Poison Doctor’s Cute Baby (Poison Doctor Mother Baby) - v2 Chapter 7213 .Grandpa, don't worry

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Chapter 7213

"So if I guess, it is estimated that there should be less than ten strong players in each of their families!"

"However, Xi'er, we still have to be more careful. For example, the seven great hermit clans have passed down the family for a long time. Even if the ancestors in the clan run out of Shouyuan and die, there may be some secret techniques to preserve or let them. The clansmen refine their strength!"

"There are even some secret techniques that can seal up the strength of a strong person during his lifetime, and use it when he encounters danger. Before dying, he can pour his life's spiritual power into the body of his descendants to help the descendants improve their strength. !"

"Therefore, we still have to be more careful when facing the strong players of the seven major families. Compared with them, the opponents have nearly ten times more than us, and our people will lose a lot!" Shangguan Ting was serious! said.

"Grandpa, don't worry, I won't let the Shangguan family get hurt before this incident!"

"Since the members of the Duanmu family have entered the city, the clansmen that Grandpa wants to send away, prepare to go, let them enter this small courtyard, and give this to them when the time comes. I don't know the defensive formation around. As long as they are in danger and hide inside, no one can attack and hurt them!" Su Ruoxi took out a small space courtyard with a very simple opinion and handed it to Shangguan Ting.

Shangguan Ting understood that Su Ruoxi wanted to be good for those people!

So I didn't refuse, but the things were confiscated: "Xi'er, I won't accompany you to send them, so as not to make them feel uncomfortable, after you send them out of the city, give them to them!"

Su Ruoxi was a little surprised when she heard the words, but it was better for her, otherwise she would have to make a small illusion for her grandfather for a while!

This will save yourself a lot of trouble!

"Okay, grandpa, I will give them to them when the time comes. Don't worry, grandpa, I will send them to a safe place!" Su Ruoxi nodded.

Shangguan Ting nodded, stood on the teleportation array, and was sent back to the space by Xiaobai!

However, when Shangguan Ting came out, he was still with the Great Elder!

The two told Xi'er to be safe. In the few days when Su Ruoxi was away, the two of them would be optimistic about the restaurant, so that Su Ruoxi didn't have to worry!

Then Su Ruoxi took a spirit boat that Shangguanting handed to him, put it in the space, and left Qimeng City alone!

After arriving outside the city, take the spirit boat to leave!

In the spirit boat, Gu Nan had followed Shangguan to check it before. The people inside were all people who resented the Shangguan family. In addition, there were some Shangguan who were close to those people and were rescued by Su Ruoxi. Family members!

Because of the good relationship and those who have resentment in their hearts, they naturally want to draw more people to their side, and keep drawing each other. After leaving the foreplay, there are still many people who are persuaded to leave with them during this time. !

Although I saw that it was Su Ruoxi who controlled the spirit boat, this time it was Su Ruoxi who followed Su Ruoxi!

Originally, I wanted to keep Tashixin to take care of my grandfather, but now that my grandfather is very strong, there is no need for Su Ruoxi to worry, so Su Ruoxi left Bai Ying in the restaurant and let me know as soon as anything happens!

But the people in the spirit boat don't have any hostility towards Su Ruoxi. For them, Su Ruoxi is their true benefactor, thanks to Gu Nan!

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