My Disciples Are All Villains - Chapter 1062 - Not Bad, Young Man (1)

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Chapter 1062: Not Bad, Young Man (1)

Qin Moshang looked up before he pushed his astrolabe out with two hands. The nine Birth Charts flashed dangerously with venomous green light before nine beams of light shot out.

Lu Zhou turned around and struck with an ordinary Deadly Strike.

“The Great Seal of Fearlessness.”

The Buddhist palm seal shielded him. It could both protect him and destroy his opponent’s Birth Chart.

In Lu Zhou’s eyes, the young man was already a dead man. He planned to reduce the young man to an Eight Chart Cultivator before using the enhanced Deadly Strike to make the young man regret coming to the red lotus domain.

Qin Moshang did not think the golden palm seal would be able to block the power of his nine Birth Charts. Unfortunately, he was proven wrong. When the nine beams of light landed on the golden palm seal, its effect was like the legendary Sun Wukong peeing on the Five-fingered Mountain; it was futile.

All of a sudden, the palm seal increased in length by several meters.

Qin Moshang did not hesitate to retreat. The ominous feeling in his heart grew stronger and stronger. However, he discovered the palm seal seemed to have eyes; it tailed him closely.

Finally, he shouted using a sound technique out of desperation, “You dare to kill me! I’m the Young Master of the Qin family!”

The Great Seal of Fearlessness was fearless. It did not matter if the young man was from the Qin family or the Li family.


Everything was over in just a blink of an eye.

The palm strike landed swiftly and accurately on Qin Moshang’s body. His huge green avatar that was covered with symbols along with his avatar increased in size before shrinking and disappearing into his body.

Qin Moshang cried out miserably. His disheveled hair danced wildly in the cold wind. His teeth were chattering as he felt a searing pain in his soul.

Lu Zhou flew toward the Cold Pond and caught the Green Cicada Jade. The jade was cold to the touch; it felt as though he was holding onto an ice cube. The vitality energy it contained seemed limitless. He had no time to study the jade for now; he quickly turned around. An enhanced Deadly Strike Card appeared in his hand.

‘This young man’s origin is unknown. At such a young age, he has already activated nine Birth Charts. He can’t be left alive…’ Lu Zhou rushed out.

At this moment, Lu Zhou spat out a mist of blood energy and manipulated a green energy to obscure Lu Zhou’s vision.

When Lu Zhou could see again, Qin Moshang was already standing on the runic passage. He slammed his palm down on the runic circle.

A pillar of light shot into the sky.

Lu Zhou launched another golden palm seal.

The Buddhist’s Great Vajra Wheel Hand Sign struck the pillar of light at lightning speed.


The pillar of light rippled slightly before it disappeared.

“Hmm? He didn’t die?”

Lu Zhou was extremely curious. An enhanced Deadly Strike should have killed that young man. He checked his items on the system panel.

Items: Enhanced Deadly Strike Card x1, Impeccable Card x1, Critical Block Card x145(passive), Golden Taixu Mirror, Disguise Card x2, Synthesis Card x2, Deconstruction Card x4.

The enhanced Deadly Strike Card was still there.

“It didn’t trigger?” When he recalled the scene from earlier, it seemed like the young man was no longer standing in the pillar of light.

Lu Zhou thought it was a pity. It would be a great disaster to leave such a vile creature alive. On second thought, it was not entirely a bad thing the young man escaped. After all, the young man definitely had a life stone. If the young man’s life stone shattered, the force the young man belonged to would definitely send people over to investigate. It would be equivalent to poking the hornet’s nest. However, he thought the hornet’s nest would still have to be poked eventually.

Lu Zhou looked at the Green Cicada Jade and felt the surging vitality energy within.

“This jade collects vitality energy?”

He closed his eyes. He closed his eyes. He could sense vitality energy as vast as the ocean in the jade. The vitality energy he had lost earlier that was equivalent to several hundred years was nothing compared to the vitality energy contained within the Green Cicada Jade.

