Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years - v2 Chapter 517 The change of the endless chaotic sea, the sun on the long river of time

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Emperor Wu's meaningful expression made Yan Qing puzzled.

However, in his opinion, since the master has already made plans, there is no need to continue to ask about the matter, so he turned to ask: "Master, there are changes in the core universes in the middle of the endless chaotic sea, is it right? What has changed?"

"Oh?" Emperor Wu laughed and asked Yan Qing, "Where did you get the news?"

"I got it from a warrior in the lower realm." Yan Qing replied, "The Emperor Mu sent me to the Chaos Sea to kill a warrior at the peak of the realm of change, and I searched the warrior's memory for relevant information. "

Although he is a disciple of Emperor Wu, he is not under the command of Taiwu Mountain, but in the area adjacent to Taiwu Mountain, working for another quasi-immortal emperor, the Emperor Wood.

This is also a common behavior between quasi-immortal emperors. They will send important disciples to each other to serve under other quasi-immortal emperors to bring their relationship closer.

"Hahaha, not bad." Emperor Wu nodded and praised, "The warriors at the peak of the realm of Taiyi are already comparable to the existence of the Immortal King Invincible.

Moreover, this group of warriors has a home field advantage in the endless chaotic sea, which is even higher than the immortal king invincible. You can kill them and search his memory, which is really not easy. "

Speaking of this, he paused, his expression suddenly became serious, and he said solemnly, "The news you searched is not wrong, there are indeed changes in several core universes in the middle of the endless chaotic sea.

"My teacher just got the news not long ago that a strong man in the holy realm of heaven and earth died without warning. This is an unprecedented loss for the endless chaotic sea, and it is also the best time for us to counterattack.

"Previously, the Boundless Universe of the Chaos Sea provoked battles. In the original world, we could only defend passively. This time is different. Immortal ancestors will lead us to take the initiative to attack!"

Heaven and Earth Sacred Realm is equivalent to the powerhouse of Immortal Ancestor Realm.

It is said that in the process of cultivation, he truly understood the mysteries of the sacredness of the sky and the sacredness of the earth, completed the ultimate sublimation of the essence of life, and achieved the same strength as the will of heaven, which masters the vision of the heavenly heart.

The immortal ancestors who fell into the catastrophe in the original world were killed by the heaven and earth holy realm and the will of heaven who mastered the vision of the heavenly heart.

However, in terms of the number of rounds, even if the heaven and earth holy realm and the divine will to master the vision of the heavenly heart add up, there are not as many immortal ancestors in the original world.

Now that there is another existence in the Holy Land of Heaven and Earth in the endless chaotic sea, it is definitely a huge loss.

If this news is true, it will be a great thing for the entire primordial world.

Because the fall of the Holy Land of Heaven and Earth will not only reduce the number of top powerhouses in the Endless Chaos Sea, but also affect the rules of the entire Endless Chaos Sea.

Since the Heaven and Earth Sacred Realm is a strong man who has mastered the power left by the Heavenly Sacred and the Earthly Sacred, after the fall, the substances and rules in the endless chaotic sea will become weaker for a certain period of time.

This time can also be said to be the most vulnerable period of the Endless Chaos Sea.

Therefore, many strong people believe that if the original world chooses to preemptively take advantage of this opportunity, it may be able to achieve unprecedented results.

But after telling this story, Emperor Wu said to Yan Qing with a half-smiling smile: "What do you think? If you attack the endless chaotic sea now, will you really be able to successfully achieve major results as I said?

Yan Qing fell into deep thought when he heard the words, all kinds of thoughts kept flashing in his mind, after a while, he gently shook his head and said, "I'm afraid it's not that easy.

"The Holy Land of Heaven and Earth is a powerhouse comparable to the Immortal Ancestor, and suddenly sits down without warning. There must be a problem. It is very likely that it is a trap set by the Chaos Sea."

"Yes." Emperor Wu nodded and said, "This is most likely a trap, and if you act rashly, it may incur huge losses.

"Is there a possibility that there is really a heaven and earth holy realm in the boundless universe of the Chaos Sea? This is also possible. If you miss this opportunity, you don't know how many billions of years you will have to wait.

"After all, the rules of the endless chaos caused by the fall of the Holy Land of Heaven and Earth have weakened and lasted for one or two thousand years at most. This is too short-lived and easy to miss."

