Marvel: All the Famous Scenes Were Exposed By Me - ~ update statement

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First of all, make sure that this round of answering questions is the last round. After this round of answering questions, the book will be over.

Although this book is called a beautiful comic, everyone must have noticed that it is actually Marvel and DC, because the author loves to read superheroes, and has not read much other beautiful comics.

After this round of answering questions has finished writing the X-Men, Marvel actually has nothing to write about.

DC's Black Adam has produced resources, but it is difficult for this hero to support a few questions.

It is also time to end.

Speaking of the end, there is another topic to talk about, and that is the new book.

The author of the new book has opened.

Originally, I wanted to seamlessly connect with the old book, but the author underestimated the difficulty of originality, and the new writing was very laborious, and it often took three or four hours to grind out a chapter.

But it has to be opened, the old book must be finished after all.

Because the new book took much longer than expected, and the author is an office worker, the time for coding is limited, so I can only announce cruelly that the update of the old book will not be so stable.

The record of continuous update has been maintained, and I am afraid it will be broken.

Forgive me, children's shoes.

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