Marvel: All the Famous Scenes Were Exposed By Me - Chapter 547 star appearance

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"My brother is dead?" Simiko looked at the title, lost in thought, as if she couldn't believe it.

"Don't worry, it hasn't happened yet, and it can be stopped." Huyin Campbell said to Kimiko.

"Yes, it is a good thing to see this future now." Tony Stark also said, "If you know it, you can change it. Believe me, we have done this kind of thing many times."

"For some reason, I always feel that the people from the motherland killed his brother." Peter Parker said on the side.

"I think it's him too." Clark Kent said, "This guy is a superhero on the surface, but he's actually not at all like us."

"Do you know anyone else in the options?" Bruce Banner asked Hugh Campbell.

"I only know one black color." Hugh Yin Campbell said, "He is also one of the Seven. As for Storm and Starlight, I have never heard of it, and I don't know who it is." Speaking of this, Hugh Yin Campbell Campbell asked Kimiko, "Do you know these two?"

Kimiko shook her head.

"That's not a good choice," Tony Stark said.

It is indeed not a good choice, because there is a lack of necessary clues, and other heroes who have experienced many battles cannot give any constructive opinions.

"Then I choose the people from the motherland. Since I have become enemies with the seven people, it is very possible that the people from the motherland will attack my brother." Xi Meizi thought for a while, and still chose the people from the motherland. She was speechless, but The answer is the same in the heart, "I choose c!"

【wrong answer! Deduct one year of life! 】

Now that the answer is over, Hugh Campbell gave up his control over the people of the motherland. The first thing the people of the motherland can say is ridicule, "It seems that I am not the only enemy of yours."

"If you are not from the motherland, then you are Hei Se?" Huyin Campbell set his sights on Hei Se again.

His suspicion was reasonable, after all, Black was one of the seven people, and he had a reason to attack them and the people around him.

Soon, the video starts playing.

This time, all members of the black-robed picket team showed up.

I saw Billy Butcher, Frankie, Marvin, Hugh Campbell, and Kimiko walking in the sewer in a hurry. Everyone was covered in blood, and they didn't know what happened.

In addition to the black-robed pickets, there was also an Asian man.

Himiko in the answer space kept making gestures as soon as she saw this person.

"That's his brother Mouse." Hugh Campbell was translating for Kimiko.

In the video, several people seemed to be running away, hiding from something. Hugh Yin Campbell quickly noticed that someone was following them, hiding in a place and not daring to breathe.

Da da da!

Sure enough, the footsteps were getting closer.

Hugh Campbell took a sneak peek, and saw a blond girl with a good figure, her eyes were still bright, and she was obviously a super human again.

Seeing that it was Starlight, Hugh Yin Campbell was relieved and went out.

"You have received our letter." Hugh Campbell said to Starlight with a smile on his face, "Annie, I..."

But before he finished speaking, Xingguang pushed his hands, and a flash of light flashed, knocking Huyin Campbell into the air.

There was a good reason for Xingguang to do this. Just after she finished her shot, a figure had its hands behind its back. Walking out leisurely step by step from the darkness, he is the native of the country with the ceiling of combat power.

"No way? It's this guy again?" The natives saw Hugh Campbell lying on the ground, and looked at the starlight in disbelief. "Did your brain get flooded?"

You must know that the people of the motherland have super hearing. Although Starlight just shot Huyin Campbell into the air suddenly and pretended to be enemies with Huyin Campbell, what Huyin Campbell said before can really be hidden from the ears of the people of the motherland. ?

"Come here." The man from the motherland asked Xingguang to stand in front of Hugh Yin Campbell who was lying on the ground and couldn't get up. "I want you to do something for me, okay?" With a smile on his face, he pointed at Hugh Yin Campbell. Campbell, "Kill him."

"He's a wanted criminal, shouldn't we **** him to the police station?" Xingguang was unwilling to do anything, since she and the man in front of her were not only acquainted, but also lovers.

"Yes, he is a wanted criminal. We should hand him over to the police station." The native said again, "Kill him."

Do not reason with you!

Only the weak speak the truth!

With strength, fist is the truth!

"For God's sake, do it." The man from the motherland personally grabbed Xingguang's hand and taught him, "Raise your hands, as if you don't care. Kill him, do it!"

Starlight raised his hand to Hugh Campbell, but he still couldn't do it.

Not only because she has a very close relationship with the man in front of her, but also because she is not the same as those in the group of seven, and she will not kill innocent people indiscriminately.

Hugh Yin Campbell looked at the starlight, did not speak, and did not beg for mercy from the people of the motherland. Perhaps it is a kind of happiness to die in the hands of his horse.

"Okay, you kill him, or I'll kill both of you." Seeing Xingguang's delay, the man from the motherland decided to put some pressure on the other party.

This pressure really worked. Starlight didn't want to kill Hugh Campbell, but she didn't want to die even more.

Her hands began to glow.

But Hugh Yin Campbell closed his eyes in resignation.

He didn't hold out much hope for his teammates.

Firstly, none of those people are self-sacrificing, and secondly, the gap between them and the people of the motherland is too great, even if they really jump out, they can only die.

"Hey! Bastard!" But at this moment, a voice from UU Reading rang out.

I saw Billy Butcher coming out of the shadows.

In other words, although this guy is not a good bird, he is really a pure man, and he almost never hesitates when facing the people of his motherland.

"William? What a surprise." It's not once or twice that the homelander has dealt with Billy Butcher, he said like an old friend, "I gave your wife a great breakfast this morning, Pancakes, delicious."

Hearing this, he thought that the native of the country and Billy Butcher were good friends, and even knew each other's wives, but in fact, this was simply hatred for taking his wife, and they were irreconcilable.

The people of the motherland can obviously suppress Billy Butcher with absolute strength, but if they want to say such cruel words, the ancestors will be too weak.

But Billy Butcher is also a master who can bend and stretch. Not only did he not become angry when he heard the words, but he laughed, "Yes, eat this!"

Then, Simiko's younger brother rushed out, pulled his hands in the air, and amidst the booming sound, a piece of the ground immediately collapsed.

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