"It's only one or two thousand years." Yan Qing was a little surprised to hear that, for a powerhouse of their level, one or two thousand years is indeed too short.

However, after being surprised, he suddenly moved in his heart and asked, "Master, is it impossible for the Immortal King to detect this weakening of the rules?"

"Very keen." Emperor Wu nodded in praise and smiled, "Yes, the weakening of this rule is more at the core level of time and Chaos Sea. For the creatures under the Immortal Emperor, there is almost no What impact."

"Then I understand." Yan Qing suddenly realized, "Master, you only sent Junior Brother Feng to the universe this time, just to take this opportunity to attract the quasi-immortal emperor or master the will of heaven, so that it can be verified. The situation of the Endless Chaos Sea?"

"Of course." Emperor Wu nodded lightly and smiled, "However, the Endless Chaos Sea should also know this. Even if there is a quasi-immortal emperor or the will of heaven who has mastered the light of the sky, he will definitely hide it on purpose. Traces of his own shot."

As he said that, he turned his hand and took out a bronze mirror. The front was bright and clear, and the reverse was engraved with a river-like pattern and complex characters.

"This treasure is called the Mirror of Lost Water." Emperor Wu held the bronze mirror in his hand, "This is a treasure mirror made by the Immortal Emperor Tianshui, specially for this purpose, to monitor the subtle fluctuations of the long river of time.

"As long as there is a quasi-immortal emperor or the will of heaven who has mastered the light of the sky, they will definitely not be able to escape the supervision of the passing water mirror, and it will be clear whether the rules of the endless chaotic sea are weakened."

"Master has foresight." Yan Qing cupped his hands and smiled, "Junior Brother Feng also has a heavy responsibility this time."

"When he comes back, the Master will reward him well." Emperor Wu smiled.

The two were very interested in discussing and discussing, but they didn't know that Fengsheng had fallen to the Taoist realm, and he had fallen from the invincible immortal king to an ordinary immortal monarch.

In fact, just as Emperor Wu and Yan Qing were preparing to monitor the rules and time changes of the Endless Chaos Sea, Cui Heng had already begun to peek into the windy past.

In Cui Heng's eyes, all the experiences of Feng Sheng's life turned into pictures.

A series of experiences such as Feng Sheng's origin, growth, apprenticeship, cultivation, and travel are all clearly visible.

Every detail of his experience in this process is also fully reflected in these drawings.

At this time, as long as he uses his magic power to compress the pictures to the material level and distort the material existence of Fengsheng, he can turn Fengsheng into a book of "Fengsheng Biography".

At the beginning, the Yellow Turban Warriors compressed Haojun into "The Legend of Haojun" in this way.

Probing a person's past by looking into time is very fast.

Therefore, it didn't take long for Feng Sheng from Cui Heng's perspective to come to a critical moment - he met a quasi-immortal emperor called Emperor Wu.

"This is the Quasi-immortal Emperor?" Cui Heng is now looking at the past from the perspective of the long river of time, and the Emperor Wu he sees is naturally the appearance of time.

Unlike the immortal cultivators in the early stage of returning to the virtual world, where their legs were scoured by the long river of time, the quasi-immortal emperor seemed to have half of his body submerged in the long river of time.

However, this body is extremely huge, and it has a great impact on the flow of time.

This also caused the power of time entangled in the quasi-immortal emperor to become more intense.

The more intense power of time will make the quasi-immortal emperor have a stronger influence on the time level, which means that the quasi-immortal emperor can have powerful time-related means.

Cui Heng made a rough estimate, only from the perspective of the power of time that can be mobilized, this Martial Emperor is stronger than the current self, not to mention the mana volume, obviously it is many times stronger than the current self.

Of course, there are gains and losses. The power of time entangled in the body is so strong, and there are more negative effects.

If you are too immersed in the long river of time, the more you will be affected by the power of time.

This made it almost impossible for the quasi-immortal emperor to defend against time-based means, and could only attack on an equal basis.

The same time-based attack that falls on the Immortal Emperor will cause the damage and effect to increase exponentially.

A simple analogy is that the Immortal Emperor is a type of high attack and crispy skin at the time level, and the immortal cultivators in the early stage of returning to the Void belong to a more balanced type due to their different states in the long river of time.

Moreover, the mastery of the power of time by immortal cultivators in the period of returning to the void does not depend on the amount of time power they are entangled in, but is affected by the depth of their own exploration of time and the time-like spells they practice.

