Mysterious Recovery - Chapter 1436 1 knife in the back

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"Don't even think about leaving, stay behind and be buried with you."

In the building shrouded in darkness, with the occasional appearance of light, roars accompanied by various screams continued to resound.

Ye Zhen ignored the small siege of the three kings by relying on the spirit of the dead ghost, and easily defeated them. In just a short moment, at least eight or nine ghost masters who were not weak died in his hands.

But this is not enough.

Because Ye Zhen understands that the real murderer has not appeared yet, and is still hiding in a certain part of the building. He has no way to find out the murderer, because the murderer is hidden too deeply, and he has covered the building several times. No trace of the other party was ever found.

Ye Zhen didn't plan to look for it either, he wanted to get rid of these miscellaneous things first, and save the most powerful enemy for last.

And he believes that as long as he kills all the younger brothers of the other party, the old man will come out naturally and there is no need to search deliberately.

Perhaps because they were aware of Ye Zhen's thoughts, the surviving ghost masters among the three king's squads did not intend to fight against him at all. They fled in this building, avoided Ye Zhen's attack, and tried their best to survive. For these ghost-riders know very well that their king is lurking somewhere, biding his time.

"Don't try to hide, it's useless to hide in front of me." Ye Zhen roared, he didn't go after the enemy's traces, because the whole building was within the influence range of his dead ghost.

Immediately, he stared at the grimace imprinted on the long sword, and even actively reached out to touch it.

The law of mortal killing fell on Ye Zhen. He took the initiative to bear the damage caused by his own spiritual items, but then he transferred the damage to other ghost masters in the building.


Several miserable cries sounded from a certain corner of the building.

Obviously, the supernatural attack transferred by Ye Zhen made it impossible for several ghost masters to die on the spot, but their hiding places were not revealed.

Such a strange situation completely panicked the remaining ghost masters.

Neither fighting nor hiding, can we just run?

"Ye Zhen's strange ability can be effective without being attacked by others. This is not a simple transfer of spiritual attacks. Quickly, leave this building and mix with ordinary people to avoid this kind of indiscriminate spiritual attacks." Dare to stay in the building, and run towards the outside without hesitation at this moment.

He wanted to avoid the supernatural ghost of the dead ghost by blending into the crowd.

It has to be said that the king's team is still talented, and they have found a way to deal with the scapegoat so quickly.

But can they escape?

Ye Zhen transferred the spiritual attack by hurting himself. Under such circumstances, it was difficult to escape, because the speed of transferring the spiritual attack for the dead ghost was very fast, very fast, almost instantly.

"I, Ye, don't want to kill you **** in such a tasteless way, but in order to avenge Ah Wu, and to let you be buried with my other younger brothers in the spiritual forum, I, Ye, put down my face today and don't talk about martial arts. De."

His sword hand was bleeding and cracked.

But these cracks keep appearing and disappearing.

If you look at the long sword, you will die, but if you touch the long sword with your hand, it will break.

The two kinds of supernatural injuries were continuously transferred to other people in this building by the scapegoat.

No matter how elite the ghost masters of the king's team are, it is impossible for them to withstand such spiritual attacks without interruption, so many of them died suddenly on the spot without even having time to escape from the building.

However, at this moment.

Ye Zhen is behind.

Where the shadows covered, where the light couldn't cover, a tall and thin figure appeared out of thin air like a ghost. This person's body didn't look like an entity, but rather like a cloud of shadows, very illusory.

It was such an illusory shadow, but at this moment, it held a strange dagger in its hand and stabbed Ye Zhen.

This was a very common attack action.

But at this moment, Ye Zhen was not vigilant at all, or in other words, he didn't even know that there was someone behind him, that is,

Even his ghost domain coverage did not detect the appearance of this blurred shadow behind him, and he still had no reaction even during the attack.

It wasn't until the moment when the dark red strange dagger touched Ye Zhen's back that his whole body tensed up, his hairs stood on end, and he turned his head subconsciously.

"too late."

A deep, icy voice sounded, it came from the attack of a king-level ghost master code-named Killer.

