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As Jiang entered the tent, all the demon generals under Feng Tianxing had already arrived, sitting neatly below, waiting for Feng Tianxing to issue an order.

Feng Tianxing asked Jiang to sit beside him before he said.

"Brothers, how are the results of these ten days of training?"

Dan got up quickly, reported the situation of the past few days truthfully, and finally made a summary.

"The overall strength has improved, but it's obvious."

Feng Tianxing nodded lightly.

"It's okay to improve. Now, in addition to this one thing, there is one more thing I need to announce to you." "No matter how you train now, it is impossible to compete with Hurley's men in the short term. This is my responsibility. I have personally checked it out. If you want to reach the level of Hurley's men, you need to train for at least two years, and you have to choose

Talented people do. "

"So, based on this situation, I plan to select some of you to cooperate with Lin Shuang's medicinal pill research, but you can rest assured that the first round of trials will be on the men recruited by Jiang."

After saying that, Feng Tianxing reached out and pressed Jiang's shoulder.

"Give them an explanation."

Jiang nodded.

"This is actually what I mean. My subordinates are not very strong. The demons who want to improve can try the medicine. No matter what the result is, a batch of resources will be rewarded, which is a reward for their bravery." "In the first place After the round of drug testing, it is you, but this can only ensure that some people are not rejected. After all, everyone's physical condition is different. My subordinates and the number of medicinal pills that can be refined do not support large-scale testing.

medicine. "

"So if you don't have the determination to go to the top, you can announce your withdrawal, and it will not affect other aspects of you."

The two briefly explained things clearly, explaining the necessity of doing so and some of the means of protection for them. No one of the demons present thought about whether such a move was reasonable.

Because they are the proper beneficiaries.

The rumor that medicinal pills can improve the demons can actually be traced back to a long time ago. Most of the demons among them either did not have medicinal pills or did not dare to try them.

Now Feng Tianxing has solved the two biggest problems, if he doesn't have the courage to meet such an opportunity, he is either stupid or stupid.

"Young Master Feng, just arrange it, we will never have any complaints."

"Yeah, we also felt it in the last battle. It's a little difficult to fight with the soldiers of ordinary cities. We still need to improve our strength."

A group of demon generals agreed and passed the Feng Tianxing plan.

Feng Tianxing nodded.

"If that's the case, let's start today, and probably tomorrow, you'll have pills available." "By the way, although pills are useful in the short term, they must not be used as a long-term means of improving strength. The use of medicine is much more powerful than ours, and they did not rely entirely on medicinal pills to improve their strength, and they appeared peerless.

precedent. "

"So, you should still train and practice with peace of mind, and the power of medicinal pills should be used as an aid."

After explaining this matter, Feng Tianxing breathed a sigh of relief.

After all, Hurley's attack may come at any time, and Feng Tianxing needs more preparations.

Now the most important thing is not the camp here, but the silk production hidden in Feng Tianxing.

The production process of silk is divided into several stages by Feng Tianxing, and it is impossible to guess that it is related to silk only by looking at one stage.

This is for ordinary demons, and for a strong man trained by Hurley himself, if he has the heart to check, he will find the clues here sooner or later.

So this time, I have to take precautions about the silk issue. After all, Feng Tianxing is struggling to fight against Heli with his hands, not to mention the protection of silk production. The number of people is definitely not enough.

"Jiang, come with me. You continue to train and practice. There will be at most a month or two for the battle. Prepare early. I don't want to see you being slaughtered by others."

After saying this, Feng Tianxing took Jiang out of the camp.

All the way to the city where Jia Luo is located, enter it, and walk into a silk monopoly shop at will.

"Come and see some silks."

The one who is on duty here today happens to be the catkin.

As soon as Rou Wei came out, when she saw Feng Tianxing, she hurriedly bowed and saluted.

"I've seen Young Master Feng."

Jiang, who was on the side, let out a strange laugh, and couldn't help but poked Feng Tianxing with his arm.

"Aren't you here?"

Feng Tianxing was quite speechless in his heart.

Originally, he threw out the rhetoric that he didn't like the scales of the demon race, just to shut up those who wanted to flatter. I never thought that there really are demons without scales, and he really encountered this mutant type. The most annoying thing is that when she let go of her, she thought that she could find a place to develop and become another one. Power to subvert the demons


Who ever Xiang, this round, the catkin returned to his men.

"Look at the silk."

Rou Catcher quickly got up and took out a few pieces of fine silk from the counter, letting Feng Tianxing choose carefully.

Just as Feng Tianxing was observing the silk, Rou Catch's hand was gently grabbed by Jiang.

"This little hand is really white."

"I seem to suddenly understand why you don't like scales. Even if you blush, you can't feel any change, like a corpse."

Jiang's joke directly caused Rou Wei to bow her head in shame, and quickly drew back her hand.

Feng Tianxingquan did not see it.

Anyway, he really has no idea about the demons, and he will not vent the huge idea of ​​subverting the demons on a mutant demon.

Lightly put the silk into the Xumi ring, Feng Tianxing asked casually.

"Has anyone been looking for clues about silk recently?"

Rou Wei said quickly.

"Master Feng, there are indeed demons who came to inquire about the news recently, but I didn't tell them. Now I have passed on all the demons, and I will never mention any news."

Such an answer did not satisfy Feng Tianxing, he suddenly looked at Rou Weed.

"You are in charge of this piece, right?"

"How many demons have come to ask recently?"

Rou Wei frowned and thought for a while.

"About six or seven, all within half a month."

Feng Tianxing sighed silently.

Still late.

The other party has already begun to be interested in the entire silk production, and this piece is all in charge of the catkin. If you look for clues, you will definitely find the head of the catkin.

He can trust Rou, and he won't leak any news, but the demons in other places may not be sure.

Turning his eyes, Feng Tianxing suddenly raised his head. "Rou Catch, please inform me that all the silks are not for sale now, just say that a big buyer has been found. In the short term, the supply will be mainly to this big buyer, and other transactions will be put aside for the time being. Then, Jiang, you can buy these silks. All of them?"

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