Poison Doctor’s Cute Baby (Poison Doctor Mother Baby) - v2 Chapter 7234 .End (10)

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Chapter 7234

But since they left the clan and went to Qimeng City, a year has passed outside, but they have spent thousands of years in Su Ruoxi's space!

And these thousands of years, the experience formation that Su Ruoxi has placed in the Shangguan family land is really terrifying!

Even if the four of Shangguan Ting entered, they would have to peel off a layer of skin and come out!

Except that death in the formation will be teleported, as long as there is still a breath, there is no way to get out!

Unless you pass the level, the formation method only guarantees that no one will die, but the injuries are real. Every time the formation is sent out, you have to lie down for several days, definitely not playing!

Therefore, compared with the people of the seven major families, the members of the Shangguan family are far too fierce!

Soon, the number of Xuanyuan family is rapidly decreasing!

Everyone in Qimeng City looked at this scene, and they didn't feel anything at all!

Because they feel that there is nothing wrong with the Shangguan family, and if they were them, they would be more ruthless!

"Master, can I eat those people after they die? Although it's still a little weak, it's enough to stick between my teeth!" Gu Nan said with some disgust.

Su Ruoxi's mouth twitched: "Eat it, if you don't eat it, your strength will become weaker!"

"Good!" Gu Nan said excitedly when he heard the words.

However, Tashi Xin and Bai Ying kept an eye on the battle. Su Ruoxi gave orders to the two of them, so that no one from the Shangguan family could be lost!

So their task is to watch carefully, and once the Shangguan family is in danger, they will take action as soon as possible!

The people of the Shangguan family, although they really hated the people of the Xuanyuan family, they were not as vicious as the other party, they didn't torture the other party, the attack was the ultimate move, the move was fatal, and the only solution for the other party was death!

But they all died simply, no pain, no torture!

The moment the body fell, the soul was also swallowed by Gu Nan!

With the stealth blessing of the Spirit Bee, whether it is Shangguan Ting and others, or the Xuanyuan family, they cannot see the existence of Gu Nan!

The number of people on both sides is similar, and the overall strength is that the Shangguan family has more powerhouses, so the battle is almost crushing. Not long after, there are only three Xuanyuan ancestors, Xuanyuan He, and Xuanyuan Question five people!

When Xuanyuan Mo, Xuanyuan Cha and others sacrificed, the three Xuanyuan ancestors knew that everything was over, so they could only close their eyes and not look at the cruel picture!

Xuanyuan He was better, but Xuanyuan Wentian was terrified!

He didn't want to die. After living for so long, how could he die? If he died, there would be nothing left!

"Ancestor, Dad, what should we do?" Xuanyuan Wentian asked in a trembling voice.

"Give it up, the Xuanyuan family is over!" An ancestor Xuanyuan said in a daze.

"But I don't want to die, Old Ancestor, think of a way!" Xuanyuan Wentian roared anxiously.

"Shangguan Ting, do you dare to fight with me?" Xuanyuan He suddenly opened his eyes and asked Shangguan Ting.

"You're not worthy!" Shangguan Ting said directly.

If there is no Xi'er, if his daughter is all right, or is no longer around, he doesn't mind a duel with Xuanyuan He, even if he is afraid of death!

But, now he won't, he still has a lot to do!

Xuanyuan He's aggressive tactics are useless to himself!

"Big brother, kill it!" Shangguan Ting said.

"En!" After the Great Elder finished speaking, he glanced at the five people in front of him and swept away his spiritual power.

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