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And the most central part of the turbid world, the battle between sword energy and domineering has almost never stopped. The staggering and changing of moves, only the more and more turbulent battle of vitality, can only show how much the battle is.

The Great Venerable Turbid World gave up the kind of ingenuity and changes that he once had.

I gave up the idea that I would only take action after I had an absolute advantage in myself.

Instead, he throws himself into this close-range tragic slaughter, punches to the flesh, moves crazy, fights for life, every punch, every kick, every move and every style, becomes more and more pure, every move, Both will be more peaceful than the last move, it's almost like a pilgrimage.

Every punch shatters a part of me, fearful, worried, indulgent, arrogant.

He smashed these self with one punch and one punch, so it became clearer and clearer, and more invincible. The last punch was almost pure, and he slammed it down suddenly, even if it was Wei Yuan, the material of Qingping sword in his palm, They were all bent inward by this unremarkable punch, and a shocking and terrifying arc appeared.

But he caught it.

Even the Great Venerable Turbid World was a little surprised at this time.

This can definitely be called the strongest punch in the turbulent world. The Yuanshi Tianzun in front of him managed to catch it. He was not even injured due to such a majestic force. Internal injuries occurred. Under Zun's fist, there is no majestic power, and the weak level of such power is completely reborn from the past.

Fading the glitz, there is really no such a special Hao Xiao atmosphere like the sky.

But the power flows.

The Yuanshi Tianzun Dharma and Lingbao Tianzun Dharma in Wei Yuan appeared together.

And the former flow changes.

You are 【Tai Xia】.

Therefore, part of the power of the limit is attributed to the [Cause of All Fruits], and the other part is transformed into the [Destruction of All Dharmas].

Wei Yuan really felt that the Taixia Qigong that he had realized had no effect, and how to use it, but just regarded the Taixia Realm as a reconciliation between the Yuanshi Tianzun Qigong and Lingbao Tianzun Qiongji. The basis of the repelling power, those two kinds of power, if you take out one of them alone, it is not enough to say that you are alone in the sky.

The combination of the two has made Wei Yuan's power and physical state at the moment steadily reach the threshold of the first step of the ten small peaks.

It must be said that there is too much power in another place.

Only the weak enough will not let Wei Yuan feel the pressure.

And only if it is not big enough to be oppressive like despair, it is impossible for Wei Yuan to mobilize all his strength instinctively. The two forces representing the end and the end are violent at the same time, oppressing each other, and making the power of Taixia circulate. Change, and then be tempered and tempered - too low and promising, and the same dust.

If it is to refine that realm at that time, it will stimulate its hidden possibilities.

[Taixia Gongti] Maybe it was really just used by Wei Yuan for reconciliation in the end.

Just like the yin and yang of Tai Chi, the flow changes, the negative yang is born, and the positive yin is born, when the weak of the Qing world proves the Tao, they will leave a trail mark in the turbid world. Yuan, making that mysterious can be said to be [too low realm], and there are few new changes.

The power of Zhuo Shi Xiaozun almost instantly disappeared like a bull in the sea.

The reversal of the causes of the fruits caused Wei Yuan's qi to expand again.

The Ten Thousand Dharma Tribulation and Destruction is a change in circulation, and it converges under the Qingping sword. Only a sound of Qingyue sword can be heard. The white-haired Taoist holds the sword in his left hand and brushes the ridge of the sword with his right hand. The Qingping sword brake of Qingping straightened up, a sharp edge suddenly exploded, and the front was almost handed out, killing Xiao Zun with a unique coup.

It's just that Xiao Zun's realm is almost complete at this moment.

Forcibly leaning on the whole body to stare at the ridiculously thick foundation blocking Wei Yuan's sword.

Xiang Qincheng turned into a radian.

And Zhuo Shi Xiaozun also sensed the mysterious changes in Wei Yuan's body. I looked at Wei Yuan and said:

"Seven thousand years of foundation and Taoism."

Xiao Zun said lightly, "It's too thin."

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The first seven fingers clasped together, smashing the Qingping Sword Intent abruptly, and the fragments of the Qingping Sword Sword Qi and Sword Intent were forcibly merged into the outside of this condensed arrogance. He raised his hand in front of him, and there seemed to be huge and small barriers formed by layers of new rules between heaven and earth.

Like the sky falling down, the earth falling down is special.

The white-haired Taoist said with a look of the year.

Sensing that huge oppressive force, the lower realm in the body is running more and more slowly.

Too watery, it is not the image of a cup when placed outside the cup, and it is not the image of a bowl when placed outside the bowl, but it is said that Nian is under the small ground, rushing into the sea, but it is like a different atmosphere, that is to say that Nian follows the inside. The Mysterious Qigong Physique, which has changed through the changes, has hardly reached its limit at this moment.

Wei Yuan looked at Xiao Zun, which was almost a move to prove the Tao, but his heart was calm and peaceful.

can stop.

That's rhetoric.

It's an almost intuitive if.

Hardening is not one-way.

I straightened my back, the long sword lost its sharp-edged vigor, and lost a sense of simplicity and simplicity, as if I built a road along the bluestone slab, walked down the mountain step by step, pushed aside the crawling tiger, There is no door with quiet moss, and the door is just an abnormal world, simple and calm.

Just when Xiangqin was about to take out his sword.

Suddenly, the sky brightened up, and stars appeared one by one, deep and empty, the young man in white clothes had not yet appeared in the sky under the turbid world, and he was overbearing, even if the outer world was a turbid world, that outer world belongs to me. The world, when I appeared, still let the stars flow out, and let the stars from the Qing Dynasty appear one by one.

Starlight, clear heat, quiet.

However, you are domineering, weak, and occupy the turbid world. It is as if the place where you stand is the vast sky and the stars.

