My Age of Investment - Chapter 1557 smell of danger

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  Chapter 1557 Smell of danger

  The next day.

  Xia Jingxing invited Shang Li Ying and other Fuxing Zhijia Group executives to watch a Premier League game where Liverpool played at home at Anfield Stadium.

  After seeing that the team won a complete victory and the qualification for the Champions League became more stable, Xia Jingxing bid farewell to Li Ying and others, and set foot on the plane leaving England with peace of mind.

   Leaving the UK with him was Liu Hai, the butler who had been chattering and reporting to Xia Jingxing on the "poor" performance of Envision Capital in fiscal year 2010 as soon as he boarded the plane.

  "Last year, the average return rate of the hedge funds under Vision Capital was 32%, which was much lower than expected, and it also set the worst performance since the company was established."

  Liu Hai said while shaking his head, "I have studied it specifically, and there are two main reasons for the failure.

  First, there are too many institutions participating in "Operation Overlord", which reduces the rate of return for shorting the euro;

  The second is that our asset management scale has increased too fast, which has lowered the overall rate of return of hedge funds. "

  Xia Jingxing nodded lightly, "Okay, no need to introduce, I know all about these things."

   After finishing speaking, Xia Jingxing cast his eyes out of the window, quietly looking at the dark sky outside, and silently thinking about the next development path of Envision Capital in his heart.

  Some time ago, Envision Capital announced its 2010 performance to all LP investors, and then this group of investors exploded.

  Although I didn't clamor for a refund, there were many small tricks behind the scenes.

   This incident also sounded the alarm for Xia Jingxing. After all, Yankees are unreliable. There is no such thing as "helping each other" in their culture, and there is only "predation".

  When the loot plundered outside is not rich enough, then rob allies.

  Now these people have put their minds on Vision Capital, and letting Cuomo bite people is their trick.

  As long as Xia Jingxing asked them for help, they would have a reason to ask for a reduction in the share of the fund's income.

   "These people are really short-sighted. Isn't the yield rate a little bit lower than in previous years, and they can't hold back anymore.

  Jing Xing, listen to me, don't show softness to them, if there is an unreasonable request for the first time, there will be a second, third time...

  By then, Vision Capital will be completely reduced to their money-making tool without the slightest autonomy.

  Maybe this time is also their temptation. As long as the pressure is withstood, or the performance of the fund starts to improve, they will definitely withdraw their claws. "

  Xia Jingxing smiled, "The decrease in the fund's return rate compared to previous years is not a "point", but the decimal point has moved forward.

  In previous years, the rate of return was one to two hundred percent or several hundred percent, but last year it was only 30 percent.

  But you are right, this should be a kind of temptation for them.

   You said, did they get wind of something? For example, Congress wants to use Vision Capital. "

  Xia Jingxing was very vigilant. The American dignitaries who had called him brothers and sisters in the past actually started to turn against him. Could there be some bigger conspiracy against him?

  Liu Hai frowned tightly. He and Xia Jingxing are both prosperous and hurt. If Xia Jingxing is punished, he, the big housekeeper, will no longer be as powerful as he is today.

  So Liu Hai racked his brains to analyze potential risks for Xia Jingxing, ruled out one option after another, and finally locked his target on Fuxing Industry.

   "I think it may not be aimed at Vision Capital, otherwise they would not instruct Cuomo to do things.

  Their request to reduce fund fees just shows that Vision Capital is safe.

   On the contrary, as a high-tech and industrial manufacturing company, Fuxing Industrial, especially last year, successfully launched a rocket, which attracted countless attentions from all over the world, and it is more likely to become the first bird to be suppressed. "

  Xia Jingxing said "Yes" and couldn't help but nodded. Liu Hai's point of view is still very insightful. Vision Capital, as a white glove and money-making machine for the rich and powerful in the United States, is the safest of all his industries in the short term.

  Fuxing Industry successfully launched a rocket, and it is beginning to show its glory. It is indeed likely to stimulate some politicians who are already hostile to rabbits and some business forces who want to suppress Renaissance Industry.