But before the sound sounded, the weird dagger had already pierced into Ye Zhen's body. After the knife pierced into the human body, the incomplete finger from the handle directly grabbed the person holding the knife. The backlash made the king couldn't help but twitched the corners of his mouth.

"court death."

Ye Zhen was furious, he didn't care about being stabbed in the back, he slashed with his backhand with a sword, and he was bound to kill the guy behind him who was sneaking up on him.

But the next moment.

The king code-named killer grabbed Ye Zhen's arm and easily stopped his attack.

When Ye Zhen opened his eyes, he realized something was wrong.

He found that his ghost domain had disappeared, all his spiritual powers had been silenced, and even his strength had become weaker. This sword was cut down like an ordinary person, no wonder it could be easily blocked by his opponent.

"You're too careless, so you'd better die honestly."

A deep sneer sounded, and the king code-named Killer knew he had succeeded, so he raised his hand and patted Ye Zhen on the head.

The ghost master's strength is very strong, it's not as big as a living person can have, with just one slap, Ye Zhen's head shattered like a crispy melon on the spot.

Blood splattered all around on the spot.

Although the mutilated head was still on the neck, Ye Zhen's body had no breath at this moment, and it quickly became cold.

"The moment you lost your supernatural power, you were just an ordinary person. As an ordinary person, I smashed your head. I don't believe that you can transfer such injuries to other people." The king's gaze of the code-named killer Cold, and slowly pulled out that strange dagger.

After the dagger left Ye Zhen's body, the incomplete palm on the handle slowly loosened.

The killer's tightly restrained wrists were finally released, but there was still a strange bruise on his arm that could not be removed, and there were already many such bruises on his wrist.

This is the price of supernatural weapons, even as a king-level ghost master, he has to bear this price.

But the killer felt that the price was worth it, because he killed Ye Zhen, the boss of the supernatural forum, and personally destroyed a top supernatural force.

"Boss, you succeeded? Great, now we are safe."

As soon as Ye Zhen died, the members of the king's team who fled in fear before were relieved at the moment. They gathered here immediately after discovering the situation here, but the number was a little small, and only three remained.

In the short time just now, Ye Zhentuan had already wiped out two teams.

If Ye Zhen was given a few more seconds, the remaining three people would probably not survive.

"Those who ignore me will definitely pay a heavy price, even if the other party is the captain." The killer said calmly, "We should go and the ghost ship will land soon. There is a conflict, otherwise the other party will probably abandon the ghost ship and come to us."

After he finished speaking, his figure gradually disappeared into the darkness, ready to leave here.

He is not interested in Ye Zhen's corpse, nor is he willing to take away the supernatural weapons in Ye Zhen's hands, because this place will soon become a supernatural land, and taking these things away will delay time.

In fact, the killer decided to be right.

Because all the captains of the headquarters are rushing over here, and they have already entered Dahai City, if the killer stays greedy, he will face the risk of being besieged and killed by the captain.

However, just as the killer withdrew.

I lost most of my brain

Ye Zhen, who had no breath, didn't know whether it was a nervous reaction or a spiritual recovery in his body, his palm suddenly twitched.


Ye Zhen turned around and waved his long sword.

The ghost domain burst out, and everything in front of him was instantly torn apart, including the king code-named killer, and at the moment he was swallowed by the ghost domain, Ye Zhen's voice sounded.

"This move was originally intended to defend against Yang Wudi, but I didn't expect it to be used on you."

In the ghost domain, UU Reading, the king code-named killer, suddenly shrank his eyes because he saw Ye Zhen reappear intact.

"How is it possible... It is obvious that your supernatural power is no longer usable." He was shocked, and he couldn't even believe it.

"Because I still have a ghost on my body." Ye Zhen roared back.

At this time, another ghost master from the king's team saw that the head of a dead puppet protruded from Ye Zhen's collar. The head of the dead puppet stared at the people around him strangely, and opened He opened his mouth to say something, but there was no sound at all, so he didn't know what he was talking about.

The puppet body was the ghost that followed Ye Zhen from the ghost ship.

Obviously, all the unreasonable things just now have something to do with this weird puppet corpse.

But now this is not important.

Because the king was about to meet Ye Zhen's stormy attack.

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