The starlight fell, and it was like a dreamlike mist.

Before that, the fog was suddenly dissipated.

The weak force penetrated the space at a relatively slow speed. In this mist of starlight, there seemed to be no figures of comparable size and size, but the previous moment broke through the fog and turned into two giants. Xiao Youbi's palm, the palm seems to be transformed from the rock that speaks the most years in the sky, giving people a sense of lightness.

Fingers clasped together.

It was just that Wei Yuan was closed and protected outside the palm of his hand in an instant.

Zhuo Shi Xiaozun's move and that move collided with each other, causing the pair of palms that seemed to be the largest in the sky to vibrate hugely, but did it cause less damage, because a figure had not yet descended from the sky, redrawing Lightly stepped under that majestic fist.

Then he directly smashed the move of the young master of the world and smashed it to the ground.

Small cracks, smoke filled the air.

In front of him, the storm that was swept away by the sleeve robes was crushed.

The Emperor of Heaven shook his sleeves, with his right hand on his back, and stood under the huge palm, his eyes indifferent and overlooking Xiao Zun.

There is no amber-colored time line in the void, as if it is a special manifestation of time and all laws. All creatures and objects have escaped time, and at this moment time has turned into a real giant network, weaving it. The end of the common people is shrouded in everything that will be annihilated.

Did the Zhuo Shi Xiaozun say that because of the appearance of the enemy at this moment, he must maintain the momentum of defeat.

Standing with one arm, standing outside, the sleeves of the right arm are empty, and there is no huge scar on the body left by Wei Yuan's sword qi and sword intent, but it is more than when we fought the enemy later. From this look of graceful and weak, Xiao Zun who has always maintained his own personality is even more difficult to ignore, more calm and calm.

In the face of the appearance of the Emperor of Heaven, it was Zhou Shan and Zhu Siyin's moves.

Zhuo Shi Xiaozun looked at Wei Yuan and the Heavenly Emperor deeply.

The first just smiled and bowed with one hand and turned around.

The sleeve robes flowed, but the right arm was still empty, and he left step by step.

Just exposing his front and back like that, he would also be afraid, step by step, shaking calmly.

But as if carrying a whole world with such calmness and eloquence, I am walking outside, but it seems that I am not above Xiangqin, but facing each other equally.

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Judging from the special, it was Zhou Shan's palm spread, Wei Yuan saw the back of the young master of the world, the battle just now, Wei Yuan got the realm before tempering, and the little master of the world really brushed away the dust in his heart .

Was Xiao Zun's return that time as loud as it was after that? He could hardly be said to have returned quietly and alone.

Before returning to my throne alone, I read the advice on Jiliu of the Turbid World, which contained no suggestion of conquering the Demon Territory, and no plan to train the warlords of the Turbid World. It also mentioned Lu Fengxian's disposal method. The most turbulent young master quietly read the first text, and put the jade slip away.

I only talk about the palace of Nian, and I said Nian was walking outside the palace that I knew existed for a long time.

Only these gods and demons who haven't lived for a long time in the turbid world know the origin of the palace, and the characteristics of the gods and demons in the turbid world determine that we will constantly fight for our own interests, and will be constantly provoked. Fighting contentiously, slowly getting weaker, and before falling even more slowly.

Therefore, the origin of the palace was not a phantom legend in the turbid world. In fact, it was not originally a palace.

It is the place where the turbid world's little venerable and the muddy sky fought, and the turbid world's little venerable who finally lost the battle left his memories, the past defeats, and everything that was not there, and showed the turbid world with that luxury and majesty. The palace of Xiaozun's bearing is suppressed below.

The young master of the turbid world clasped his seven fingers together, and a picture scroll appeared in the void.

The picture scroll is extremely delicate and mysterious, revealing an air of saying yes, it was written with a pen, but with the soul, with the brand left in the outer world, the main body of the picture scroll is blank, only In the middle, this is a middle-aged woman wearing a gray robe, with a calm and simple temperament. She looks like she is talking about the year in a simple way. The young master of the world looked at the imprint on the scroll for a long time.

Then the front palm shook, and the pure opposing energy directly tore the scroll from the middle.

I threw the portrait on the ground and burned it to ashes.

I was holding the wine out of my hand, and the spirits spilled out of the flames.


"Damn it..."

"You are afraid of him.

At the end of that day, Zhuo Shi Xiaozun locked himself in the palace for eight days and eight days.

When he left the customs, the young master of the turbulent world moved the entire Kunlun Ruins with his boundless power, and turned the Kunlun Ruins into his right arm.

Since then, both body and mind are complete.


Before the recuperation, Wei Yuan was in retreat and pondered the mystery of the [Tai Xia Realm]. When he heard what the teacher said inside, he got up and wanted to leave, but after only taking two steps, his body suddenly froze, and his eyes stopped. The space becomes empty and deep, almost like a vortex of primordial qi that has been extinguished and transformed for thousands of years in a turbid world—

A huge force of causal feedback.

Wei Yuan saw the illusory appearance of cause and effect behind his eyes.

This is an unreserved fight between each other, this is a fight between him and you!

This is all the pictures of the turbid World Little Venerable that have been honed by you.

Wei Yuan's first thought was:

The cause and effect of the turbid world, UU reading www.uukanshu. com is also under you.

Not to say—

[Forcing the foundation of the turbulent world to death, and using his own swordsmanship to force the turbid world Xiaozun to face you face-to-face, and regain a complete state of mind]

cause and effect, conclude.

The next moment, a huge torrent of causality appeared that was not inferior to Daoist Tonghua Tongtian.

It suddenly swept in reverse, directly engulfing Wei Yuan. PS: Today's second update... 3,600 words

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