  But Xia Jingxing didn't have any regrets in his heart. He didn't make money for the sake of making money. Making money was just a means to realize his personal dream.

   And according to his prediction, the bald eagle will not flip the table so soon, and there are still a few years left for him to move around.

   "Forget it, don't think about this problem anymore, the soldiers will come and cover up the water!

   In front of a state apparatus, our power is very weak. "

  Speaking of this, Xia Jingxing's eyes revealed a trace of firmness, "However, no matter how weak we are, we have managed to ignite a spark. It is not without meaning to work so hard for so many years."

  Liu Hai nodded heavily. As the helm of Daxia Capital, he knew very well how much capital Xia Jingxing had accumulated over the years, and he knew how huge a commercial force it was.

  And the seeds of these powers have already taken root in China, and the hunting area of ​​the bald eagle is not that far away.

  Xia Jingxing grabbed the documents in front of Liu Hai, glanced at them and said, "The most tense and most profitable moment of the European debt crisis has passed, and it doesn't make any sense for our main funds to stay in Europe.

  Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley called so many financial giants to take advantage of the fire, mainly to attack the euro and consolidate the hegemony of the dollar.

   Now that the political task has been completed, and they have all made a lot of money in the financial market, they are almost about to retreat. Only we have been busy for nothing. "

  Liu Hai corrected: "I didn't work in vain, I made a full 8 billion dollars."

   "It's all hard-earned money, and we've invested a full $20 billion short the euro."

  Xia Jingxing sneered, he actually knew that he was being used by Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, but as a member of Wall Street, Vision Capital was also an asset management institution established by the Chinese, so he had to accept this investment certificate.

Liu Hai sighed and said: "Times have changed, and now our hedge fund alone has reached 107.3 billion US dollars. I am afraid that it will not be easy to catch the opportunity to short European debt in the future. How to maintain the high rate of return of the fund is a big problem." .”

  Liu Hai's words touched Xia Jingxing's heart. Last year, apart from the two good investment opportunities of shorting European debt and long gold, there were really not many opportunities to fish in troubled waters.

  Vision Capital has reached its current scale, and it is not an easy task to maintain the top hedge funds on Wall Street, that is, 20%-30% yield, which means that it will make a net profit of 20 to 30 billion U.S. dollars every year.

   Without the help of his golden fingers, the employees of Vision Capital can only be subdivided into countless trading groups, moving little by little like ants, and accumulating small profits to make more profits.

   This is a bit of a test of Envision Capital's true ability.

  Of course, he has also been consciously cultivating the independent trading ability of Jiang Ping, Li Yaozu, Zhao Peng and others.

  Currently, there are still some achievements, at least it can maintain the average level of similar institutions on Wall Street, and the tiger skin of Vision Capital will not be punctured.

   "Stop raising new hedge funds, and don't increase the size of asset management in a short period of time. Don't let scale become a burden."

  Liu Hai quite recognized this point, nodded and said: "Yes, Jiang Ping also mentioned this point to me, he thinks our team still needs to sharpen, we have fought too many smooth battles in the past.

   Otherwise, we let out the wind, saying how many hedge funds will be liquidated? In addition to showing confidence, scare those who demand lower fees. "

  Xia Jingxing smiled, "It's a good idea! But we can't just scare them, but also guide these people and funds to where they should go in an orderly manner."

   "Where should I go?"

"for example?"

   “Our PE funds and real estate funds are still very small, much smaller than hedge funds.”

  Xia Jingxing paused, and then said: "Abel has managed these funds well, and the rate of return has started to rise.

   In addition, Ivanka has caused a lot of troubles recently, and needs some support. "

  Liu Hai instantly understood that the rich and powerful regarded Envision Capital as a money-making machine, and Xia Jingxing regarded them as a group of tool people, sending them wherever there was work.

  The woman Ivanka is a troublemaker, and the recent incidents are not small at all.

   Some lively look!

  (end of this chapter)

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