Number One Dungeon Supplier - Chapter 1409 Battle On The Sky Bridge -Part 2

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The Pandarens alongside the Demon Army had pushed through the Demon Rats’ barricades with a decisive blow under the command of Baal. Jin and his companions were able to move through the Sky Bridge smoothly without the hindrance of the Demon Rats.

Soon, the Demon Rat High Command is within sight and as expected by the Demon Rats under the Generals, they had already mounted a defence within the surrounding area. Windows had been left slightly jarred and filled with Demon Rats armed to the teeth. From basic rifles to sniper nests, there were even mages at the ready to send a volley of terrible offensive magic to Jin’s vanguard.

“Jin, shall I clear them out?” Baal asked as he was still standing tall and everyone had their scopes and barrels aimed at him.

“I guess you want some form of warming up?” Jin said through the System Channel as he took a closer look at the Demon Rats via Pepper’s magnifying magic. From the looks of it, they were veterans, probably the elites of the elites protecting the Generals and the operators in the High Command from certain harm.

“Since you already have your lineup ready for the fight, I guess this is my only plea- an excuse to stretch my sword arm.”

“Hey Baal, get in line!” Moloch yelled through the System Channel. “I have yet to go into battle! How can you go if I did not have a shot at them?”

“I thought you said you preferred to stay at the sidelines, managing the command?” Jin asked, knowing that if Baal goes on a rampage, his previous second in command would like to fight alongside him.

“This is different!” Kiva and Moloch somehow managed to shout at the same time through the System Channel and it seems like the other noble lords and ladies had the very same idea. To fight under Baal, a Greater Demon, was a dream that many Demons from the Demon Plane would sacrifice their lives and even souls for. But to fight with Baal? Everyone would desire such great honour and pleasure.

“Heh. Then I am sorry Moloch and even to you Kiva. You have your roles to fill at this point in time. You have to lead the entire Demopolis Army to immeasurable victory while Kiva, focus on driving.” Jin ordered and the two had to comply based on their contract with their System. There was no time for personal desires to be in the way of matters when the most important battle drew near.

“Does that mean?” Baal was elated to know that he had the permission to fight as metaphysical chains that were holding him back suddenly turned visible. For Demons who were following behind him were shocked at the layers of chains that were put on him but that was the System’s condition for him to lead the army since a Greater Demon should not be given a chance to have complete free will.

But just for this moment, all the locks and chains had been released from him, giving him the ability to breathe properly after months of confinement. (Though it might be months, the System had used time dilation to make him feel the days like years, and months like centuries. His back that had been imprinted with the marks of chains gradually disappeared as his strength returned to him just by taking in the air around him.

With all the Demons under his command and the immense stench of death in the undercity, it provided him with the necessary mana for absorption. The demons were gladly pouring tribute mana for their one and only King regardless of the distance. This was made real and further accelerated with the aid of the System, transferring the mana from one monster to another through System points. As the Demons gave their king System Points, it was then turned into Mana where he used it to absorb and regain his vitality.

In less than twenty seconds, he was already up to half his previous strength and Baal stopped accepting any more tributes or generous donations. (especially from a certain bat ‘lord’.) The Greater Demon believed that he had more than enough power to decimate this place twenty folds even though he was half his strength. And that reality was proven when the barrage of rockets began to fly towards the vanguard but with a gentle flick of his finger, a gust of wind ensued, causing all the rockets to be deflected away, damaging the surrounding buildings instead.

Next, the Demon Rat Snipers made their shot but those bullets were like quickly slowed down a metre away from Baal’s torso and head. The Greater Demon grabbed all those bullets that were stopped right in front of him and he threw them back at them again, with the very same trajectory. Most of the snipers realised what he was doing and managed to dodge the shot (barely) but a few who were preparing their next shot did not have the time to react fast enough and got killed in the process.

However, the Demon Rats were not relenting as those who were killed had been replaced by a fresher batch of soldiers waiting to perform their duty. The Mages who saw Baal in action, instantly doubled up their casting, knowing that this adversary they were facing was considered an elite. If they were to pull their punches, they might be the ones who are going to die.

So, as synchronised as they could be, the Demon Rat Mages simultaneously unleashed a volley of fireballs towards Baal who was still in the lead of the vanguard.

The Greater Demon believed that fire should be fought with fire and thus revealed a magic circle that was large enough to encase the entire breadth of the sky bridge. Soon, the balls of fire albeit of a different colour came shooting out from the magic circle, intercepting each and everyone that Demon Rat Mages had cast.

But the Demon Rat Mages already knew his ferocity and thus hid a second spell within the fireballs. It was an absorption spell where the fireballs take in the mana of the opponent’s spell and used it for their own. As Baal thought to fight ‘fair and square’ for this particular showcase, it seemed that it only gave him a better excuse to use stronger spells.

The Demon Rat Mages’ fireball turned insanely huge and the Demon Rats thought that this could be the counterblow that they were waiting for so that the sky bridge that was hinged onto the Demon Rats High command could be destroyed.

However, the opposite happened.

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