Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss - Chapter 1274 - In Your Hands

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Chapter 1274: In Your Hands

Huo Yao had a very high IQ and she was surrounded by important people. She looked nothing like an ordinary girl.

Yuan Huan tilted his head sideways and leaned against the seat backrest lazily. He said randomly, “My villa is ready. I will give you a set of keys. You should invite some friends over to hang out at my new place.”

Yuan Xi almost instantly knew what he was suggesting.

Yuan Huan was not offering his place so that she could hang out with her friends. Instead, he wanted her to bring Huo Yao.

“Thanks, but no thanks,” said Yuan Xi coldly.

Despite her cold attitude, Yuan Huan did not get upset. He simply smiled. “I heard that our parents plan on spending the Chinese New Year abroad.”

The moment he mentioned her mother, Yuan Xi automatically felt worried. “Yuan Huan, what are you driving at? Just give it to me straight. I don’t like playing games!”

She knew her older brother all too well. He was always in the habit of threatening her and seemed to get a kick out of it.

On the surface, he uttered something completely mundane. In reality, there was an underlying meaning in every word he spoke.

Yuan Huan scoffed and said, “Don’t you know? It’s dangerous out there. Who knows what might happen while she’s on a holiday? What if she encounters some kind of unrest?”

Yuan Xi’s eyes instantly turned red. “How can you do that? Even if she isn’t your biological mother, she has treated you like her own son. She often treats you better than she treats me. How could you bring yourself to say this?”

“Your mother’s fate is in your hands,” said Yuan Huan mildly.

Yuan Xi knew what he wanted from her. She kept biting her lip for some time and said, “I won’t help you meet Huo Yao. Over my dead body!”


Yuan Huan stepped on the gas even harder, but his voice remained airy. “Whatever. You know you only have one choice.”

Yuan Xi’s face turned increasingly pale. She felt cold and terrified by the threat. He had cornered her and she was incapable of retaliating. She felt an overwhelming sense of hopelessness.

She knew her older brother meant what he said.

He was terrifying and ruthless.

Ever since she discovered his true personality, she stopped trying to make friends with others. All these years, she hardly had any friends thanks to him.

She often wondered what would happen if she did not know Yuan Huan’s true personality. Perhaps she would not have to live in fear every second of her life.


Meanwhile, Min Yu drove back to his place.

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