If Cui Heng practiced a few more advanced time-related spells now, he would be almost the same as the Quasi-immortal emperor in terms of the power of time.

In addition, because the quasi-immortal emperor has suffered too much erosion by the long river of time, he will be eroded by more time and will usher in his final demise sooner.

"In another 30 billion years or so, in about five primordial eras, Emperor Wu will completely perish." Cui Heng felt something in his heart, and saw through Emperor Wu's lifespan at a glance.

Later, in Fengsheng's past experience, he met other quasi-immortal emperors called emperors. They were all quasi-immortal emperors who were quite close to Emperor Wu and could even be called friends.

Without exception, these quasi-immortal emperors are all half-submerged in the river of time, suffering from the erosion of a huge amount of the power of the river of time, and will face the ending of rapid demise.

Among them, the one with the longest remaining lifespan is about seven primordial eras.

According to the 12 to 18 Primal Chaos Tribulations, after they have passed the next Chaos Tribulation, they will not have the opportunity to participate in the next Chaos Tribulation.

The quasi-immortal emperor of the original world died so quickly?

Cui Heng had some doubts in his heart.

However, he quickly found the answer in these quasi-immortal emperors.

In this situation, which has been greatly eroded by the power of time, the original world has long found a solution.

As long as you participate in the process of the expansion of the original world by annexing the universe, you can consume part of the time erosion in the body through various changes during the expansion of the original world, thereby restoring a large amount of lifespan.

If the original world annexes a frontier universe, it is possible to restore the lifespan of one original era, and a higher universe can restore the lifespan of two original eras.

The closer the universe is to the core of the endless chaotic sea, the more life essence can be restored to the quasi-immortal emperor.

If the Primordial World can absorb the universe around the core of a Chaos Sea, it can even restore hundreds of Primordial Era's lifespan in one go.

If it absorbs the universe inside the core of the Chaos Sea... This is just a thought for the quasi-immortal emperor. No one has ever let the primordial world absorb that kind of universe, not even the immortal emperor.

At this time, Cui Heng suddenly realized that the reason why the primordial world and the endless sea of ​​chaos became mortal enemies was not simply because the primordial world was going to expand.

It's because the upper levels of the original world need to expand the original world. If they don't expand, they will die out step by step.

"This is completely immortal." Cui Heng couldn't help feeling emotional.

He then continued to probe Feng Sheng's past experiences.

After passing through the scenes, he suddenly saw an incomparably bright light shining in front of him.

The bright silver light of time was suspended above the long river of time, exuding endless brilliance like a sun.

This situation really startled Cui Heng, and he almost retreated from the perspective of Time Changhe, hiding his breath completely.

The power of time contained in the "sun" ahead is too terrifying.

Just looking at the "sun" has a terrifying feeling that time has been distorted, and the past, present and future will be affected.

However, Cui Heng soon discovered that although the light of this "sun" was strong, it couldn't shine on him.

Under the influence of Zhou Guangdun, he has become one with the long river of time, and the light of the "sun" shines on it as if it is shining on the normal long river of time, and cannot have any effect on himself.

After confirming this, Cui Heng began to observe more carefully.

Immediately, it was discovered that the "sun" was not actually suspended above the long river of time, but a beam of light connected the "sun" with the long river of time.

In terms of form, the Immortal Emperor is like a "lighthouse" in the long river of time, and the light released affects the past, present and future at the same time.

"This is the Immortal Emperor?!" Cui Heng was quite surprised, "Is the cultivation route starting from the quasi-immortal emperor to gather as much time as possible on himself?"

At this time, he could clearly feel that this Immortal Emperor was intertwined with the power of time that was far stronger than that of the Quasi Immortal Emperor.

This is obviously not the path of detachment from time like the immortal cultivators in the period of returning to the virtual world.

Instead, he concentrated the power of time on himself, and UU reading continued to enhance his influence in time.

If you follow this route, what is the ultimate state of cultivation on this route?

Is it to gather all the power of time?

Is it really possible to get to that level?

Or is it possible that this path will not reach a higher level at all?

Cui Heng fell into contemplation as he watched the mighty and rushing river of time.

He could see that while the "sun" was gathering a huge amount of time power, affecting the past, present and future, the long river of time also set off tidal waves around it.

As if to judge the beam of light that supports the "sun" and let the "sun" fall back into the long river of time.

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