Lu Zhou nodded his head in satisfaction; he had made a huge profit this time. However, now was not the time to admire the Green Cicada Jade. He rushed over to the runic passage and destroyed the runic circle with a few palm seals.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The runic passage that was hidden by the snow was destroyed just like that.

Lu Zhou rushed back to the Cold Pond. He silently chanted the mantras for the power of sight and the power of hearing. With this, he could monitor everything within a radius of 1,000 meters.

He looked around the peak of the snowy mountain. He could see through the rocks and everything. After a moment, he confirmed there was no other runic passage in the vicinity.

After cutting off the Heavenly Writing Powers, he brought the Green Cicada Jade out again.

“Ding! Obtained the Green Cicada Jade. Can store large amounts of vitality energy; calm one’s mind and energy; impervious to all poisons.”

“Not bad.”

Following that, Lu Zhou stepped into the Cold Pond again. He moved to the center of the pond before he sat down cross-legged.

After manifesting his lotus in front of him, he brought out the Green Cicada Jade.

With just a thought, the vitality energy in the jade surged out toward the Birth Palace.

+100 days.

+200 days.

+100 days.

In the Unknown Land.

In the quiet forest, withered leaves covered the ground and the foliage was mostly yellow.

A pillar of light with a diameter of several meters shot up into the sky, stirring up the dried leaves.

In just a breath, the light disappeared.


Qin Moshang appeared in a runic circle.

In a breath’s time, the light completely dissipated. His body was trembling violently; his face was flushed red; blue veins were popping on his arms as his fingers clenched the soil tightly. His eyes that looked as though they were going to pop out of their sockets flashed with fear. He gasped for air for a long time like a fish out of water.

After a long time, when he finally caught his breath and calmed down, he chuckled. ‘Good fortune will definitely follow after surviving a disaster, not to mention I’m the Young Master of the Qin family!’

Qin Moshang’s blood-red lips curved into a sinister smile as his eyes shone with hatred. “I’ll definitely make you pay with your blood. If I don’t seek revenge from you, I’m not human!”

At the peak of the snowy mountain in the red lotus domain.

Lu Zhou saw his lifespan continuing to increase. It was only after it reached 800 years that it began to slow down considerably.

“A bottleneck? It seems like I can only replenish 500 years at a time…”

If he did not consume any more vitality energy, to be able to replenish 500 years of life at a time was rather good. Even Ji Liang could only replenish around 100 years of life; moreover, it needed a long rest after doing so.

After putting away the Green Cicada Jade, Lu Zhou looked at the Birth Palace.

His sixth Birth Chart flashed brightly.

“Water control.”

The Birth Palace spun.

The water from the pond parted as though it was avoiding him. He did not feel the cold at all, and he could breathe easily. He moved around easily as well as though he was walking on land.

Lu Zhou was very satisfied with the ability. Who knew if he would have to enter the sea at some point?

At this moment, Lu Zhou looked down at the dark depths of the pond and felt a jolt of fear. Following that, he hurriedly left the pond.

He stood in the air. Even without the power of his Birth Charts, the coldness from the pond did not affect him at all.

“The next step is to pass the Birth Trial. To trigger the test, I have to be in an extremely harsh environment. However, since I possessed Pu Yi’s life heart ability, the cold no longer affects me. This means incredibly cold environments won’t be enough to trigger and help me pass the Birth Trial. In that case… I should go somewhere that’s incredibly hot? It has to be a place that’s so hot that even the fiercest beast can’t withstand it.”

Taking into consideration Ying Zhao’s, Pu Yi’s, and the other beasts’ life hearts, this was the best choice.

Finally, Lu Zhou landed next to the pond. He looked at his reflection again.

There was nothing old about him at all. It was even more exaggerated than if he were to use a Disguise Card that could only change his appearance, not his age.

He looked at the jade-like young man who looked like a peerless young master when realization suddenly dawned on him. The person reflected in the water was not a young Ji Tiando; it was his original appearance!

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