Modify Super God - Chapter 910 The situation is escalating...

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【Modify Super God】【】

"Hey! It smells so good!"

Since that aunt is relentless, Sui Yu doesn't plan to make any further concessions!

And I have to admit, compared to the taste of chicken stewed mushrooms, the taste is lighter, but the aroma of spicy beef noodles is really strong!

"Mom, I want instant noodles! I want instant noodles!"

There was the sound of children crying from the seat next to the aunt, and at the same time, some passengers seemed to be discussing: "The reason why that woman was so noisy just now seems to be because her children are greedy for instant noodles. Get angry with other young people."

One word awakens the dreamer!

Sui Yu was still wondering why the middle-aged woman was so hot because the smell of stewed chicken with mushrooms was not very strong.

Only now did he realize that the relationship was because she didn't want to buy instant noodles for her children?

That’s right, the things sold on the high-speed rail are quite expensive, and Sui Yu doesn’t care about spending a small amount of money to buy four buckets of instant noodles, but for those who are thrifty and budget-conscious, spending three or four yuan per bucket of instant noodles is too high up!

To be honest, recently I have been using reading to follow up, change sources, read aloud with many timbres, and both Android and Apple can be used. 】

Therefore, even if her child cries loudly and makes the surrounding passengers frown and dissatisfied, the middle-aged woman just refuses to spend money to satisfy her child.

Of course, this also revealed that the middle-aged woman really didn't know how to educate her own child, and that child was spoiled and brought up living the life of a little emperor!

Therefore, they don't listen to people's advice at all, and just make trouble when they say it.

Suck! Suck!

snore! snore!


I have to admit that it feels really cool that people who don't pretend to be civilized can show their low quality to their heart's content!

Sure enough, you still have to make a sound to eat noodles!

Yue Zishan wanted to follow suit when she saw that Sui Yu ate noodles so wildly, but it was a pity that her childhood education prevented her from learning Sui Yu, even though she worked very hard, she ate very politely and could not make too much noise.

"It smells so good! It's enjoyable!"

After eating a bucket of noodles, Sui Yu exclaimed loudly in a voice that could be heard by the middle-aged woman: "The spicy beef noodles taste really good!"

Anyway, he has already declared that his quality is low, so Sui Yu's release at this time is quite open!

Not surprisingly, hearing Sui Yu's exclamation and smelling more spicy beef noodles, the middle-aged woman's child cried even louder.

At this time, Yue Zishan also ate up a bucket of instant noodles.

After all, they have succeeded in cultivation, and their digestive systems are very strong.

Regardless of Yue Zishan's gentle eating, but the speed of eating noodles is not slow at all.

Wiping his mouth with a napkin, Sui Yu rubbed his stomach...

Two cents full.

There is no way, the injury was too serious before, and now the body really needs more nutrition to recover from the injury.

"Make another bowl?" Sui Yu turned his head and asked Yue Zishan beside him with a chuckle, and when he heard Sui Yu's words, Yue Zishan affirmed with a smile: "Make another bowl!"

So Sui Yu opened two more bowls of noodles and put in seasonings, then Yue Zishan took the two empty buckets that had been eaten up, and Sui Yu took the noodle bowls with the seasonings put away, and the two went to throw away the empty noodle buckets and pour hot water together.

Passing by the middle-aged woman, Sui Yu took a special look.

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【Modify Super God】【】

Well, with a blushing face and a thick neck, she looks very angry!


Soon, the boiling water will be connected.

When he came back, Sui Yu glanced again, and met the middle-aged woman who was staring at him.

Smiling gracefully, Sui Yu took out a piece of chocolate and handed it to Yue Zishan: "By the way, I still have chocolate here, do you want to eat it?"

This piece of chocolate is actually Sui Yu's emergency ration, and it is completely military product that cannot be bought in the market.

It's smooth and sweet on the palate, and it's incredibly high in calories.

As an emergency ration, it is actually not easy for Sui Yu to use it casually.

But in order to be angry with the middle-aged aunt, Sui Yu can be regarded as spending a lot of money!

"I want to eat chocolate!"

Sure enough, the aunt's child writhed on the seat and began to squirm!


Yue Yew happily ate the chocolate and gave Sui Yu a "nice job" look, and then perfectly showed a very happy expression: "Wow! Your chocolate is delicious! It's sweet but not greasy and smooth in the mouth ! And the mouth and teeth have a long aftertaste! It's so delicious!"

"I want chocolate! I want chocolate!"

The crying of the aunt and the child was obviously louder.

Sui Yu gave Yue Zishan a thumbs up without his aunt behind his back: "Beautiful!"

Back at the seat, the noodles were soaked in a short while. At the same time, when the flight attendant pushed the trolley over, Sui Yu bought several instant noodle companion ham sausages.

