppression of the rules of this world.

As long as there is no immortal power in this world.

The immortal power that originally existed in his body disappeared after he entered this world.

Moreover, the power of his physical body is also concerned about the rapid decline of the speed, and it is estimated that it will not be long before he will fall to the level of the Dao world, or even the level of the real world.

At that time, he will become a state with a long life expectancy, but far from a state of corresponding cultivation.

"Want to suppress me in this world forever in this way?"

The expression on Feng Sheng's face was gloomy, and his eyes were full of resentment, but then he sneered, "You will definitely regret it! Just create a world to ban me, I will be found soon!

"Even if you rely on your own quasi-immortal emperor-level strength, you can hide from my master's investigation at the time level, but when you face the search of Immortal Emperor An Chen, you can only expose it. At that time, you will have nowhere to escape! "

In his opinion, although Cui Heng's strength is strong, he still belongs to the category of a quasi-immortal emperor. As long as the immortal emperor takes action, Cui Heng will surely die.

But in fact, neither the Martial Emperor, the quasi-immortal emperor, nor An Chen, the immortal emperor, would be able to take action against Cui Heng, let alone find Feng Sheng who was suppressed in this world.

Because, after Feng Sheng entered this world, Cui Heng cast a spell on this world.

Zhou Guang escaped!

After the cultivation realm has improved, his ability at the time level has further strengthened, and the power effect of Zhou Guang Dun has naturally been greatly enhanced.

The current Zhou Guang Dun can not only act on oneself, but also on others, and can also act on items.

Due to the effect of Zhou Guangdun, this world is directly integrated into the long river of time, and there is no trace at all on the time level.

Whether in the past, present, or future, there is no such small world.

As if it never happened.

Except for Cui Heng, no one has been able to discover its traces in time.

In order to make sure nothing goes wrong, Cui Heng also let a fake self put the universe he was in in his sleeve.

Then, using the Eternal Light Escape to let this false self escape into the long river of time, you can also hide this universe on the level of time.

In this way, even the Immortal Emperor cannot find this universe.

Of course, these are only time-level hiding, and space-level hiding is necessary to be foolproof.

This is easy to do.

Cui Heng let this fake self show the essence of life beyond the universe, hidden in the endless sea of ​​chaos, hidden in the infinite universe, and there is no way to find its location.

After this series of operations, it finally reached Cui Heng's safety standards.

"Finally, I can breathe a sigh of relief, the pressure Immortal Emperor has brought me is still too great, both the essence of life and the means of power are far beyond what I am now.

"With my current, if I were to face an Immortal Emperor, there was only one way left to hide in the Cave Heaven Palace, and it was best to have some countermeasures.

"It's time to deduce an imprisoning spell. As long as the Immortal Emperor can be imprisoned for a short time, combined with the effect of the Time Sword, it can also threaten the Immortal Emperor."

Thinking of this, he directly entered the Cave Heaven Palace and gave instructions to the system at the same time.

"Consume 100 Root Power and use "Advanced Immortal Technique: From Beginning to Ascension" to deduce spells.

"The deduction direction is imprisoned!"

【congratulations! Consume 100 Root Power to successfully deduce the "imprisonment" spell "Bound Immortal Cable". 】

The original world, on Mount Taiwu.

The smile on Emperor Wu's face suddenly froze, his eyes widened, as if he had sensed something incredible.

Yan Qing on the side quickly asked: "Master, what happened? Is there a quasi-immortal emperor who has taken action? Do you want to bring Junior Brother Feng back immediately?"

"No, no, how is this possible?" Emperor Wu said in surprise, "It disappeared, Fengsheng disappeared, and even the universe disappeared together!"

"What?!" Yan Qing also had an unbelievable expression on his face when he heard this, "How is this possible?!"

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