"Eat instant noodles with sausage, the taste is even better!"

As soon as Sui Yu's voice fell, the child's crying sound rose again after a while, and even Sui Yu heard the sound of thumping, which seemed to be the sound of the aunt's child kicking the seat in front.

"Ah! It smells so good!"

Smelling the aroma of noodle soup, Sui Yu sighed and started to eat noodles again.

The aroma of the food whetted the appetites of the surrounding passengers, so many people took out the food they had brought and began to eat.

Passengers who did not bring food also spent money to buy some snacks from the flight attendants.

And seeing people around eating, aunts and children crying is a lively thing, let alone it.

In short, it is a chicken flying dog jumping!

At this moment, Sui Yu felt someone approaching him, and when he looked up, he saw the aunt pointing at Sui Yuji with eyes bigger than a donkey, and scolded loudly: "Are you sick?! Why are you so shameless? Why are you so shameless?!"

After yelling, the aunt turned around and shouted to the surrounding passengers: "You also comment! I told these two people not to eat instant noodles! Don't eat instant noodles! But he ate it! He ate bowl after bowl, endlessly. Yes! Deliberately smoke others! Tell me, is this person shameless?!"

Suck and suck...

Sui Yu took out the tablet to block the instant noodles to prevent the droplets from the aunt's mouth from flying into the noodle bowl, and continued to eat the noodles.

He has been used to ignoring the keyboard man's moral kidnapping since he was a child. Now Sui Yu wants power and power, and he really doesn't care about a vicious dog barking beside him.

Seeing that Sui Yu ignored her, Aunt became even angrier, and her screams became more piercing!

This kind of person is actually like this, just like the trolls on the Internet, the more you talk to her, the more you scold her, the happier she is and the more vigorously she scolds.

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【Modify Super God】【】

But if you ignore her, then on the contrary, she will be angry to death.

"Can you have a sense of public morality? Ah?! You will be punished for being so wicked!"

The eyes became more fierce, and the aunt's words became more sharp: "Is this how your mother educated you? Or do you have no mother or father at all?!"

Hearing this, Sui Yu couldn't help but reply: "Can you speak well?"

In fact, it was Sui Yu's fault in the first place. If the aunt had spoken well, or hadn't provoked trouble before, Sui Yu and the others would have worked hard to endure even if the recovery from the injury was slower, or bought some food with little smell to satisfy their hunger.

However, it was because the aunt was unforgiving and persistent and provoked again and again that things escalated step by step to the present level.

As a result, the aunt was so angry that she blushed and her neck was thick. She didn't know if she would get sick in the next second and extort money. Sui Yu also ate very non-stop.

And when Sui Yu finally spoke, the aunt's voice was octave higher again: "Speak well? Who talks to you well?! Do you listen to your mother talking to you well?! Sha b!

! "

The Buddha was also very angry, and was repeatedly provoked and insulted by the aunt. Sui Yu called the flight attendant who happened to be passing by: "Don't you care about this? Just let her scold me like this here? If I don't care, I will call you a security officer!"

The embarrassing thing is that the flight attendant seems to be passing by for instant noodles. At this time, she is holding a bowl of instant noodles with seasonings in her hand and waiting to receive water. She has no idea what to say at this time. UU reading

Hearing that Sui Yu wanted to call the police, the aunt continued to stare at the donkey's eyes and yelled loudly: "Scream! Call the security guards if you have the ability!"

The female flight attendant took the noodle bucket and quickly persuaded the aunt after she understood the matter a little bit, but the aunt didn't pay any attention to it.

Even during the process of persuasion, she pointed at Sui Yu from time to time and loudly insulted words such as "stupid", "shameless", "not a man", and "scum".

And all of this was recorded by Yue Zishan holding a mobile phone.

"And not only do they have no sense of public morality, they also curse people!"

Good guy, this aunt even tampered with her own memory.

Although Sui Yu was angry that his aunt took the initiative to provoke Yue Zishan who was injured, but even if he claimed that he had no quality, he didn't make a scene like his aunt, let alone insult her, right? !

And when she heard her confuse black and white with the flight attendant face to face, Yue Zishan couldn't help but said to her: "We have never scolded you, okay?! If you don't believe me, ask the people around you, even if you say a bad word, ask others if we have Scolded her?!"

As if she also felt that she was justified in the sentence just now, the aunt pulled her donkey face and approached Sui Yu fiercely and shouted, "I let you eat instant noodles?! You haven't finished yet, have you?!"

Good guy, it turned out to be Sui Yu and the others now.

And looking at it like this, Auntie is changing the subject directly and very bluntly, keeping her mouth shut about the groundless accusation Sui Yu scolded him just now.

"Silly x!"

Sui Yu couldn't help curling his lips in his heart: "Please, aunt, don't introduce yourself anymore, we all know you are stupid!"

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